I am writing to express my opposition to the confirmation of Judge Alito to the United States Supreme Court. This is not because he is a conservative (as Justice O'Connor in fact was) but because he is not in the mainstream of American jurisprudence. There are many areas of concern - it is noteworthy that scores of national groups have spoken out against his appointment, many for the first time in history. I believe a balance of power is what is key here. With the current administration showing a disregard for congressional power and indeed for the Constitution, we need justices who are not ideologues. For instance, Judge Alito held that Congress had exceeded its power under the 14th Amendment by requiring the states to provide time off for sick employees under the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Several years later, the Supreme Court rejected a similar claim in upholding a parallel provision of the FMLA. In another case, Judge Alito argued in dissent that Congress had exceeded its power under the Commerce Clause by making it a federal crime to possess a machine gun. It is important that citizens weigh in with their senators on this critical appointment.

Cathy Bolkcom


Ideas for Corporate Reform

We are ruled by laws, not by CEOs and executives. Now please help reform our corporation laws.

•Move share owner to first in line, ahead of creditors and officers.

•Require share-owner approvals in advance of attempts by corporation executives: to influence public policy; to grant bonuses/incentives/inordinate salaries; to indemnify officers; and to borrow any corporation funds.

•Stabilize market basis by prohibiting stock-option issuances.

•Home-state incorporating.

• Shrink balance-sheet footnotes.

•Raise the esteem for the word "public" of public corporations.

•Require public bidding in advance of contracts.

•Cancel bonuses, incentives, and deferments upon law violation.

•Require availability: board of director meeting minutes.

•Designate each share owner as a corporate insider.

•Require annual financial disclosures by corporation officers.

•Shrink acceptance of
multi-corporation "directorships."

Many thanks to corporations already on-board. Other corporations need re-birthing. Voters must defeat delaying lawmakers, at both the state and national levels.

John Bauer

Martinez, California

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