In response to the obesity epidemic in America, a Davenport inventor has filed a provincial patent for a weight loss device that he claims will cure obesity if used according to instructions.

Michael Grady, who invented the device in October, said that the device helps flush the body of undigested substances, which contribute to obesity. The body is inundated by processed food additives, medication, sugars and other substances that often cannot be digested when the body is dehydrated, or lacking water. The body requires water as a solvent to carry the undigested substances out of the body before they are stored in fatty tissue deposits.

The patented device, called the hydromotivator, is based on the written recommendation of a physician, Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, author of "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" ( It acts to monitor the body's hydration levels throughout the day. Users are prompted to flush the body with water when the device indicates a dehydrated state. Toxins that would otherwise remain undigested in the body, and which contribute to obesity, might then be flushed out.

According to Grady, in addition to helping solve the obesity epidemic, the device also reduces the incidence of migraine headaches, hypertension, and high blood pressure, while relieving symptoms affiliated with diabetes. For more information, Grady can be reached at his water spa laboratory located at Atlantispa (, 235 W 35th St. in Davenport at 563-445-7331.

An alternative health detox spa in Davenport featuring medicinal hydrotherapy, alkaline drinking water and orthomolecular medicine for the treatment of alcoholism is now receiving clients.  Michael Grady, Director of Atlantispa in Davenport, said that the spa is one of only a handful in the United States to feature both specialized hydrotherapy and orthomolecular medicine in one setting.

The spa features medicinal detoxification hydrotherapy involving full body immersion in water treated with far infrared heat, essential oil, trace ozone, ultrasonic bubbles, vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide.  Detoxification is further enhanced with alkaline drinking water with over 50 natural trace nutrients.  Orthomolecular medicine, or vitamin mega-dosing with niacin and vitamin C, works in a complementary way to help rebuild the body's defenses. "The program intention is to remove what's dangerous and install what's healthy. Studies show that our treatments are effective and with no harmful side effect," says Grady.

Clients can expect a higher than average rate of long-term sobriety through this unique program, in addition to helping with other health programs. The average treatment length is 18 to 36 visits, at an average cost of $50 per visit.

The treatment center, located at 235 West 35th Street in Davenport (above Nick Tarpein Martial Arts) is flexible to accommodate client schedules from early morning to late evening. For a free assessment, contact Atlantispa at 563-445-7331.

ImageIONS-QC presentation series continues at the Bettendorf Library, Thursday, January 8th, 6:30 PM. The program will explore the primary leaders in history who understood the power of water as a curative agent. A new theory of physics leading to new inventions and a clean planet will be discussed. Michael Grady will facilitate.

UFOlogist David Sereda hosts this video program that takes a look at previously-classified footage shot by NASA that shows unidentified flying objects up to 2-3 miles wide. The program is three hours long and will likely be broken into two 90 minute segments over two nights. The program is heavy on science, quantum physics and theory and is backed by indisputable evidence made by a federal government agency.

The free program meets on Thursday, Mar 20, 2008, 6:00 PM  at Atlantispa 235 W 35th St Ste 5B Davenport, IA Davenport, above Nick Tarpein Martial Arts. Sign-up at or call 563-445-7331.