COVID-19 Testing Site in Downtown Davenport - February 1, 2022

COVID-19 Testing Site in Downtown Davenport - February 1, 2022

History will eventually reveal all the malfeasance that allowed COVID-19 to be promulgated as a global lethal pandemic when the narratives in support of this over-exaggeration can no longer overcome the evidence against it.

This highly contrived and brilliantly executed global psycho-social operation could only succeed with the legacy mainstream and social media's willing collusion. This was led in large part by the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) Trusted News Initiative, (TNI), a global content provider established to coordinate myriad global agendas using homogenous scripted narratives disseminated worldwide. I have to admit, it is a real burden lifted now that these serious agendas are no longer hidden in the shadows, and have finally made themselves visible to all who choose to engage.

According to TNI's website's, “How news organisations can rebuild trust and tackle the next disinformation challenges. The BBC's Trusted News Initiative is a partnership that includes organisations such as First Draft, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Reuters, Meta and The Washington Post. It is the only forum in the world of its kind designed to take on disinformation in real time.” (

It is important to note that only TNI calls balls and strikes on “disinformation,” and its precise definition of what constitutes disinformation is a mystery known only to it. In other words, it's fluid.

Couple TNI with Maxar Technology, a satellite imaging company that provides the majority of all global imagery through its Maxar News Bureau, used by thousands of news organizations, especially imagery of conflicts and warfare. For example, most images of the current Ukraine theater are provided by Maxar, mostly free of charge, to over 700 news outlets worldwide. Good thing too because ever since baby Bush's Iraq war, when Dick Cheney decreed that only a select few journalists would be allowed in any active theaters, Maxar was ready to step up as a creation of the Department of Defense in the 1990s. It also happens to be the DOD's primary geo-spacial intelligence contractor. Convenient and tidy. (

We Are Not Cave Dwellers

Perhaps it is the concentrated, relentless, and homogenous messaging (called “flooding”) that explains Americans' collective lack of cognitive processing relative to COVID, and similarly the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Refusing to consider other perspectives, explore, debate, or even quietly avail oneself to information contrary to the official narratives on these two subjects, especially COVID, for fear of being labeled or compelled to label someone else, is acutely abnormal, suggesting a kind of engineered break with reality, then replaced with a stubborn, incoherent form of tribal emotionalism.

It is inexplicable that cognizant beings would deliberately block any critical information about a potentially lethal pandemic, especially when the fallout of ignoring such information could result in real physical harm to him/herself and/or loved ones, based on consistently unsubstantiated information delivered in a choreographed stream of repetitive one-liners and quasi-opinions.

Nightly broadcasts are no longer unbiased facts reported as rational, unemotional, thought-provoking news, yet we consume it as such. What we are really consuming is hyper-political programming cemented in our limbic system using highly emotional triggers, one after the other, then affirmed and reaffirmed by our social media content. It's brilliant in that it is a cake walk for the psychosocial engineers who construct such subliminal conditioning, disseminate it and make sure it triggers pre-determined responses to the larger political agendas afoot, such as national destabilization.

Cultural, economic, social, and physical chaos is a viral-like spread of deliberate destabilization. Just what the Great Reset ordered. (See March 2022 cover story, “What is the Great Reset?” at But it would be naive to not admit that a lot of this destabilization is actually political indulgence—the most obtuse, sophomoric, immature, shallow kind of political indulgence ever conceived, but purely political nonetheless. Its the politics of blame—as old as politics itself—except now voters are blaming one politician even if he is no longer in office and a media byproduct of sheer manufactured love or loathing...or blaming the other guy even if he is clearly compromised, yet media protected while poorly managed. Its surreal fiction and Americans better recognize how dysfunctional it all is and get a grip before it's too late.

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Klaus Schwab would tell us the destabilization of this country is proceeding nicely, advancing digital transacting and trans-humanism due largely to our collective individual silence (how is that for cognitive dissonance double speak, kind of like alone together). Perhaps it's the masks that caused us all to shut-up so much. Personally, I think it's our growing systemic ignorance.

Most people have no clue what ingredients are in any of the COVID injections; have never laid eyes on an actual safety study or a shred of safety data on the COVID injections; have no sense of the number of vaccine injuries or deaths from COVID injections; have no earthly idea why PCR testing is useless in diagnosing viral infectious diseases such as COVID; have forgotten that vaccines are specifically designed to mimic the highly desired natural immunity to any infection, not replace it; have abandoned the reality that if you are vaccinated, you are protected and it matters not whether anyone else is or isn't; consistently ignore that the number of deaths determine a disease's lethality, not the number of cases; stubbornly refuse to accept that we are not all Typhoid Mary's because asymptomatic spread of viral infectious diseases (especially respiratory ones) are a proven myth—you have to be sick with actual symptoms to spread enough virus to infect someone else; never question why early treatment of COVID using FDA approved drugs off-label (Hydoxychloroquine, Ivermectin) is forbidden when there are no other protocols offered; or worst of all, deny your own complicity knowing that children, who have no risk of getting or giving COVID, are dangerously injected with experimental gene editing technology that could grievously harm them in order to do what exactly? Protect adults? If you truly believe that, then you have indeed fallen morally by condoning such selfish, cowardly conduct because it is the adults' job to protect children, not the other way around. We are not cave dwellers sacrificing children for our perceived benefit.

$40MM Bought Off WHO Contractor to Tank Ivermectin

While too many Americans are refusing to properly investigate the pros and cons of mRNA vaccinating, mean-spirited tyrants in the medical realm, who know they cannot overcome the evidence against their official COVID narratives, seek to undermine, censor, even ruin their peers who have chosen a more honorable path in caring first and foremost for patients. Most of these heroes possess natural immunity, while others are partially and even fully vaccinated, but all choose to respect the most sacred of human rights—bodily autonomy.

One such professional is Dr Theresa “Tess” Lawrie, Evidence-Based Medicine Consultants, a trusted World Health Organization (WHO) contractor for independent review of pharmacological and biological products for potential endorsement by WHO. She was inspired by Dr. Pierre Kory's testimony before Congress in December 2020. (

Dr Kory testified to the miraculous properties of Ivermectin both as an antiviral and anti inflammatory in the treatment of COVID-19. Dr Lawrie, knowing that Ivermectin won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 and was considered by WHO to be an essential medicine, decided to do her own investigations using the gold standard “Cochran Review” method to determine the veracity of Dr. Kory's claims, for the public good.

Dr Andrew Hill, also an independent reviewer as a Research Fellow from the University of Liverpool, as well as a consultant for the Bill and Melinda Gates and Clinton Foundations, was hired during this same timeframe by WHO to review Ivermectin as a potential treatment for COVID-19. He and Dr Lawrie combined their resources and collaborated in their meta analysis of both random controlled and clinical observation studies from around the world, both finding Ivermectin's efficacy to be excellent, ranging from 64 to 75 percent more effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths when taken by the experimental groups compared to the placebo groups. (

Their combined meta-analysis of all the evidence was incontrovertible and game-changing relative to the lethality of COVID-19. However, in a sudden turn of events, Dr Hill betrayed Dr Lawrie and her review team, submitting his own white paper on Ivermectin's efficacy to preprint for publication without her knowledge, and altering his conclusion from endorsement of Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment to one of caution, stating that more evidence was needed. This came on the heels of interviews that memorialize Dr. Hill lauding the benefits of Ivermectin in early treatment of COVID.

Dr Tess Lawrie confronted Dr Andrew Hill during a recorded Zoom call in early 2021, where he admitted to his largely unsubstantiated revision to his conclusion rejecting Ivermectin as an early treatment for COVID-19 stating, “Ivermectin should be validated in larger, appropriately controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities,” knowing this change would effectively block international approval and shelve Ivermectin indefinitely. Dr Hill also stunningly admitted to including several “voices” of non-authors from Unitaid, a Bill Gates charitable organization, none of whom participated in the meta-analysis, thereby forever contaminating the legitimacy of Dr. Hill's white paper, and his unfortunate conclusions that ultimately caused Ivermectin to be specifically restricted as a viable treatment of COVID-19. And as Dr Hill acknowledged, costing as many as 15,000 lives per day. Never mind the unnecessary suffering of those that were harshly infected but survived, some with Long-Covid. (

This deliberate sabotage by Dr. Hill allowed WHO, HHS, NHI, CDC, and FDA to reject Ivermectin for use as an approved off-label drug for treatment of COVID-19. Especially early treatment for people who are infected and symptomatic, yet are released from any care to fend for themselves until the disease progresses to such a critical state, it results in hospitalization. Once admitted, patients are treated with a strict CDC approved/CMS reimbursed protocol using the newly developed antiviral Remdesivir, (well known to cause kidney damage), dexamethasone (arguably an ineffective steroid for such severe pulmonary complications), and ventilation (with an 80 percent chance for death if intubated).

What Dr Hill did not admit to, nor mention during the Zoom call between himself and Dr Lawrie, was his receipt of Unitaid's $40 million grant to the University of Liverpool, where Dr. Hill is employed as a primary virologist. This story can be followed via the links below, including the recorded reading of the letter Dr Lawrie sent to Dr. Hill a year later asking him to confess and rescind what he has done to make things right. To date, Dr. Hill has not replied. Also linked below is Dr. Lawrie's August 2021 interview explaining the timeline of events as they unfolded relative to her work and the eventual shelving of Ivermectin by WHO, HHS, NIH (Dr. Anthony Fauci), CDC, and FDA to treat COVID-19, especially early COVID. In retrospect, it was the keystone to everything COVID that has followed. (

ICAN Wins Lawsuit to Make Pfizer Data Public

The whole of the medical cartel has successfully circled the wagons globally to censor and prohibit Ivermectin and other life-saving treatments for COVID in order to sell and distribute on a planetary level experimental mRNA gene therapy injections by the billions. And now they are coming for all our children, 28 million in the US. Unless adults snap out of it and at least demand the rigorous safety data on the experimental mRNA gene editing injections targeting children, we are no better than a single one of these politicopathic technocratic reapers.

It is not enough for medical professionals and health officials to simply claim these experimental mRNA injections are “safe and effective,” relying solely on the mere say-so (blanket statements found online) and/or fluid guidelines of regulatory captured personnel with glaring conflicts of interest, such as the FDA and CDC. Each is duty-bound to support his/her assurances with documentation of the actual safety and efficacy data that is required by law. And parents, guardians, care-givers and providers are duty-bound to insist on examining and reviewing such critical information for themselves before participating and potentially endangering children, who are at zero risk of getting or giving COVID, therefore accrue zero benefit by getting these injections in the first place.

To date, safety, especially long-term safety, has not been remotely established. And efficacy fails according to the CDC's and FDA's own guidelines for durability, infection and reinfection, hospitalizations and deaths. Don't believe me, investigate this for yourselves. Search for the specific safety clinical trials data directly associated with each mRNA injection (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson), you are entitled to it under both domestic and international bioethics governing medical experimentation on humans.

However, be warned. For two years the safety data has not been forthcoming. A lawsuit was finally brought by Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) against the FDA, who refused to release Pfizer's safety and efficacy clinical trials' raw data for its mRNA injection, instead asking the court for 75 years to release 500 pages a month. The court denied the absurd request and ordered the FDA to produce 55,000 pages per month. The first tranche was released in March and is under review by medical research communities worldwide and thousands of professional volunteers.

Meanwhile, mainstream and social media have routinely suppressed an abundance of good news that

millions worldwide, including hundreds of thousands of Americans, have been successfully treated using Ivermectin coupled with a pharmacopeia of other affordable, accessible drugs that include antibiotics, steroids (Prednisone, Budesonide), vitamins (D and C), supplements (Zinc, Quercetin), nasal rinses, to name a few.

No Intention of Giving Up the CARES Money

There are no benign explanations as to why our government, health officials, providers and media would censor so much important positive information relative to COVID, but they have all done so in a highly coordinated manner that is arguably criminal. The malignant reasons are, of course, money, greed, power and control. It's a four-legged agenda to examine another time.

For now, try and wrap your head around the sheer volume of money that would have been saved or lost, depending upon whose perceptive you choose, using inexpensive drugs like Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, versus the expense/revenue of 1) developing vaccines and PPE (masks, ventilators, hospital ships, tests & testing, tracing and surveillance, $3,000/dose of Remdesivir the only approved antiviral for inpatient use, exponential subsidies for all manner of providers, state and county health departments); 2) Domestic and international media contracts for narrative “flooding” distribution; 3) shuttering entire economies by closing small and/or nonessential businesses, or otherwise imposing costly mitigations while justifying blanket welfare (PPP checks, Economic Impact Payments, increased unemployment and rent subsidies long after businesses reopened, banks/financial institutions and public sector bailouts); closing schools, remote learning, rotating school days and classes, and masking and distancing students while simultaneously showering school districts and teachers unions with extortive billions while students, languished—students who are at statistical zero risk of getting or giving COVID to the second lowest risk cohort of dying from COVID (19-49 years of age, of which the majority of teachers fall into). In the end, COVID's tax-funded appropriations, like all other such crisis money grubbing, is just one more in a long list of concentrated “transfers of wealth,” in other words code for organized theft.

These particular expenses or windfalls, again depending on your perspective, are part of a multiple trillion dollar federal give-away grant scheme via the American Recovery Act/CARES. These recklessly unaccountable obscene dollar allocations all have mitigation strings attached that must be complied with or the money is either lost or if already released, paid back.

The nonnegotiable strings include submitting periodic plans demonstrating the grantee's implementation of mandatory masking, distancing schematics, PPE distribution, COVID testing protocols, facility closures, employee rotation, building ventilation and airflow, cleaning schedule and supplies, and most important, mandatory vaccination by employees and students, and eventual digital IDs that display vaccination status for access, to name a few of the common strings.

Mama and papa bears wonder why their school board members stare doe-eyed at them while they complain, demand, plead, or rant to no avail—its because those school board members and administrators have no intention of giving up that kind of money for parents, students, or anyone. And so it is with bureaucrats, as well. Complain all you want, it is falling on deaf ears. They are too busy convincing themselves of their “noble lie” that the money is for the community's good in the long run, therefore parents and residents don't need to know about it. The next question should be: how is that money being spent?

Doctors Daring to Offend Official Narratives

The toxicity of this web of conformity by government leaders, politicians, bureaucrats, regulators, military, and financial actors, corporate management and foundations, opportunistic NGOs and unions, academia including science and technology R&D, healthcare systems, and always media whether broadcast, social, print, or radio, is not random. It is organized, coordinated destabilization and is easiest to see via specific forms of medical tyranny lurking beneath the surface.

State medical boards and their association with the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) bubbles up occasionally and hits home. A growing number of doctors (and pharmacists) throughout the nation are being intimidated, threatened, and actually losing their licenses for prescribing Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. ( In December 2021, The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) published an article stating that at least 12 Iowa doctors were under investigation for purported allegations of spreading false or misleading information about COVID-19. (

Again, Ivermectin is a legal 60 year-old FDA-approved antiviral drug used to treat parasites in every age cohort due to its high safety profile. It is prolific and sold over the counter in third world countries, most of whom also have a low mortality rate from COVID in the poorest, densest populations on Earth. Ivermectin was a game changer in causing positive health outcomes worldwide, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for its enormous contribution to mankind in 2015. It is also listed on the WHO's 60 Essential Medicines List.

After several robust clinical observations of hundreds of patients recovering from COVID after being treated with HQC and Ivermectin occurring simultaneously worldwide but ignored by the usual health authorities, doctors from around the world found each other, shared their information, formed alliances and began successfully treating patients with COVID.

For the first six months, prescribing and filling prescriptions of HQC and Ivermectin was no problem for the medical community. Then it all changed, thanks in no small part to the unscrupulous Dr. Andrew Hill. Suddenly pharmacies couldn't fill either HCQ or Ivermectin if prescribed for COVID without risking losing their licenses. It is illegal and risks licensure for doctors to give a false diagnosis as the reason for prescribing (even though they are not legally bound to provide diagnoses for prescribing), so doctors and pharmacies understandably refuse to prescribe or fill HCQ or Ivermectin under these extreme restrictions, most believing there must be a good reason for the restrictions as it appears to be closely monitored by regulators.

Sadly that is where too many providers left it. Few asked why HQC and Ivermectin are being restricted for off-label use when regular prescribing policy has always allowed for doctors to prescribe off-label drugs for all manner of health-related purposes, especially HQC and Ivermectin based on their long-established records as nexpensive, safe and effective drug.

For doctors who express concerns about the incongruity of restricting HCQ and Ivermectin for early treatment of COVID, relevant regulatory, academia, and hospital systems wagons circled to marginalize these doctors by refusing hospital privileges; dismissing them from practices; refusing their papers for peer review and/or publication, state medical boards investigating them causing reputational harm, often with no prosecution instead causing inconvenience and the embarrassment of professional scrutiny. In other words, intimidation, chilling, and in some extreme cases the actual loss of jobs, positions, access, and licenses to practice medicine.

This has been equally true for doctors who have not complied with COVID vaccinations whether or not mandatory, and for doctors who have complied but refused to inoculate employees against their wills, and/or refused to irresponsibly advise patients to get injected, and contrarily provided religious and medical exemptions to patients who requested them.

These types of complaints are reported by The Gazette to be a growing national trend, with Iowa at the top of the list for such complaints.

The Iowa Medical Board rightfully shields patients submitting complaints against their providers from those same providers through anonymity. This anonymity where doctors are concerned benefits sincere patients who have legitimate grievances, but also greatly disadvantages providers facing disingenuous complaints by provocateurs. If medical boards develop biases towards provocateurs, then such boards have betrayed their once noble purpose. It is heartbreaking to believe those tasked with the fiduciary responsibility of protecting people from unscrupulous providers become the ones we also need protection from, based on political allegiances at the expense of legitimate differences in medical and/or scientific conclusions that should be openly explored.

No medical board under the sun should have the authority to legally threaten, let alone take any doctor's license for differences of opinion about medical science and consenting adults' medical treatment, let alone dissenting from conjured narratives that are arguably political in nature, censored without open vetting, debate and transparent professional and public discourse.

Insurance Companies and Hedge Funds Tearing the Lid Off

It is high time for the global medical community and public health entities to admit that SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 is no longer, if it ever was, a lethal disease for the entire human population (CDC reports 0.03% are at risk of dying from COVID), let alone the cause of nearly 2 million deaths. Not only are prominent studies now showing that deaths from COVID came nowhere near that exaggerated number, but due to thoroughly unreliable PCR testing contributing mightily to an hysterical false belief that people were asymptomatic carriers, and mass statewide misreporting of death certificates with practically no autopsies, we may never know just how exaggerated.

Let us not forget Dr Pierre Kory's keen observation that it took WHO and CDC 15 months to identify COVID as the aerosol transmitted disease it is versus the droplets theory that justified years of masking that tagged us much like a herd of diapered rearends. His take away: perhaps these health authorities are not all that,. Or perhaps they are far too reliant on flawed modeling instead of real time clinical observations. Meanwhile WHO is pushing a new pandemic treaty among 196 countries that would cede emergency powers and authority over all participating governments to WHO and the UN during a declared pandemic. Now there is a truly horrifying proposition that needs rigorous vigilance and opposition before it gets beyond our reach.

Of equal importance, highly esteemed and credentialed doctors being punished in even the slightest manner for not conforming to some decreed group- or system-wide narrative is an unacceptable concept generally, but relative to doctors' treatment of consenting patients, it is entirely unacceptable in a constitutional republic. Doctors are not just respected here, they are loved and trusted above most other professions because together we have the dearest of common goals, our lives and thriving.

For those interested in truly unraveling the morass of COVID consequences from mitigations we've experienced since early 2020, and underlying things we were simultaneously distracted from, the dialog video taped between Edward Dowd, Nick Hudson, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Jessica Rose, and Dr. Billy Ralph in early March, 2022 titled, “ The Great Unraveling. Could Wall St. and Large Insurance Firms become unintended heroes of the Pandemic?” is well worth watching. The video found at is startling relative to global medical and financial fraud. (eg media and health officials' narratives maximized fear rather than communicated risk based on age stratification, etc). But it is need-to-know information for considering a much bigger picture and underlying agenda(s) afoot, such as the pending financial collapse of governments' treasuries due to nonrecoverable debt, jeopardizing pensions worldwide, etc. Because pensions are mandatory social contracts, government leaders will be held accountable for this breach and therefore are moving to suppress that accountability. The good news is that a lot of the wealth that has gone missing or been stolen from Main Streets worldwide (the COVID pandemic created several new trillionaires and greatly increased billionaires) still exists in a whole other world of offshore accounts, foundations, hedge funds and other financial vehicles, for eventual recovery if we get our heads out of our masks, reject mainstream and social media as gospel, and reset/reengage our brains for measurable solutions based on a resolute ethos that evidence, honesty and perseverance matters.

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