Figge Art Museum executive director, Dr. Sean O'Harrow, accepts position as director of the University of Iowa Museum of Art.

The Figge Art Museum would like to announce that its executive director since 2007, Sean O'Harrow Ph.D., will become the next director of the University of Iowa Museum of Art. Dr O'Harrow will take up his duties in November. Until then, he will help lead the Figge through this transition period. "This move is good for both museums and for our region," said Andrew J. Butler, Figge Board of Trustees President. The Figge Art Museum recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and has hosted a number of popular and well-attended exhibitions, including new galleries dedicated to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the John Deere Art Collection. "I am very happy with the current state of the Figge Art Museum. It is a wonderful institution with great art and a strong support base.

People in the Quad Cities are justifiably proud of their museum," stated Dr O'Harrow. Under O'Harrow's leadership, the Figge has seen increases in popularity and media attention, as well as donations, revenue and other forms of support. This year saw record attendance and participation levels at the museum of over 69,000 people. In recognition of its successes, the Figge was recently re-accredited by the American Association of Museums.

A task force will be formed with both members of the Board and the community to conduct a national search for the Figge's next Executive Director as soon as it is feasible.