ImageOctober 24, 2006                                                                     Contact: Kristen Bergren                                                                                          7974416 Home   737 1928 Cell  “As long as mountains rise and fall, there are those who heed a call,To seek the hidden places, beyond these valleys’ jaded walls,Some will walk the wide vast spaces, others wander where they stand,Some just dream of the thought, the strong heart of this wild land.”

—from “Heart of This Wild Land,” by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz

 Tales, Tunes, and Photos from 26,000 Miles of Wilderness Walking Forever Wild—2006 celebrates America’s rich natural heritage through thestunning photography and live wilderness music of Walkin’ Jim Stoltz Meet the man who has covered North America by boot, sharing his vision to save the wild in a free multimedia show                                                      Saturday, November 11, 2006 at Black Hawk College Building                              (Enter through Building 3) 

The Quad Cities will have a rare opportunity to meet America’s one-of-a-kind wilderness troubadour when Forever Wild2006 comes to Black Hawk College at 7:30 on Novmeber 11, 2006. Tickets are free for this community-sponsored event.

 Walkin’ Jim Stoltz has trekked from coast to coast, Mexico to Canada, Yellowstone to the Yukon, from high in the Arctic to deep in the Utah canyons. All those years in the wild places and 26,000 miles of walking have given him a great love and respect for America’s natural beauty. He shares that appreciation in his celebratory show, Forever Wild2006. Walkin’ Jim sings in a deep bass voice, plays guitar, and tells stories about his travels while projecting spectacular images of the wilderness he has photographed on his travels.   

Though Walkin’ Jim has been taking long-distance hikes since 1974, this is his 20th anniversary year of touring America with Forever Wild. He says he realized those many years ago that a great way to bring out the love of nature in everyone was to celebrate it. By sharing the beauty he’s seen, in images, songs, and stories, he moves people to care for our land, rivers, and wildlife.


“The road less traveled is not a road,” Walkin’ Jim says. “And we ought to stop building any more roads through our wildlands.” This year, with Forever Wild2006, his goal is to visit all 50 states, perform 100 free events, and encourage 100,000 calls and letters in his personal crusade to save these wild places for the future. He is being joined by hundreds of other musicians, speakers and community groups across the nation.


His only local appearance is sponsored by Eagle View Group Sierra Club and          Clean Sphere Black Hawk College Environmental Club.


Walkin’ Jim encourages people who hear about his tour to learn more about his “Call for Wild” program and how they can help by visiting

 “I’m a beggar, I’m a thief, I’m one who still believesI’m the farmer kicking dust, but still I’m planting seeds,I’m the promise, I’m the lie, I’m the glint that lights your eyeI’m the spirit in the wind, and the fire that never dies.”

                                    —from “One Land, One Heart,” by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz



Walkin’ Jim Stoltz’s Forever Wild2006 show coming to town / Page 2  Meeting Walkin’ Jim is like coming face-to-face with a modern-day Johnny Appleseed. He tells stories of adventures from a near-death slide down a snow field, arrested only by his guitar, to the solitude of playing his music in the woods with moose listening on. His shows transport audiences to the backcountry as only he knows it.  

“He’s truly a unique and impressive songwriter and performer,” says Richard Stanley of Sierra Club-Greater Hartford, Conn. “His Forever Wild show generated an incredible amount of enthusiasm afterwards. For weeks people were telling me how much they admired him and enjoyed it. We all felt fortunate to have seen his show.”


Walkin’ Jim Stoltz has been recognized as an American treasure by the Environmental Protection Agency, which presented him its Outstanding Achievement Award for his sharing of nature and wilderness across the country.


“I’ve had amazing experiences on my travels in the woods,” says Walkin’ Jim. “This show is my chance to share them, and to celebrate all of America's lands, waters, and the critters who need them. It’s my contribution to keeping our wild places wild forever.”

 “You could call me a rich man, for all the gold I’ve seen,My pack is full of sunsets, they trade in good on dreams,You can bundle up life’s treasures and hold ‘em in your hand,But the key to all is letting go and listening to the land.”

—from “Turn Around,” by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz

 Woody Guthrie meets Ansel Adams in Walkin’ Jim’s Forever Wild2006 performance. The chance to experience his show is not to be missed. Walkin’ Jim’s recent book, “Walking With the Wild Wind,” and recorded CDs of his music will be available at the show. More information about him, including publication-quality photographs for download by the media, can be found at “Thunder rollin' on the mountain heightsI hear it callin' my name,Once you follow that storm cloud’s flightYou won't ever be the same.”

                       —from “Thinkin’ Like a Mountain,” by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz


Forever Wild2006 is a project of Musicians United to Sustain the Environment (M. U. S. E.), a rapidly growing non-profit which heightens environmental awareness by raising funds for effective grassroots projects through CD sales, concerts and public donations. Its roster of performers includes Pete Seeger, Paul Winter, and Country Joe McDonald. For more information on the organization and its artists, see