SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS (March 3, 2023) — State Representative La Shawn K Ford, Chairman of the Illinois House Appropriations Higher Education Committee, announced his proposal to provide Illinois public university students with free access to classes that prepare them for graduate-school tests and professional-licensing exams.

Rep Ford (D-Chicago), a former Chicago Public Schools teacher, said he will pursue funding in the state’s fiscal year 2024 budget for the effort.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (March 19, 2019) — Every dollar matters today in our communities. It’s time to make sure every dollar counts when we pay our local taxes. It’s time for Localgov.

The latest innovation from a proven Chicago IT-firm that specializes in helping municipalities, Localgov turns local tax-collection into an opportunity to invest in a better future, with a stronger set of local services and programs that helps support small businesses and promotes a sense of community.