Independent Scholars' Evenings.
By Sarah Haas and Krystal Hamilton Case.
About the presenters:
Sarah Haas is a movement artist who lives, travels, creates work and performs in a mobile house/stage built from mostly reclaimed materials. She is the artistic Director of Raw Art, formed October 2010 to house her artwork, and co-founder of EcoDance, a grassroots organization that researches, designs, and builds mobile live/work spaces. She has been engaged in a traveling collaborative tour since August 2011, utilizing her stage as a gathering site for lectures, workshops, brainstorming sessions, rehearsals, performances and potlucks. During Independent Scholars Haas will share her experiences with both EcoDance and Raw Art Tour.
Mission statement: Within my artwork/life process is a desire to merge work and play, to navigate and record the body as a cultural landscape, and to become a self-sustained, eco-conscious, yet collaborative entity, while garnering a sense of freedom within a rapidly corporatized world.
Krystal Hamilton Case presented over a year ago at Independent Scholars to share her experiences as an intern at Earthships and her vision for a sustainable home.  She is coming back to present with Sarah Haas on their shared passion for intentional community, sustainability, movement therapy and building artistically with recycled materials.  Krystal is co-founder of moonCatlife suStainability with her husband Jerome Case.   Krystal and her family host interns through the WWOOF program to teach about sustainable building, permaculture, and natural health.  Krystal is a massage therapist, yoga instructor, nurse, and Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor exploring what sustainability means in every facet of life.
At moonCatlife we believe that living intentionally, challenging accepted beliefs, and working toward integrating sustainable advancements can offer a simpler way of life. By focusing on providing for basic necessities (food, shelter, heat etc.) in a sustainable manner we believe that society can change for the better.
Independent Scholars Evenings. 7.00 pm at The Moline Commercial  Club.
Doors open at 6.30 pm.
1530 Fifth Avenue. Moline. Illinois. 61265.
wine, beverages and light hors devours are provided.
Dress code: business casual.
The event is free and open to all.
The Independent Scholars Evenings are sponsored by The Institute For Cultural and Healing Tradition, Ltd. a 501(c)3 at State and Federal levels since 1996

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