Uncle Scam's First Amendment Jeopardy J6 Wheel of Misfortune Cartoon by Ed Newmann Jan 2024

Uncle Scam's First Amendment Jeopardy J6 Wheel of Misfortune Cartoon by Ed Newmann Jan 2024

[As of January 9, 2024, this article has been edited for typographical and grammatical errors and one factual error originally published in the Reader's printed edition #1017 pubilshed January 4, 2024. The factual error is that Enrique Tarrio, former leader of the Proud Boys, was not in DC on J6 yet received 22 years in prison for seditious conspiracy.]

On January 6, 2021, there was no “insurrection.” This is evidenced in part because three years later no charge or indictment of “insurrection” has been filed against anyone, including Trump.

Despite select state judiciary activism asserting “insurrection” without formal charges, or the due process required to adjudicate such a serious allegation, there have been over 300 fellow U.S. citizens languishing and suffering in unconscionable prison conditions as political prisoners without indictments, charges, or any due process, some for more than two years and some in solitary confinement. Their sin was being in or around the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, while patriotically exercising their constitutionally protected First Amendment rights to assembly, speech, and petitioning for redress of grievances. Their subsequent plight from January 7, 2021, through today is the most under-reported abuse of justice, requiring our collective national attention.

In January of 2022, the Reader published answers to 12 questions about the January 6 events witnessed firsthand on-site by five credible attendees, including their photos and videos. RCReader.com/commentary/in-their-own-words-january-6-2021. Our 2022 coverage included an analysis of the rhetorical question: “Why would Trump supporters want to stop electoral college review?” and “Where are the 14,000 hours of video now 40,000 hours?” RCReader.com/one-year-later-media-congressional-political-agendas-gaslight-increasingly-implausible-january-6-was-an-insurrection-narrative

In January of 2023, the Reader published “Noble Lies Are No Excuse for Ignoble Acts,” which included debunking mainstream propaganda and lies about capitol police officers who did not die at the event, and much more. RCReader.com/commentary/noble-lies-no-excuse-for-ignoble-acts

The J6 political prisoners' plight has inspired numerous documentary films replete with previously withheld video evidence from one of the most publicly surveilled environments in the world, DC's Capitol. This analysis herein is not provided as support for former President Trump, or his current political campaign. It is provided as an exhortation that if we cannot peacefully enforce due process for the current and future J6 political prisoners, we are doomed to eventually suffer immeasurably for our incurious, incompetent, and feckless unwillingness to stop it now while we still can.

If we the people, who dutifully follow the laws and fund government via our remittance of retail, property, and income taxes, cannot petition for redress of grievances by peacefully assembling at the very place where our elected representatives conduct the people's business as required by their oaths of office, then why have elected representation at all?

We have powerful, constitutionally protected tools, including free speech, but we must relearn to value them, fiercely protect them, and wield them to hold government personnel accountable before our power is degraded any further via political divisions that are administrative fictions, themselves. At the end of the day, is glorifying Trump every bit as unhinged as disproportionately despising him. Neither extreme can be justified. Yet here we sit thinking ourselves righteous while the true power that enables our ability to thrive peacefully and productively together is eroding under our smug facades of political division.

J6: Three Years Later, Political Prisoners Still Await Trial

It is hard to know where to begin after three years of unprecedented abuse of judicial power, malicious prosecution, and excessive prosecutorial and judicial misconduct relative to protestors in D.C. on January 6, 2021 . The willingness to explore, let alone challenge, the official narrative pushed by media and government against hundreds of thousands of firsthand personal experiences has been hampered by Americans' losing themselves in either/or perspectives that invariably result in false choices and low information. Rarely are things either/or propositions, so lose that framework or it will stunt your growth.

The Administration is desperate for the public's continued acceptance off its official narrative that 2 million supporters of Trump's America First agenda to Make America Great Again (MAGA) organized to (a) overthrow U.S. democracy (nevermind we are a republic)  and/or (b) stop the peaceful transition of power. However, like all orchestrated fictions of this magnitude, regardless of nationwide collusion with mainstream media, it is simply unsustainable.

The universe has rules and truth always outs. But not before magnitudes of suffering and annihilation of lives occurs, leaving a wasteland of sorrow, existential insecurity, and profound, heartbreaking distrust that spawns unintended consequences.

The stunningly open violations of Constitutional protections, thereby sacrificing justice, by this Administration is familiar in the histories of every authoritarian government under the sun. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement operate with administrative impunity to the degree the law permits (despite restraints), but more importantly to the degree the public permits.

Therein lies the real damage as we begin 2024: America's public is permitting far too much lawlessness and degradation of our governance as a constitutional republic (we are not a democracy), our culture, our economy, our national identity in favor of a disproportionate emphasis on global hegemony, and above all else, our humanity. If we are to reverse this generational failure, we the people need to grow up both civically and politically now.

America's constitutional republic depends on the peoples' (every individual's) understanding its nonnegotiable governing principles and authorities as compared with those given to the three branches of government. First and foremost, the U.S. Constitution is a limiting document, restricting the three branches from interfering with individual rights. The primary directive enshrined in this agency relationship is for the government to unambiguously protect and defend the Constitution and respect its limits, as a matter of bedrock law.

I repeat this a lot. There is no other foundational contract between a people and its government like that of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, anywhere else on this good Earth. As such, it is inviolate, meaning every sentence holds until the people say otherwise – not the executive branch, not the legislature, and not the judiciary. The only thing that can change a syllable in our Constitution is an amendment approved by the people via a very specific process.

That said, Administrative Law is usurping Constitutional Law, systematically providing the three branches with cover to overreach despite increasing violations of individual rights that are forbidden. No legislation/law, executive order/regulation, or judicial ruling can cross that rubicon.

Administrative Law's dilution of Constitutional Law with its growing propensity for ignoring individual rights, simultaneously violating oaths of office, has gotten this far because there have been so few challenges to most of it. This lack of challenges exposes the weakest link in our Republic's chain of authorities as being we the people. We have benched ourselves, side-lining our role as the fourth check in a brilliant system of checks and balances mandated in the U.S. Constitution's balance of powers, because we have completely lost our understanding of who we actually are and what our critical responsibility is in this governance model.

The American people are the fourth branch of government. Ours is the most important governance role with the most enduring authorities of all. Yet we behave like servants to the very structure that is specifically designed to serve us.

Not everything is political as the current trove of politicians and administrative bureaucrats want you to believe. Not everything is solved via politicization, meaning a government solution. This current politicization is the biggest signal of all that both Democrat and Republican Party leaders have joined the dark side as Progressive Democrats and Progressive Republicans (21st Century DINOs and RINOs). Neither represents liberalism or conservatism anymore, yet the facade is maintained because it provides an established system and apparatus that keeps voters trapped in the arena, allowing the elected to quietly serve an entirely different master, one that is at odds with we the people's interests.

Progressives are resolutely political creatures who believe in whole of government approaches for an eventual global world order. No longer a conspiracy theory but an aggressive coup with legs, this governance system must defeat the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence to succeed. These governing documents operate on the individual supremacy doctrine, rendering them anathema to a central authoritarian governance model that can only work with a highly selective hierarchy of a precious few self-appointed “Haves” ruling a specifically prescribed billion or two “Have Nots.” Which billion or two is Progressives' next hurdle.

When the World Economic Forum's (WEF's) Klaus Scwabb says, “You will own nothing …”, what he really means is 'We will own it all!”

You must sense things don't always fit politically. Not everything is best solved with government intervention. To that end, restore trusting yourself to discern which is what. Scratch that curious itch for a change. Stay honest and open to ideas, not mired in dogma and judgmental. Know your subject matter so you can engage without fear, and be willing to be convinced you are wrong. It is the only way to learn the truth of things.

Which brings me back around to the abuse of judicial power running amok with the more than 1,000 J6 defendants whose adjudication is fraught with administrative skullduggery, malicious prosecution (withholding exculpatory evidence, use of contorted interpretations of law, excessive over-sentencing, use of tainted or questionable evidence, etc.), and bias/partisan judicial abuse in ruling and sentencing that will hopefully see these reckless judges disrobed, disbarred, disgraced, and prosecuted themselves one day, so egregious is a judge who uses his/her power to impose severe injustice.

I have to believe that if the American people really knew the depth of deceit that legislators, the DOJ, the FBI, corporate Media and Social Media, and a whole host of participating provocateurs and bad actors, have perpetrated over the past three years concerning J6ers, they would not sit for it.

The J6 protesters are no less misguided in their support of Trump and his claims of a fraudulent election than other protesters are who support Biden, or former candidate Clinton, including congressmen who turned out in 2017 to publicly challenge the electoral certification of Trump's presidency, while those protesters threatened to burn the White House down.

We support who we support in this country, often hyper-emotionally. We are not prosecuted and ruined for it by an opposing political force that has lost all perspective and respect for our Constitutionally protected rights to free speech, free assembly, redress of grievance, due process, and the presumption of innocence, and election integrity, for starters.

This is the third anniversary of the fictional January 6 “insurrection,” construed as such by politiopaths determined to derail Donald Trump's candidacy for President, but for which not a single protester has been charged with insurrection including Trump himself. For two years, advocates of due process and the J6 defendants lobbied for the release of the 40,000 hours of video footage that recorded the entire day's events at and around of the Capitol. For years, Congress refused to release it until the fall of 2023. It is now being released in limited quantities to a limited number of journalists.

J6: A True Timeline Film Well Worth Watching

To this end, a visual timeline sans political bias is now freely available for public consumption.

J6: A True Timeline is a truly Herculean effort by J6 defendant AJ Fischer, Jason Link, and Paul Escandon, to give J6 a more fulsome context of events as they unfolded. Americans can now better judge for themselves whether J6 was a diabolically planned insurrection, an orchestrated disruption of the transfer of power, or a political protest turned violent riot versus a largely peaceful protest turned hostile, involving a miniscule percentage of the estimated 2 million MAGA attendees. This miniscule percentage of protesters were deliberately provoked by violent organized provocateurs and instigators, including an unlawfully aggressive police deployment of dangerous munitions fired randomly into unarmed protesters gathered into a tight space two and three stories below, who acted in defense of themselves and one another as continuous acts of violence against them ensued.

Further assessments of the extraordinary lengths a collaboration between the Administration (DOJ, FBI, and myriad federal courts), an arguably illegitimate Congressional J6 Select Committee, and mainstream and social media, to deliberately and theatrically distort events of that day are finally emerging. A false narrative was developed to justify the surveillance, swat raids, withholding due process, solitary confinement without adjudication or convictions, and extorting plea deals using the threat of enhanced domestic terrorism charges all contributed to the arbitrary and capricious persecution of Americans who did nothing wrong beyond misdemeanor trespassing, if that.

In short, the super-majority of these J6 defendants were and are being politically bullied via a corrupt judicial system that needs their convictions to bolster an otherwise vacuous case against Trump as the instigator of obstructing the peaceful transfer of power by stopping the election certification taking place that day in the Capitol Senate Chambers. Never mind the logical last thing Trump or his supporters wanted was for that Joint Session to be disrupted. Arizona had the requisite bicameral signatures of both Gosar and Cruz to challenge its electoral certification, providing for a legitimate investigation to be considered. Duh.

Which lends further credence to the theory that a subversive Fed-surrection was afoot that day involving undercover FBI, Confidential Humans Sources (CHS) (the number of whom the FBI lost count), myriad other government agency personnel, DC Metro Police, and paid professional instigators, to gin up and provoke protesters into a far more violent and destructive altercation for future nefarious purposes. Video footage shows an uncommonly large number of mostly males dressed identically (all black attire or black shirts and hoodies with white long sleeves and red hats). Most also had identical accessories that invariably included beanies, black caps, and/or hoods or hoodies, backpacks, and masks. They congregated, moving in a kind of synchronization in and around the protesters. Many were identified due to their consistent presence at the front lines, where tempers flared, and in several instances engaged in short spurts of attempted violence, albeit successfully disrupted by protesters most of the time.

A strong sense of something amiss was gaining ground, captured in video footage of several members of the Capitol's Less Lethality Squad, accusing their leadership of setting them up, evidenced by no backup or protective gear (even though they were under orders not to deploy munitions against J6 protesters).

It would also explain why Pelosi, Shumer, and DC Mayor Bowser refused the support of 20,000-plus National Guard during the rally, offered by then-president Trump a week earlier, and the J6 Select Committee's refusal to allow any interviews of Pelosi as House Leader and responsible for House security and management of the Capitol Police. This, perhaps accounts for the glaring lack of police protection at the perimeters of the Capitol while a Joint Session of all of Congress was taking place inside. https://open.ink/collections/j6

It is the height of hubris to believe that a fiction of this magnitude underpinning the J6 official narrative could be sustained indefinitely when potentially 2 million-plus eyewitnesses know better, 40,000 hours of video footage exists (up exponentially from the 14,000 hours believed to exist a year ago), and so many lies being told by so many operatives and useful idiots are in circulation and beginning to step on each other. The universe has rules and this much darkness will not abide forever.

Below are several of the most clarifying examples this video timeline exposes, the result of painstaking attention to hours of detailed video footage from thousands of cameras (with different angles for additional verification), compiled into a coherent record of events as they actually occurred versus the falsities presented to date in the official narrative(s).

For two hours, Capitol police unleashed munitions, from two and three stories above the gathered crowd, in the form of canister and grenades of pepper and tear gas (that protesters began throwing back at the police), rounds of rubber bullets, flash bangs, incendiaries, and other crowd controlling munitions, that epically failed to disperse anyone. Especially because the protesters were so tightly packed in a small area without clearly marked exit pathways, the only immediate direction of escape was forward into the Capitol.

It is significant that after two straight hours of this unprovoked abuse by police, protesters still did not breach the Capitol. It wasn't until the police started firing explosive munitions into the crowd that the crowd finally propelled forward in angry self-defense and defense of their fellow Americans. After which many were prosecuted and convicted by partisan extremist prosecutors, judges, and juries.

What the January 6 Select Committee Didn't Disclose to the Public

Blowback of munitions gases due to the wind velocity eventually began disabling the police, themselves, who were not given gas masks or protection gear for the operation.

J6 Select Committee claims Trump instigated an insurrection with his third tweet of the day, criticizing Pence for his unwillingness to allow the challenge to the Arizona electoral certification be heard. Not long after, Trump tweeted a fourth time (at 4:17 p.m.) instructing his supporters to leave the Capitol peacefully. What the J6 Select Committee deliberately fails to mention is that this fourth tweet was shadow banned, then removed completely, effectively censoring it from reaching protesters that day.

The J6 Select Committee accused Trump's third 2:24 p.m. tweet of inciting the surge of protesters into the Capitol. What the Committee failed to mention was the surge of protesters into the Capitol happened simultaneously as a direct result of explosive munitions being fired into the crowd, and protesters' attempts to escape the dangerous accumulation of smoke and gas, and not as a result of Trump's third tweet about Pence.

It is also important to note that the portion of speech tweeted by Trump at 4:17 p.m. played by the J6 Select Committee as evidence of Trump's intentions, was deceptively edited by splicing two separate portions of the speech together and omitting the text in the middle, to make Trump's words sound more ominous than what he actually said. Remember, the entire J6 Select Committee's nine-episode series was professionally commissioned and produced for television by ex-ABC executive James Goldston, therefore the content was professionally cherry-picked and scripted down to the minute for maximum effect.

At this point, I am compelled to remind readers that these emerging revelations and findings relative to J6 and their implications are emphatically not just about Donald Trump. They are about justice, fairness, and the nonnegotiable protection of our due process rights under the law for which prosecutors and judges are duty bound ethically and legally.

The Less Lethality Squad expressed disbelief and of being “set up” due to the the lack of support by additional police squadrons tasked with their backup, but who never showed at their deployment locations. Once the explosive munitions were deployed, protesters had had enough. What is never told to the public is that Capitol Police were under orders not to use any munitions on the J6 crowd. Regardless, in the event that they did, they are required by law to give adequate warning before deploying, required by the DC First Amendment Assemblies Act, but was not given. The video caught Chief Deputy Waldo mocking his duty by declaring in a voice too low to be heard by the protesters that he had complied with all the requisite warnings, and proceeded to fire into the crowd.

A significant number of protesters, especially front line protesters, were commonly dressed in all black, wearing beanies, masks, and backpacks or red MAGA hats, with black-and-white hoodies and sweatshirts. It appeared both groups were dressed for easy identification. Hundreds of FBI informants, intelligence operatives, and professional agitators are now confirmed to have been dispersed throughout the J6 crowd. Video footage attests to these specific agitators often aggressively initiating physical engagement with police, while other protesters pulled them off of police and away.

A single individual, dressed in the familiar uniform of all black with beanie, mask, and backpack, was captured on video quickly tearing down the barricades that otherwise served as a barrier notifying pedestrians the grounds were restricted and off-limits past that point. Metal bicycle barricades were also removed mostly by a single individual motioning the crowd inside. Also, the wiring fencing around the West side of the Capitol was not erected for crowd control, but was there while the inaugural stage was being built.

Oathkeepers and/or Proud Boys consistently protected vulnerable police officers from agitators and instigators masquerading as protesters. Enrique Tarrio, former leader of the Proud Boys, was not in DC on J6 yet received 22 years in prison for seditious conspiracy even though no hard evidence was presented of such collusion or planning. Tarrio was also found guilty by an extremist partisan DC jury. The Federal Public Defenders Office commissioned a poll to assess the DC jury pool and found 76 percent believed J6 protesters committed insurrection. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/may/25/tribal-dc-juries-align-with-biden-and-democrats/

There is an excessively high number of guilty verdicts by extreme partisan DC juries convicting J6ers that defies the law of averages. These guilty verdicts are delivered regardless of weak evidence presented in support of contorted interpretations of the law, while potentially ignoring exculpatory evidence (such as video footage). Even FBI Director Wray admitted during congressional testimony that there is zero evidence of coordinated planning by J6 protestors to overthrow democracy, the U.S. government, or illegally obstruct the peaceful transition of power.

A wealth of largely unreported critical information can be found at The Gateway Pundit's The American Gulag; Julie Kelly's Declassified Substack, Revolver.news, StopHate.com, The Epoch Times, Steve Baker's @TPC4USA, UncoverDC.com to name a few. Documentaries include J6: The Real Story Part One, and Part Two's release on January 6, 2024;  J6: A True Timeline; Bloody Hill; and Nick Searcy's Capital Punishment. There is a very credible alternative to the official J6 narrative that deserves to be considered, and completely flushed out if we are ever to right this ship of ours.







Various videos showing protesters expressly trying to calm the crowd during the police abuse from above, including Jacob Chansley dubbed “QAnon Shaman” for his antlered furry getup, who demonstrated peacefully at all times as he was escorted by at least seven Capitol police officers around the Capitol and into the Senate Chambers, where other officers stood by observing.

Protesters even surrounded a disheveled officer who was pulled into the crowd from the West tunnel, protecting him with their own bodies as they worked together to restore him to his unit inside the tunnel unharmed.

Both protesters and police stopped engaging and fully collaborated together to help the four fallen protesters who died that day: two on the capitol grounds (Benjamin Phillips and Kevin Greeson); one in the West Tunnel (Roseanne Boyland) who was mercilessly beaten by Capitol officer Lila Morris; and one in a Capitol stairwell (Ashli Babbit), an honorably discharged Air Force policewoman. Video footage provably demonstrated Ashli was trying to protect the Capitol, evidenced by her admonishments toward aggressors in the hallway with her, and actually punching the operative who smashed the glass door next to her. She was clearly murdered, also evidenced in video footage, by Capitol Officer Lt. Michael Byrd, who took his time to steady his aim before he shot unarmed Ashli in the neck unimpeded, claiming he feared for his life even though she was flanked by DC Metro Police officers at the time. Byrd was never investigated for his brutal crime.

The Intelligence apparatus knew in advance of J6, almost to a man and woman, who was scheduled to show up on J6. Thanks to cell phone tracking and geospacing, among other digital surveillance tools, J6 attendees' profiles, histories, and likely motivations for attending the rally were easily discovered prior to any legal retaliation. In other words, prosecutors know exactly how innocent the super majority of these particular Americans are of any planned insurrection or seditious agenda.

Yet for the last three years, more than 1,000 air marshals managed by TSA in a covert operation called “Quiet Skies” have been following every person who flew into DC on January 6, 2021, whether they attended the rally or were there for something entirely unrelated, according to Sonya Labosco, Director Air Marshal National Council. Quiet skies is still an ongoing active surveillance mission violating constitutionally protected rights, and subsequently violating oaths taken.


Officer Brian Sicknick's death was perhaps the government's most egregiously exploited tragedy. For weeks, the official narrative claimed that protesters killed him by beating him to death with a fire extinguisher. At least two protesters were charged with his death. However, video footage proved this to be factually untrue, as did the eventual coroner’s report that found Officer Sicknick died from a stroke 48 hours after he was seen in the Capitol unharmed, surrounded by other officers, as protesters left. His brother confirmed this, talking with him by phone the evening of January 6. But this did not stop the media from delaying that critical correction to its falsified version of his death. For dramatic effect, Pelosi went so far as to have Sicknick's body “lying in state” for 24 hours in the Rotunda in honor of his sacrificing his life in the protection of the Capitol and her ilk, an honor traditionally reserved for presidents and the rare dignitaries.

Meanwhile, three DC Metro police officers (Gunther Hashida, Jeffrey Smith and Kyle DeFreytag) and one Capitol police officer (Howard Liebengood) committed suicide within days and months after J6, a number that defies the law of averages, but not a whisper about them other than to refer to numerous officers that lost their lives due to J6 without clarifying their deaths were not the result of protesters' actions. In fact, there were more suicides by protesters in the following months due to relentless harassment by DOJ. Curiously, there are also several suspicious deaths connected to J6, such as former Sargent of Arms who resigned on January 7, 2021, just before he was scheduled to testify regarding his suspicions over Pelosi's part in lax security. https://www.bloodyhill.com/

Video footage has also revealed that Capitol officer Harry Dunn lied to Congress, committing perjury and providing sentencing fodder for J6 defendants that did not exist. Dunn claimed he was assaulted both verbally and physically as part of his testimony to the J6 Select Committee. Multiple exhaustive searches of video footage from the time frame he claimed these events occurred is nonexistent. He has since resigned.

Capitol officer Aquilino Gonell claimed grave injuries inflicted by protesters while on duty through J6, injuries that prevented him from returning to work for a prolonged period, then still struggling once he returned to duty. Video footage reveals him inside the Capitol uninjured in any way after protesters had departed from the Capitol, exposing him for an unconscionable opportunist. More importantly, Officer Gonell testified in various J6 defendants' impact statements, negatively effecting their sentences. He, too, has resigned.

Cassidy Hutchinson, whose hearsay testimony (she was not in the vehicle at the time) for the J6 Select Committee claimed that then-President Trump assaulted one of his Secret Service agents when he refused to drive Trump to the Capitol. The Secret Services agents involved denied any such conduct on Trump's part, and Hutchinson later submitted an errata memo changing her original testimony after the fact. Errata memos are not uncommon, but some legal scholars, including Alan Dershowitz believe hers beyond a typical errata memo, and rises to new testimony altogether, thereby should trigger cross examination due process. All three received lucrative book deals.

Finally, Capitol officer Byron Evans sued Brandon Strakka and Roger Stone under the KKK Act for racist attacks against him January 6t 2021. Never mind Roger Stone was not at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Officer Evans also blatantly lied relative to being attacked by Strakka as he was squirreled away in a secured TV room with a gaggle of Senators for the duration of the protest. He confirmed he does remember gasping at the televised report showing several broken windows and a single protester climbing along a wall. Clearly, this pretender is perfect for Capitol security gigs. But no book deals for this fragile fellow.

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