I'm Cecil James Roth, a ProSeParty member, and I want to encourage you to write your representatives, and other citizens, about concerns of all citizens, and vote out representatives that give the appearance of impropriety (the failure to show due honesty) to the public. Lewis Rothschild (Michael J. Fox) in The American President said: "In this country it's not only permissible to question our leaders, it's our responsibility." Yes, ... it is our responsibility! Who are our legal leaders and representatives? They are all elected officials, police officers, teachers, judges, lawyers, ... anyone employed by our taxes, or took an oath to uphold the Constitution or the law. Attorneys have taken an oath to uphold the laws and report lawyer misconduct. I believe all lawyers improperly ignore other lawyer's misconduct ... unless done to them. Most media have Platforms that they will "never be afraid to attack wrong" - Joseph Pulitzer. Do they, ... always?

Dear Representatives: #1) honor your oaths; #2) improve our justice systems; #3) establish two year retention voting; & #4) require a responsible media. Politicians stop: raising taxes, over budgeting, pork programs, excessive spending, receiving political contributions from anyone except citizens; and reduce the deficit! Open up a government websites where constituents can, with their legal name, register, comment, discuss, and add important issues. Open Courthouse Law Colleges that accept applications from all voting high school graduates, with life citizenship, intelligence and honesty the only requirements. Please send me a copy of your oath, telling me when was the last time you stated that oath publicly, and of course your opinions on my four issues! Please past a copy of this letter on to all employees paid by my taxes in your building. Geneseo Boards: City, School, Township, Park District and Library, your continual failure to respond to my monthly letters, since my first one on May 1, 2009, is so appalling, and gives all of you the appearance of impropriety to the public! I hope that you are not running for another term!

How our Police failed us (Continued from last month): It appears that on September 1, 2009, the coverup of the fatal shooting of the unarmed man, who was alone, may be completed. The officer, Clif Anderson, who did the shooting, was permitted to go back to work without any reprimand for not calling and waiting for backup, or other departmental guidelines violations, and no public statement from the officer. Did the media get to see the internal investigation report? I believe some police officers have the tendency to improperly harass people they may not like when they are alone. Congratulations to Sterling and Muscatine for granting me an information picketing permit without any hassle.

How the Media failed us: On September 26, 2009, the Quad-City Times reported that they filed a Freedom of Information Act (FIA) request for email messages sent by a past E. Moline teacher on the high school computer system claiming the email messages are public record and the people have a right to know. Why is the Times selective in their requests and does their selection look bias and give the appearance of impropriety? Why haven't the Times filed a FIA for information in the removal of the Durant principal? ... for the backup procedures, department guidelines, in the Davenport unarmed man shooting by police? ... for the phone transcripts in the Rod Blagojevich case to see if he was trying to work out a deal to appoint Speaker of the House Mike Madigan's daughter, the Attorney General Lisa Madigan, President Obama's Senate seat for exchange of the Speaker promise to present the jobs bill and the healthcare expansion for a vote the day before his arrest December 9, 2008, as his book, The Governor, states around pages 192-5? Did the media chose sides? Are they protecting one side because of some bias, like: favoring friends, relations, hometown politic, or the communitarian movement? The media is supposed to challenge the information; to be objective; to probe; to check the unfettered powers; to check the abuse of power! When they fail to do so, our democracy is undermined, and our freedoms are threatened. Thank you Todd McGreevy of the River Cities' Reader for your email reply ... which I have blogged.

Conclusion: I have been writing one letter per month since May 1, 2009, and publish them around the first day of the month. I mail, fax, or email it to most of my representatives, and many others citizens, including the media! Whenever I have the opportunity I stand on a street corner with my sign and pass out my monthly letter. If you can't join because of a fear for your job, please give this letter to a retired parent, grandparent, or anyone who is not afraid of retaliation. I will be glad to speak to any group about my issues. You may quote from any of my letters, or copy them to pass out. You might go to your public library, learn how to use their computers, get a free email account, and learn how to send emails.

Info at: http://www.eons.com/blogs/blog/proseparty, http://www.facebook.com/Cecil.ProSe.Roth, or search ProSeParty.

Cecil James Roth
Geneseo, Illinois

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