Beware: Progressive Candidates Don't Use a “P” Behind Their Names

Prior to this upcoming midterm election, and every election after, it is imperative for each of us, as voters with our respective political ideologies, to confirm that the candidates we intend to vote for actually support the same things we do.

Classic Liberals must make sure that their candidates are genuine liberals, too, and not Progressives in donkey ears. Classic Conservatives must verify that their candidates are actually conservatives and not Progressives swinging elephant trunks. Otherwise, we are installing Progressives masquerading as liberals and conservatives – inauthentic posers who absolutely do not represent our ideological aspirations, but something antithetical to both liberals and conservatives. It is one of three of our most sacred civic duties as citizens to prevent such political coups. We are the only ones who have such authority with our individual power of the vote. (The other two sacred civic duties derive from our individual powers of the jury, and the purse.)

Liberals are not Progressives, Conservatives are not Progressives, even though many of the establishment Republicans and Democrats signal their Progressivism by loyally stepping up to support whatever legislative items advance the Progressive agenda, always in opposition to the individual protected rights.

Otherwise, both liberal and conservative ideologies embrace individualism, liberty, and protection of one's person, property, and pursuits through equal application of the law. Progressivism is best described as regressivism with a capital “P” because everything Progressive eventually becomes regressive, evidenced by the incalculable amount of negativity and chaos that permeates progressive societies, the amount of oppression and abuse of power, and the sheer magnitude of people who suffer socially, economically, and physically.

There Are Three Need-to-Know Principles of Progressivism

The first is that absolutely everything is political, requiring a political solution (code for government solution). This means that everything from baby formula, food consumption, and education curricula to property use, healthcare, and control of currencies are best managed by government. This necessarily includes the elimination of individual choices for all the above, a goal that is the antithesis of our Constitutional Republic (flash reminder: America is not a Democracy).

Not everything is political, no matter how much Progressive ideology strives to make it so. For example, drag shows for children are not the purview of educators, nor a legitimate curricular program. Specific acts by adults with children present, as seen in recent drag-show videos, occurring anywhere else in public other than a school, could be considered criminal child abuse and/or pedophilia. This academic breach does not require a political solution; it requires a parental one.

The second principle of Progressivism is Group-centricity – optimally performing groups functioning together for social order and economic stability, centrally controlled using top down management and control by self-selecting leadership in perpetuity.

For example, time-honored and jointly-held liberal and conservative principles of equal justice and fairness for all are used to camouflage a Progressive conversion to Equity, which sounds similar but advocates a polar opposite principle void of equality and fairness. This is because Equity is based on arbitrary, rigidly predefined outcomes. Individualism is supplanted with Progressive principles of Identity, seemingly bowing to human differences, uniqueness, and diversity, but instead are narrow pathways of conformity for persons (often forever) assigned to groups with specific identities.

Individualism is an existential threat to Progressivism. The U.S. and State Constitutions protect individualism by protecting the rights that accrue to each human being via their humanity, not as a privilege bestowed by government, and certainly not by group affiliation, whether victim or villain. Therefore America's US and State Constitutions are some of the last thorns in the side of Progressivism and cannot be allowed to endure if the Progressive agenda is to proceed.

The third principle is Division and can take many forms. Groups are seen as divisions for strategic purposes, individuals merely components of groups. Groups are deliberately insular, with differences promoted, celebrated, emphasized, in case these differences need to be weaponized. No one group can be allowed to accrue too much power. Division can be used to destabilize where necessary, to keep populations off balance, confused and insecure. Control of information – censorship, synchronized messaging, criminalization of speech, and mass surveillance is essential.

Divide and Conquer

The Art of War gave acclaim to the notion of “divide and conquer” as a pathway to victory, and this strategy is evident in today's extreme political schisms. The divisiveness, angst, irrationality, emotionalism, and intolerance is non-organic and manufactured using behavior modification techniques via centrally-disseminated media messaging 24/7, then reinforced in every nook and cranny of U.S. communications infrastructure.

It is a herculean effort and terrible, and so obvious by now that if you haven't detected it, you are hopelessly incurious or deliberately ignoring it and part of the problem. So fix it. If you don't, you guarantee your own future behavioral capture. You invite a form of voluntary slavery through silent consent that you will never escape if you don't resist now with renewed curiosity, open-mindedness, a willingness to learn and share ideas and information that differ from your own, and possibly to act if needed.

It is liberating to face opposition and alternatives with open-mindedness. The worst that can happen is that the science presented may or may not hold up. But we can't know that unless we examine such evidence, both for and against, then entertain opposing views, sometimes repeatedly, until we are either firmly persuaded or not at all convinced, and adjust and adapt accordingly.

Many things are not either/or propositions. It is one thing to dismiss science due to its inconvenience, or seemingly threatening attributes. Its entirely another thing to ignore systemic anomalies and alternative hypotheses because we are too tribal, too political, too lazy, or too insecure to develop a personal understanding thru earnest analysis/evaluation of constantly emerging data.

We intellectually mire ourselves in place, incapable of an expanded, more informed world view, especially when new information contradicts the views for which we are emotionally invested. The natural trajectory for human development is to evolve. Therefore, it is highly unnatural to lock down our minds, stagnate and atrophy.

China is a highly Progressive society, claiming adaptation of the principals of Marxism and Socialism as stated by Xi Jingping during his recent speech to the 24th China Communist Party Congress. That adaptation more closely resembles the principles of Fascism. The 21st-century “-isms” (Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Post Modernism, Fascism, Monarchism et al) are all far more ideologically similar than they are different. Add globalism into the mix, and the umbrella ideology that efficiently captures all “isms” for the 21st Century of centrally controlled civil society is Progressivism – not any form of Liberalism, Conservatism, or even Capitalism, rather a techno-colonialism that despots, until now, have only dreamt of.

Interestingly, Capitalism has no inherent form of governance in its socioeconomic model, unlike Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, and Monarchism, all of which have continuity of governance at their core. Capitalism is unique because, while it functions in conjunction with all these forms of governance, it's chief principle is competition, hardly a valued requisite of centrally controlled governments.

As a free market model requiring competition to work efficiently, America's Constitutional Republic is well-suited to Capitalism if both are followed properly. The Constitution protects individual rights, not majority interests. It is a distinction lost on most Americans and precisely why chaos has prevailed. And why, for decades, Capitalism is not the proper descriptor for the economic model operating in the United States. Competition is lost in an environment where far too much government interference, financial injection and influence, and gross regulatory capture massively advantages select interests, while disadvantaging most others.

Progressivism always regresses into some kind of overarching tyranny. The COVID pandemic is a perfect example of people en masse submitting to extremely harmful, often deadly mitigations, even while glaring contradictions, incoherent messaging, and dangerous inconsistencies persisted around the world suggesting otherwise.

Fear gripped the public thanks to lucrative contracts between legacy media, social media, pharma and public health agencies to “flood” the public with 24/7 messaging designed to trigger emotional and largely irrational mass responses of submission to and compliance with extreme mitigations. These unjustified mitigations included masking, lockdowns, businesses shuttering, in-person school closures, and employer-mandated experimental injections declared as safe and effective even though such claims had insufficient trial data and no empirical legitimacy for public release, let alone for securing informed consent from participants receiving the injections.

Never mind the unsustainable adverse events and reactions that have continued to present amidst a complicit health apparatus in stubborn denial, and concentrated media censorship of anything contrary to official narratives, including life-saving protocols not sanctioned by the vendors and distributors of the experimental injections.

The universe has rules. The Atlantic, whose journalists consistently vilified people who chose a more measured path of refusing to be experimentally injected with gene therapies that are proving far worse than COVID itself, is now suggesting we forgive ourselves for the things we did and said over the past two years that we got wrong.

I am all for forgiveness when it is authentically sought. The Atlantic COVID co-conspirator here appears more anxious to secure herself and her comrades against potential liability for consistently encouraging the uptake of experimental mRNA jabs. “We didn't know” is, technically, a legal defense, but it does not absolve journalists for their willful ignorance. They didn't know because they didn't look. They didn't look because they were paid not to look by pharma advertising contracts and patronage, and public relations contracts with various government agencies. A plea for amnesty is different from one for forgiveness. Amnesty begs not to be held accountable. Forgiveness accepts responsibility.

Not an ounce of forgiveness, let alone amnesty, could be mustered for any media that continues to ignore the threat these experimental mRNA injections pose to children. The CDC's Advisory Committee Immunization Practices voted unanimously (15-0) to put COVID-19 mRNA experimental injections on the annual schedule of childhood vaccines with zero human clinical trials. Instead, approval was based on the observation of eight mice. No mandatory benefits-to-risks assessment was done. No consideration of the children already known to be harmed from the injections, including deaths, as reported in the CDC's Vaccine Safety Datalink (V-Safe) or its Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

In other words, carte blanche approval was given by ACIP to place COVID injections on the recommended annual childhood schedule of vaccines, knowing this particular disease poses statistical zero risk to children. Most children already have comprehensive natural herd immunity because the super majority of kids have encountered COVID without incidence. Nor do the injections prevent transmission, so the spurious justification for jabbing them to protect grandma or anyone else is nonexistent.

Which then begs the question: Why? How about this: approval was given by ACIP to shield Pfizer and Moderna from liability due to harm caused by their mRNA gene therapies, specifically Cominarty and SpikeVax. By placing these two products on the annual childhood vaccine schedule, immunity from liability is automatically triggered for these manufacturers and includes harm to adults as provided for in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

Finally, there are several other crucial issues that have come into sharp relief over the past two years, including the ongoing unreasonable extensions of federal and state emergency declarations that keep the money spigots open, and also perpetuate what legislators and bureaucrats believe are extra-constitutional powers to violate our individual rights – nothing can do this lawfully but it must be challenged by those of us violated.

We are now seeing the debilitation inflicted upon a nation of students from closing schools with reckless disregard for the consequences – dismally low ratings on reading and mathematics, behavioral problems, drug abuse, depression, and increased suicides. Meanwhile, as students are scholastically stalled, teachers unions and school districts have collected billions in COVID-relief tax dollars with virtually nothing to show for it, except perhaps the advancement of curriculum development for Social Emotional Learning, such as Critical Race Theory and transgender programming.

It is time for parents to get off the Pollyanna and Pollyandy path of least resistance, and quit sidelining ourselves as somehow easier on our kids if we go along to get along. Ours is the true authority as parents, so it is time to reclaim it. There aren't a ton of things worth getting out of our comfort zones for, but we all acknowledge our kids are at the tippy-top of that list. It is also time to reconnect with their teachers and forge a new bond of cooperation, with ironclad commitments to have each others backs against Progressive school administrations and school boards that barely give a fig about our students compared to securing the unprecedented gobs of funding promised, regardless of the strings attached or the hoop-jumping required at the expense of our children's educations. Who's in?

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