Left to right: Kelly Thompson, Tee LeShoure, Dwayne Hodges, Nicole Cisne Durbin, Chief Jeffrey Bladel, Mayor Mike Matson, Sarah Ott, and Sue Hafkemeyer

BETTENDORF, IOWA (November 17, 2022) — In late 2020, Humility Homes and Services received a $100,000 Transformation Grant from the Quad Cities Community Foundation to help pilot its supportive housing model, a holistic approach combining stable affordable housing with wraparound services.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (October 26, 2022) — Not every kid who takes a class, does a camp, or joins a production at Davenport Junior Theatre finds themselves pursuing a career in the performing arts — but that’s not the theater’s mission.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (September 26, 2022) — Thirty-four local non-profits are receiving $577,262 through the Quad Cities Community Foundation’s Operations and Program Grants.


Investment returns (Percentage-wise)

BETTENDORF, IOWA (March 22, 2021) — The past year may have been challenging in many ways, but for the Quad Cities Community Foundation, it’s been an opportunity to witness new levels of generosity within our community — and the remarkable results of that generosity. That is, in part, because Community Foundation donors saw exceptional growth of their funds.


Gene and Arlene Vincent

BETTENDORF, IOWA (October 26, 2020) — Every dollar awarded through the endowment funds and scholarships set up by Gene and Arlene Vincent through the Quad Cities Community Foundation has deep meaning for their family. The couple has two funds at the Community Foundation — the Vincent Family Scholarship, set up in 2019, and the Gene B and Arlene J Vincent Endowment, established earlier this year.

DAVENPORT, IOWA (July 27, 2020) — Lynn and Dennis Quinn (top center, with their children and grandchildren) started an endowment fund and seeded it with “a small amount” at the Quad Cities Community Foundation many, many years ago. Their intent was to begin a relationship with the Community Foundation, and then go from there.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (April 15, 2020) — A second round of grants have been awarded to Quad Cities-area nonprofits supporting the community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every single dollar granted has been made possible from donations to the Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund at the Quad Cities Community Foundation.

BETTENDORF, IOWA (March 19, 2020) — After activating the Quad Cities Disaster Recovery Fund six days ago as part of our community's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, applications are now being accepted to award 


BETTENDORF, IOWA (October 7, 2019) — She loved watching the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday, and eating ice cream on Sunday.

And she loved doing both with her family.