PRESS RELEASE (September 9, 2019) — As the American Red Cross works around the clock supporting those impacted by Hurricane Dorian, providing food, shelter, and comfort, individuals outside the affected areas are urged to help by giving blood to ensure patients in the storm’s path and around the country have access to life-saving blood.

PRESS RELEASE (July 9, 2019) — Following a difficult Fourth of July week for blood and platelet donations and ongoing challenges finding new blood donors, the American Red Cross now faces a blood shortage and has issued an emergency call for eligible individuals of all blood types to give now and prevent delays in medical care.

MOLINE, ILLINOIS (June 6, 2019) — The American Red Cross has an urgent need for blood-donors of all types to give now to help prevent a summer blood-shortage. During the summer months, blood-donations often do not keep pace with hospital-demand. That’s why the Red Cross of the Quad Cities and West Central Illinois would like you to join them Wednesday, June 26, 1-6PM, at Purpose Quad Cities, 1800 7th Ave, in Moline.

MORRISON, ILLINOIS (April 8, 2019) — An American Red Cross blood-drive will be held in memory of Jen Armstrong Banks Saturday, May 4, 8AM to 1PM, at Morrison Super Wash, 707 W Lincolnway, in Morrison.

Jen passed away in 2015 after an automobile accident. She received numerous blood-transfusions during treatment in effort to save her life.

PRESS RELEASE (March 18, 2019) — Eligible blood donors of all blood types — especially type O — are urged to give blood through the American Red Cross now to help ensure a sufficient supply for hospital patients this spring.

PRESS RELEASE (February 25, 2019) — The American Red Cross has a severe shortage of type O blood and urges type O donors — as well as eligible blood donors of all blood types — to give now to ensure lifesaving patient care isn’t impacted this winter.

Car accidents.

Cancer treatments.

Emergency surgeries.

These things don’t stop for the holidays. Neither does the need for blood. The American Red Cross urgently needs blood donors to give now to help ensure blood remains available this holiday season for vital medical treatments and unforeseen emergencies.

The American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage and urgently needs blood donors to give now to avoid delays in lifesaving medical care for patients. Volunteer blood drive hosts are also critically needed to prevent the shortage from worsening this winter.

Looming shortfall of blood drives could impair patient care

Oct. 8, 2018 — Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. To help meet the constant demand for lifesaving blood donations and prevent blood shortages this winter, the American Red Cross is urging individuals and organizations to be winter heroes by hosting and supporting a blood drive.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the American Red Cross is reminding the community that a blood donation is one way to help bring hope and healing to those fighting cancer and other illnesses- the perfect time to give blood and platelets at donation centers to support cancer patients and others.