you for considering my request to publish my positions as the
Republican candidate for Scott County Attorney. My 30-plus years in
practice and 10 years as an Assistant Scott County Attorney
prosecuting felony drug cases will guide my actions as county
attorney and provide the following to the citizens of Scott County.



will create an attitude of service to the citizens of this county.
The "business as usual" and "it's only a job" attitudes
currently in vogue will not be tolerated. As one of the primary
bulwarks against criminals, the staff and attorneys must represent
Scott County as professionals.

will require that all attorneys in the office be available 24/7 to
the law-enforcement agencies in the county. This policy was standard
operating procedure for felony drug prosecutors. My opponent has only
now initiated coverage by assistants.

will provide consistent in-service training to all county
law-enforcement and investigative agencies on new laws and trial
procedure. This was standard operating procedure more than 12 years
ago for felony drug prosecutors. When my opponent became First
Assistant Scott County Attorney, the idea died. Now, he is
resurrecting it as his own initiative, but only after I recently
discussed it with several police chiefs in the area. My idea will go
further; I will require that the attorneys also receive training from
law-enforcement agencies to learn new investigative techniques and
procedures so they can confidently and competently present their
cases to Scott County juries.

of my experience and knowledge of law enforcement in both Iowa and
Illinois, I will institute proactive measures that will improve the
flow of information about criminals and their activities to all area
law-enforcement agencies. Fleeing from one jurisdiction to another
will no longer be a criminal's escape hatch.

will make the office truly full-time. While in Iraq, I read with some
interest that my opponent took credit for requiring the attorneys of
the office to become full-time employees. This idea is more than 20
years old and was proposed then by my opponent's predecessor. There
are at least three attorneys in the office today who are not
full-time; thus my opponent's claims as published are false.



will standardize plea negotiations and sentencing recommendations. No
more will the citizens see "church probation" recommendations,
which I deem to be unenforceable, if not illegal. These standards
will ensure all defendants are treated equally and fairly - no more
inconsistent results.

will set standards of professional ethics and competence for the
attorneys and staff to ensure professionalism and competence in the
prosecution of criminal/civil cases. No more missed lab-report
deadlines resulting in dismissals for drug dealers. No more
acquittals because witnesses are not called. No more dismissals or
huge reductions of charges because the prosecuting attorney did not
feel confident/competent to take the case to trial.

will ensure that the normal human-resource-management standards of
counseling and evaluating staff and attorneys are done timely and
fairly. Employees of the office need to know what is expected, how
their work performance is measured, and how to correct or improve
performance in future. No more EEO problems potentially costing
taxpayers thousands of dollars because basic principles of
human-resource management are not observed.



the person on the bottom line, I will supervise and lead to ensure
the standards set are not only met but exceeded. Only those things
get done that the boss checks, and I have the background and
experience to ensure that the checking gets done, benefiting the
citizens and punishing the criminals.



the media accounts of the past six months, the taxpayers are not
getting their money's worth. Currently the office budget stands at
$2.3 million annually and soon will go to $2.4 million. This money
needs to be spent on the effective prosecution of criminals and the
defense of the county against civil suits - not in pursuing
nonsensical civil actions having no impact on the safety and welfare
of citizens. While in Iraq, I was responsible for the application of
taxpayer money building the Iraqi Army. It was my duty then to
safeguard those funds and assets and apply them where they would have
the most impact. I will do the same with the Scott County taxpayer's

my background and experience, please access my Web site at
Thank you for your time.




Candidate for

County Attorney


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