Reader issue #703 With an imminent worker shortage, the Quad Cities are faced with the need to keep and attract young people.

Despite thousands of jobs becoming available in the coming years and significant improvements in the number and variety of amenities in the Quad Cities over the past decade, leaders are faced with a deep-rooted problem: perception.

Marguerite Day Regardless of your opinion on Iowa's smoking ban, some of the temporary administrative rules - such as the distinction between bars and restaurants - go beyond the intent of the law. As the end to the commenting period approaches, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), which is in charge of making and changing the rules, needs to be more reasonable.

Tinsley Ellis When Tinsley Ellis first came to the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival in 1989, he was just beginning his solo career. "I just remember we were a new band out of Georgia, got the deal with Alligator [Records], and the blues society booked a concert there," he said. "We started off that concert by being like, I think, one of the first bands to play of the day, and now, here I am being the closing act of the main stage."

Heidi Sallows and Molly Cathcart After digging through piles of water bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic forks, and take-out cartons lying near the tent, Samantha Dickey last week began to build a model for a sculpture. "Right now we are trying to come up with some ideas to make our main sculpture for the site that we have," said the soon-to-be-sophomore from North Scott High School. "My idea was to make a water fountain out of the tires."