Dear Representatives (Reps), and citizens, media, etc; May 1, 2010

I, Cecil James Roth, ProSeParty (Honesty FIRST), noticed that America's pillar institutions have revealed themselves to be corrupt, incompetent or both. That includes: our government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial branches); the media; the church; etc. A lot of corruption is caused by lawyers and Reps that have dishonored their oaths by looking away from reporting violations - required by law. Here are important and necessary changes:

Reps: #1) Show that you honor your oath by serving justly, and favoring laws to prohibit the taking of any kind of influence money, benefitting financially from representing citizens, and the appearance of dishonesty. Favor laws that prevent agencies from investigating their own, and laws that grant any citizen the right to appeal the denial of his rights. Advance laws that follow the Silver Rule. Publicly admit your mistakes and explain how you are going about to make corrections. Point out dishonest Reps and encourage citizens to vote them out!

Reps: #2) Pursue an improved justice system by demanding justice, and favoring Courthouse Judge Schools and accept judicial applications from any voting, intelligent, high school graduate, with an honest history the requirements. Favor free public video taping of all hearings before a judge; retention voting every year for ALL judges; defendants receive costs from the People for improper arrests; promote judges by fewest reversals; etc.

Reps: #3) Pursue a balanced budget by favoring the stopping of over budgeting, pork programs, excessive spending, and require automatic cuts to make budget. Reduce the deficit by favoring a national "green credit card" where citizens can lend the government money, receive interest, and buy green products. Favor mandating unused campaign funds to reduce the deficit. STOP raising taxes to cover up your failure to perform your job correctly.

Reps: #4) Pursue a non-bias media by favoring a responsible media. Reading between the lines should not be a requirement on legal issues. The media should be required to present both sides fairly. Favor stopping the media use of Communitarianism and the tendency to believe what is read to improperly influence citizens.

Reps: #5) Pursue an improved election system by passing a constitutional amendment to replace the Electoral College with a direct popular vote. Favor retention voting every fourth Tuesday in January for all terms more than two years. Have more then one primary to reduce the candidates in half to a final two candidates.

Reps: #6) Pursue a return to a normal climate and a healthy atmosphere by favoring: the maximizing of clean energy; cutting CO2 pollution; truthful climate documentations; and "green credit card" incentives.

Review my 13 Reps Letters at: .

Sincerely, From: Cecil James Roth, 314 N College, Geneseo, IL 61254; 309-944-3791;

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