August is Preventive Health Month — an ideal time to address your health. Preventive health helps you to identify and address health issues before they worsen. Practicing it protects you and your family from disease and illness. Preventive health for you may also mean finding ways to fit more exercise into your life and healthy food choices — all of these things can help you maintain good health.

Summer Safety: Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning


In an effort to continually improve the benefit, the Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) was recently updated to reduce the potential financial burden of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for non-active duty families. As of October 1, 2015, all ACD cost-shares will match TRICARE Prime and Standard cost-shares for all ABA services provided by authorized ABA supervisors, assistant behavior analysts, and behavior technicians.

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. - TRICARE's Smoking Quitline is now accepting calls! All non-Medicare eligible TRICARE beneficiaries within the U.S. can get assistance with going "smoke-free" by calling the toll-free quitline 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Beneficiaries residing in the TRICARE South Region can reach the quitline at 877-414-9949.  Beneficiaries living in the North Region can call 866-459-8766 and those living in the West Region can call 866-244-6870.

TRICARE's Smoking Quitline is a telephone support and referral service. Beneficiaries who call will be assessed and receive guidance for a smoking cessation plan that fits their unique smoking habits. Cessation materials can also be provided through U.S. mail upon request.

Although the new TRICARE Smoking Quitline is geared toward smoking cessation only, any TRICARE beneficiaries who want to quit using tobacco, including the smokeless kind, can get support through the Department of Defense's comprehensive and award-winning Quit Tobacco website,

Ucanquit2 offers interactive, Web-based tobacco cessation training along with live, real-time encouragement from trained tobacco cessation coaches via the 24/7 "chat" feature. Users also have the opportunity to exchange information through the website's blog and electronic bulletin board and link to the website's Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube pages. 

Many military treatment facilities offer smoking cessation programs and beneficiaries should check locally for more information on those programs. A military treatment facility locator is at

Medicare eligible beneficiaries are reminded they may be eligible for smoking cessation benefits through Medicare Part B.  Check for more information at