I am writing in response to the ludicrous accusations of racism and possible voter fraud suggested by Judith Malone, Republican candidate for Iowa House District 86, in her letter to the editor on October 16 (see "Voters Should Be Leery of 'Early Voter' Campaigns," River Cities' Reader Issue 396).

Both the Iowa Democrat and Republican parties have launched large-scale campaigns designed to encourage more people to participate in the election process. For Ms. Malone to make blanket accusations of racism and vote-tampering is reckless and nothing more than a desperate cry from a struggling candidate.

The Democratic Party is working hard to make voting more inclusive. We've been pounding the pavement, registering voters and suggesting early voting as an option to individuals who fear they may have trouble making it to the polls on Election Day. Iowa's busy working families, juggling careers and shuffling the kids to and from school, are now provided the convenience of voting at home. In addition, early voting saves disabled individuals and the elderly from the hassle of trekking out on November 5th.

To suggest that our staff is any way involved in vote tampering is revolting. Ms. Malone you should be ashamed of yourself. We are trying to make voting more convenient and elections more democratic. Ms. Malone, shame on you for suggesting otherwise.

Sheila McGuire Riggs
Chair, Iowa Democratic Party

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