12th Grade with Uncle Lar

“12th Grade with Uncle Lar” is inspired by John DeLaPaz, a career educator who prepared thousands of youth for the real world with his straightforward manner.

“12th Grade with Uncle Lar” is inspired by John DeLaPaz, a career educator who prepared thousands of youth for the real world with his straightforward manner. Click on the image for a larger version.

San Diego, CA - The buzz at the annual Brewers Association convention is all about canning craft beer, the segment of the industry that seems to be growing, as bottle and tap sales lag. Today's Canny Awards announcment, showcasing the nation's best designed cans included Davenport's Great River Brewery Hop•A•Potamus Double Dark Rye Pale Ale. The can placed first in the Best Illustration of Name Catagory, one of seven catagories awarded. The competition included 231 entries from 83 craft breweries. The Hop•A•Potamus can was designed by Quad Cities designer Larry McDonald who is responsible for much of the GRB packaging and branding, and features illustration work by Kevin Deichmueller.
The Canny Awards honor craft beer and the distinctive graphics created in an industry known for unique brands and brews. The competition is sponsored by four leading suppliers to the canned craft beer industry - Ball Corporation, Cask Brewing Systems, Hi-Cone and Mumm Products. Besides Great River Brewery's award in the Best Use of Illustration category, other awards included Best Shelf Presence, Best Graphics, Best Use of Color, Best Seasonal, Best Character, and Best Local Tie-In.
According to McDonald, "The competition allowed each brewery to submit only three entries and GRB's products are strong in so many ways, it was a job to pick which category to enter which product. This product is brewer Scott Lehnert's baby and I know Kevin really worked hard, it's really their award."
Davenport, Iowa - Great River Brewery, where legendary craft brews are made has come up with a new product, and this one has gained its legendary status almost instantly. It is named in honor of environmentalist Chad Pregracke, Founder and President of Living Lands & Waters and recipient of countless awards. The product will be unveiled to the public in a tapping celebration on Wednesday January 18th at 5:00 pm at the Great River Brewery, 332 East 2nd Street, Davenport.

In announcing the new product, River Rat Root Beer, GRB Brewmaster Paul Krutzfeldt was quick to praise Pregracke. "I'm a recent transplant to the Quad Cities, but even in my landlocked former home in Iowa, I'd heard of him and the work he was doing. It's impressive. When we opened the brewery here and Chad became a fan, it was like having a celebrity in attendance."

Pregracke, who has been honored by Presidents and was chosen by Mitchum as "The Hardest Working Man in America," couldn't be more thrilled. "When the idea for the River Rat Root Beer was first presented to me, I thought it was a fantastic idea... and an honor all in one. There are so many people who have, and continue to do great things for the Mississippi River. The Root Beer tastes awesome and promotes a great cause. I just want to thank GRB for choosing me to highlight."

The product concept and package design was the work of longtime Quad Cities marketing strategist Larry McDonald. "Great River Brewery gave me a blank sheet of paper with this product, but I know that the brewery is very supportive of worthy causes. Living Lands & Waters naturally came to mind. After I roughed out a series of concepts, the idea of making a younger Chad the star of the package kept coming to the top. After all, he's a heck of a role model and young people are known to drink root beer. I'm really glad that Paul chose a formulation that lives up to the standard."

Product samples will be available and refreshments will be served. An official tapping event, open to the public, will be held that same day at 5:00 pm.

River Rat Root Beer is made with 100 per cent pure cane sugar using a traditional recipe. It is packaged in 16 ounce can four-packs and will be available in Quad Cities grocery stores within days. Great River Brewery products are currently distributed through a seven state area.

In Illinois, you could get a lighter sentence for killing a cop than recording one.

Section 14-4 of the Illinois criminal code reads: "The eavesdropping of an oral conversation ... between any law-enforcement officer ... while in the performance of his or her official duties ... is a Class 1 felony." Under Illinois law, a person is "eavesdropping" when he or she "knowingly and intentionally uses an eavesdropping device for the purpose of hearing or recording all or any part of any conversation" without the consent of all parties to the conversation.

A Class 1 felony is punishable by up to 15 years' imprisonment. My irreverent sense of the humor often gets me in trouble, but I just can't contain it here: You could get a lighter sentence for killing a cop than recording one. When Jonathan Posey was convicted of reckless homicide in the 2001 dragging death of Illinois State Police Master Sergeant Stanley Talbot in Rock Island, he only got a five-year sentence for that crime. Good for Mr. Posey, he wasn't videotaping.