I am mortified. I was recently ejected from two local Michele Bachmann public events.

Why? Because I passed out a flyer comparing her voting record to that of the only other member of Congress vying for the GOP presidential nomination, Congressman Ron Paul. It listed votes on economy and spending, privacy and constitutionally protected rights, health care, and military. And it asked: "Which candidate honors their oath of office and obeys the Constitution?"

With her stellar voting record, she and the GOP should be grateful for this promotion of her voting record against her chief rival at the August 13 Ames Straw Poll. She did speak eloquently about the Declaration of Independence and our right to keep the fruits of our labor. But no mention that she also worked as an attorney for the IRS to collect those fruits for the government. And while she lauded that she supports small businesses and job creators, she voted against House Resolution 5486, the Small Business Jobs Tax Relief Act of 2010.

Judge Andrew Napolitano calls Ron Paul "the Thomas Jefferson of our day." Dr. Paul will be at the Redstone Room on Tuesday, August 2, at noon to mingle with voters. Check out the voting-record comparison that got me ejected from Bachmann's events at ScottCountyIFA.com (link updated 7/30/11).

Given the information, voters are smart enough to decide which of the two would put America's middle-class economy back on track.

Mike Angelos

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