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An original analysis of Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut"
Independent Scholar Michael Grady will focus on Stanley's Kubrick's use of fractal theory and knowledge as major theme in his movie production "Eyes Wide Shut".
Brief Presentation follows film. Eyes Wide Shut was Kubrick's final film before his death, and was considered by Kubrick himself to be his best effort over his long career.
Michael Grady has been an Independent Scholar at the Institute for Cultural and healing Traditions since 2003. He is currently dividing his time between business interests in his hometown of Quincy, IL and his residence in Davenport. He is married with three daughters.
Facebook page: institutecht@gmail.com
The Independent Scholars Evenings are sponsored by The Institute for Cultural & Healing Traditions, Ltd a 501(c)3 organization under US laws since 1996. all contributions are fully tax-exempt.

Vernissage for Todd Leisek:

November 15th. 2014

Art Installation :  " We Are Ghosts"

Mixed media.

This art installation is a room-sized glass exhibit.

At The Phoenix.

1530 Fifth. Avenue, Moline.

Friday. November 15th. 2013 from 6-9 p.m.

Free and open to all.


The exhibit and show will continue through February 2014.

Hours for the Phoenix Art Gallery : 6pm - 9p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and By Appointment.


www.aththephoenix.com, 309-762-8547


Artist's description: About the Installation:

" This large installation is a communication and an interaction between what my family's identity, ethnicity and past has faced through the years.  Behind closed doors an individual hides their own identity and reality.  By breaking down these "doors" and "walls," our identities can be slightly revealed and displaced by reflections of light upon the exhibition wall.

In this installation, I concentrate on drawing upon the simple concepts of the breakdown of these doorways and walls through looking through broken glass, doors and walls taken from dismantled homes.  This piece is the past as well as the present as it confronts some of the conflicts of tribal identity in the United States.  Four doorways will be presented in the act of breaking apart with only the shards of clear glass to bind them together and the holding together of the walls will display the reflection of a past identity of a mixed tribal past. The installation is a chance to speak without words through the materials and the photographs hidden in the cracks of the walls.

I am mixed of Potawatomi, Sac/Fox and Cherokee.  Since I am of mixed tribal generation, where do I fit in with the world or how does my family (ancestors) fit in?  We roam as "ghosts" blending in from one subculture to the next recreating ourselves over and over without stepping through to connect with our tribal roots or ancestral traditions.  There are thousands of us still roaming the United States displaced."


Artist Statement

My artwork (installations) is based from sensory experiences (sounds, sights, smells and dreams) from the memories of my childhood experiences and the stories of family members long past.  Throughout my experience as an artist; I have concentrated on these sparks of memory which are drawn from nature (landscape), dreams of my past, and the faded memories.  In creating these abstract sculptural pieces, I'm attempting to bring back these recollections into a form of narrative or conceptual scene into the public space.  By changing the landscape (public space), I draw the viewers into my art installations to bring their own sensory experiences into the artwork.   These sensory experiences are connected to the material I use in my artwork (Ceramics, Wood, and stain).  I hope that these pieces display the uncomfortable feeling of distance of Native American authenticity and the reconnection of my families lost mixed of Otoe and Osage/Pottawattamiepast.  It is important that my artwork does not relate directly to a "Native American" background, yet an element of these memories, love and loss which was influenced by my ancestors past.

To present a loose form of this narrative in my art installations is an important element to address in the conditions of the Post-Native American identity.  The traditions of the storyteller in my family today are dependent upon me to retell them in a modern relation of the struggles we face for a place (or voice) in this world.  We all have memories and past experiences which we cannot completely explain, yet subconsciously influence our lives.


About The Artist:  Todd Liesek.

I was born in Ogden, UT as Todd Woodmansee, yet grew up with a very collect a diverse step family in Lodi, CA.  My first studies in Fine Arts started in San Francisco where I spent the first 4 years at San Francisco State University for my BA, which was dual emphasize in Art History and Fine Arts.  I stayed for additional 3 years teaching for private art/music schools within the Bay Area, traveling around performing and producing artwork in California.  In 2003, I received an invitation to study at University of Wisconsin-Superior for a MA in Studio Art in sculpture and ceramics.  In addition, I had an opportunity to perform with the University Orchestra and Brazilian Guitar Ensemble to perform in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  After my graduation from UWS in 2006 with a MA, I moved from the cold frigid North to the Quad Cities, IL.  For the past few years, I received an invitation for the MFA program at Vermont College Fine Arts in Contemporary theories and Art Installation which I recently graduated in 2013.

I have worked for private and public art/music schools and Higher Education at both the Community and State University levels for about 9 years and 3 years as an online instructor. I have taught art history/appreciation from 1300 to 21st Contemporary Art, Art Theory, Sculpture/Ceramics, music orchestration, and guitar performance.

Independent Scholars' Evenings.

Nov. 7, 2013


" The Genealogy of Morals and Nietzsche's Method "


An exploration of the Nietzsche's method through the comments of several analytic philosophers including, Danto, Schacht, and Foot on the Genealogy of Morals.  Nietzsche's method is surprisingly modern.  And the modern world may owe more to his critique of Christianity than is commonly acknowledged.  His method may be what we need to get through modern times.  Our study will be in complete agreement with our previous consciousness and end times studies.

Michael Rosenthal


About the presenter:

Michael Rosenthal is and Independent Scholar. He  has completed extensive graduate work in theology, philosophy and psychology at the St. Paul Seminary and the University of Iowa and Western Illinois University.


Independent  Scholars Evenings @ 7:00 p.m.

The Moline Commercial Club

1530 Fifth Avenue, Moline, Illinois


Doors open at 6.30 p.m.

Free and open to the public.

Dress code: business casual.

Elevators are located through the 16th. Street entrance.

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Oct. 17th. 2013  7.00p.m.  " Android Security "
Charles Fisher
Independent Scholars Evenings:
A discussion of the security of Android phones and sundry devices, practically focusing on the Cerberus tracking application from the Google Play Store.

A demonstration of the program will involve hiding it from the phone menus, enabling GPS and determining the phone's location, downloading call and SMS logs, and remote locking/alerts.
Discussion will follow on the morality of the control over another's phone, tracking the movements and communications of others, and the impact upon personal relationships and greater culture as a whole.Charles Fisher, an engineer with his degree from the University of Iowa, department of  Engineering,  is an Independent Scholar and works at Alcoa. He is a specialist in the IT department.
7.00 p.m.
Dress code:  Business Casual.
light refreshment and beverages are served.
free and open to the public.
Doors open at 6;30
Independent Scholars Evenings are sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd. a 501(c)3 organization under US Federal and State of  Illinois laws.
By Chuck Oestreich
The presentation will explore some of the themes in Oestreich'srecently published novel, "Bicycle Moon." - especially how someaspects of modern life both hinder and promote living life at its fullest.
The author will read excerpts and lead a discussion about the centralfeatures of the novel.
About the presenter and author:
Chuck Oestreich is a long-time educator from Rock Island who has become a major advocate of bicycling being used for transportation along with recreation. He is active with the local bike club, the Quad Cities bicycle Club, and the state-wide League of Illinois Bicyclists, where he is the chairman of a six-day bike tour (GITAP) every year. He also writes a monthly column for the Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus.
Independent Scholars' Evenings.
Held at  the Moline Commercial Club, 1530 Fifth Avenue, MolineIL 61265
Dress code: business casual
Refreshments will be served
Independent Scholars' Evenings are sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd a 501(c)3 organization since 1996 under US laws at State and Federal level.
Independent Scholars' Evenings.
By Sarah Haas and Krystal Hamilton Case.
About the presenters:
Sarah Haas is a movement artist who lives, travels, creates work and performs in a mobile house/stage built from mostly reclaimed materials. She is the artistic Director of Raw Art, formed October 2010 to house her artwork, and co-founder of EcoDance, a grassroots organization that researches, designs, and builds mobile live/work spaces. She has been engaged in a traveling collaborative tour since August 2011, utilizing her stage as a gathering site for lectures, workshops, brainstorming sessions, rehearsals, performances and potlucks. During Independent Scholars Haas will share her experiences with both EcoDance and Raw Art Tour.
Mission statement: Within my artwork/life process is a desire to merge work and play, to navigate and record the body as a cultural landscape, and to become a self-sustained, eco-conscious, yet collaborative entity, while garnering a sense of freedom within a rapidly corporatized world.
Krystal Hamilton Case presented over a year ago at Independent Scholars to share her experiences as an intern at Earthships and her vision for a sustainable home.  She is coming back to present with Sarah Haas on their shared passion for intentional community, sustainability, movement therapy and building artistically with recycled materials.  Krystal is co-founder of moonCatlife suStainability with her husband Jerome Case.   Krystal and her family host interns through the WWOOF program to teach about sustainable building, permaculture, and natural health.  Krystal is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, nurse, and Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor exploring what sustainability means in every facet of life.
At moonCatlife we believe that living intentionally, challenging accepted beliefs, and working toward integrating sustainable advancements can offer a simpler way of life. By focusing on providing for basic necessities (food, shelter, heat etc.) in a sustainable manner we believe that society can change for the better.
Independent Scholars Evenings. 7.00 pm at The Moline Commercial  Club.
Doors open at 6.30 pm.
1530 Fifth Avenue. Moline. Illinois. 61265.
wine, beverages and light hors devours are provided.
Dress code: business casual.
The event is free and open to all.
The Independent Scholars Evenings are sponsored by The Institute For Cultural and Healing Tradition, Ltd. a 501(c)3 at State and Federal levels since 1996
Jerry Miller

The Quad City area has a long history of brass bands starting with the first settlers in our area. The tradition of brass bands grew with companies such as John Deere sponsoring brass bands. Today the tradition continues with the Big River Brass Band.

Jerry Miller will lead a discussion of brass bands in our area at the Moline Club on September 19,2013.

Jerry Miller and his wife Phyllis Miller live in Moline . Jerry attended the Moline schools and graduated in 1965. He has played in many area bands and orchestras as a trumpet player. Jerry's wife Phyllis also plays trumpet and is a music educator in public and private schools and gives private music lessons in various area locations. Jerry is a co-founder of the Big River brass Band.

Independent Scholars' Evenings.
7:00 p.m.
September 19th. 2013

Independent Scholars' Evenings are
Held at
The Moline Commercial Club
1530 Fifth Avenue
Moline. IL 61265

Dress code: business casual
Refreshments will be served

Independent Scholars' Evenings are sponsored by The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions, Ltd a 501(c)3 organization since 1996 under US laws at State and Federal level.
The art installation " Dying to Teach"  was created by Myra Robinson to bring attention to the current impasse in our educational system due to demands of unethical conduct made of teachers by administration in changing student grades.  These demands are made for purposes of Federal funding, which can be lost if  student grades are too low.

The installation addresses the consequent harassment should the teachers not comply. This is now a growing occurrence with some estimate placing the occurrences to 80%

Significant for our area, this art installation, to be unveiled on Friday 23rd. 2013 at the Phoenix, was brought to the Phoenix art gallery, Moline, because Mary Eve Thorson, the center of this art installation, who died due to this coercion by administration, was  born and brought up in Moline, and her body was brought to Moline a few weeks ago.

Mary's parents will be present for the evening so will the teacher, Myra Robinson, who created the installation.   There will a general talk about installation and its focus: Mary's message, around 7:30 p.m. It will be a informal evening to discuss and review the art and it's message.

We have included the installation as part of the  extended show " Music Along the Mississippi River" . The current show is a visual art representation about the feelings and inspiration of music evoked  by our beloved Mississippi River.

The show will be open during the evening.

7:00 p.m.

At the Phoenix Art Gallery, 1530 Fifth Avenue, Moline. Illinois. 61265

Please call 309-762-8547 or 309-762-9202 for further information.  Or: Email: thephoenixegg@ gmail.com

The event is free and open to all.

The Pheonix Gallery announces the opening of a new exhibit devoted to "Music along the Mississippi" river, featuring paintings, prints and photographs that evoke the river and the music it inspires. The opening reception or Vernissage for the artists will be on Friday August 16th at 6:00 p.m.  Till  10.00 p.m. refreshments will be served.

This exhibit will be evolving through this late summer and fall, Adding new art as the season changes.

Special for this evening:

Enjoy cool jazz by our River City Radio Hour jazz band in the warm summer evening.

Opening night discounts apply.  Come meet the artists and discuss their work.

The Phoenix Fine Art gallery specializes in Contemporary American Midwest Art.

It is Moline's only full time resident professional Art Gallery and is located in the historic Moline Commercial Club building downtown Moline.  The show will include American Mid-Western artists, three first generation artists Europe and Asia as well as the work of the Phoenix resident artist from Germany.

This is an enigmatic show, capturing the essence of life and living in our River Cities area colored by the music of our beloved Mississippi River.  Music influences us with its sounds and feelings, even to the unschooled heart. This show talks about how the music and the river of our area is intrinsically interwoven together in our vision of our area and our lives here, along the Mississippi River.  This week is the beginning of the show, the Prelude. Participate in the development of the completed piece. Take some of your experiences home.


Steve Andersen, Davenport, Iowa.
Anna Englehart, Moline, Illinois
Charles Fisher, Rock Island, Illinois
Regan Hatfield, Davenport, Iowa.
Tom Hempel, Davenport, Iowa.
Robert Kameczura, Chicago, Illinois.
Val Kozlov, Davenport, Iowa.  Russia
Bill Marsoun, Rock Island, Illinois.
Tony Seabolt, Rock Island, Illinois.
SteveSherrell, Chicago, Illinois.
Veena Singh, Rock Island, Illinois. India
Ekkehard Stoevesand, Berlin, Germany.
Svetlana Young, Rock Island, Illinois.  Russia.

Special guest artist  installation : Dying To Teach.
Myra Richardson, Chicago, Illinois.