Circa 21’s Grace for President delivered an adorable and lively performance that no doubt engaged and inspired hopeful young politicians.

Overall, Murder at Mistwell Manor offered gorgeous production design that, paired with the period costumes, perfectly fit the intimate Mockingbird venue.

While Rabbit Hole did have some moments that were quite tense and sad, these weren't the constant moods, and the playwright’s script and the Playcrafters company built a narrative that was human – not overdoing the tragedy, not overdoing the comedy, but existing in a way that was approachable, simple, and touching.

The Lightning Thief, a relatively new musical, had its QCA premiere at the Spotlight, and this production based on Rick Riordan’s YA books about a young half-blood was a delight to watch. It was just as fun and playful as the original book series – and Saturday's telling of this energetic story was inventive, theatrical, and entertaining.