DES MOINES, IOWA (November 22, 2022) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has reached a final agreement with opioid makers Teva Pharmaceuticals and Allergan that would provide $42.6 million to the state of Iowa and local governments.

In total, the settlements would provide up to $6.6 billion nationally and include critical business practice changes and transparency requirements.

DES MOINES, IOWA (November 3, 2022) — Decatur County Hospital in Leon, Regional Medical Center in Manchester, Cherokee Regional Medical Center, and Floyd Valley Healthcare in Le Mars are the first four hospitals to announce participation in the Billion Pill Pledge program, supported by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.

DES MOINES, IOWA (November 2, 2022)  Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and a bipartisan group of attorneys-general have reached a settlement in principle with CVS and Walgreens, which would provide $10.7 billion to states and local governments nationally to address the opioid crisis.

DES MOINES, IOWA (October 14, 2022) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller announced an initiative designed to prevent opioid addiction before it begins. The Billion Pill Pledge program, launched in conjunction with Goldfinch Health, extends education and resources to hospitals and providers in several communities across Iowa.

Deploying evidence-based approaches to pain management around surgery, the Billion Pill Pledge program aims to enact long-term change for Iowa communities.

DES MOINES, IOWA (October 4, 2022) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller congratulated Clay and Dickinson counties for planning to use opioid settlement money to help launch an adult drug treatment court.

“This is a great model for other counties in using settlement money,” AG Miller said. “Drug courts can accomplish so many important goals, including reducing our prison population and costs and, most important, saving lives.”

DES MOINES, IOWA (September 29, 2022) — Attorney General Tom Miller has joined a bipartisan group of ten states and the Federal Trade Commission in filing a lawsuit against pesticide makers Syngenta and Corteva, alleging anti-competitive practices that have harmed farmers.

DES MOINES, IOWA (September 1, 2022) — A judge has ordered two Scott County men to pay $90,000 in penalties and to clean up an estimated 2,000 tires at a residential property in Davenport.

DES MOINES, IOWA (August 17, 2022) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has reached an agreement in principle with Endo International PLC and its lenders that would provide up to $450 million to participating states and local governments, ban promotion of Endo’s opioids, and require Endo to turn over millions of documents related to its role in the opioid crisis for publication in a public online archive.

DES MOINES, IOWA (July 29, 2022) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller and a bipartisan group of AGs announced an agreement in principle to address the opioid crisis for the second time this week. The proposed settlement on important financial terms would require former opioid maker Allergan to pay up to $2.37 billion to participating states and local governments.

DES MOINES, IOWA (July 28, 2022) — Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller accuses Philip Morris USA, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co, and sixteen other tobacco companies of defrauding Iowa of more than $133 million, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.