Unidentified COVID-curious protester, photographed at 53rd & Elmore in Davenport Iowa July 2020.

This pandemic is waning by all measures that count. Regardless, the public at large remains deeply frightened, submissive, compliant, and disturbingly incurious. Incurious about the onslaught of redundant, irrational, fact-starved messaging recited by “trusted voices,” be they government officials or mainstream-media propagandists. Incurious about the glaring absence of relevant details from technocratic health officials, such as start and end dates for reported cases and reported deaths. Incurious about what precisely is being tested and reported. Incurious about cumulative all-cause deaths over comparative historical time periods. Incurious about the much larger agenda driving the increasingly incoherent narrative rooted in emotional triggering headline after headline.

Mainstream media and accommodating social-network censors are fueling America's polarization and immobilization. Red flags should be waving like crazy amid blatant censorship of mainstream health and science professionals who are finally amassing to set the record straight on the junk science abundant in the mainstream media's coverage of COVID-19.

Many controversies remain not only unresolved since COVID's onset but have exponentially enlarged, putting the “COVID19 is a lethal pandemic” narrative on life-support. Under-reported and increasingly censored evidence has been collected and vetted by some of the world's most credentialed medical and scientific minds. First hand accounts, peer-reviewed research, and analysis overwhelmingly contravenes the public-health agencies, corporate and foundation interests' “trusted voices,” all of whom are singularly devoted to prolonging the extreme response to a pandemic that, by the CDC's own definition, does not rise above a category-2 event (based on 1-5 worsening pandemic categories).

In 2008, Health & Human Services (HHS) established a “Pandemic Severity Index” that categorized pandemics from 1-5, according to “Case Fatality Ratio (percentage).” Excess Rate (per 100,000),” “Illness Rates (percentage of population),” “Potential Number of Deaths (percentage based on 2006 US population). Based on these statistics, COVID-19 is a category-2 pandemic and defies the extreme mitigation response that is causing far greater harm to the globe with increased poverty, starvation, financial insecurity, isolation, violence, abuse, addiction, depression/despair/suicide, other illness, and disease.

In other words, COVID-19 no longer justifies mandatory mask-wearing, surveillance contact tracing (a protocol for containing community spread at onset, not months into it), closing schools, quarantining healthy people, shuttering economies, and abandoning our elders to suffer, despair, and die alone.

Curious About Testing & Symptoms

COVID-19 is the rare infectious disease with no specific attributes; it has no unique symptomatology. According to the CDC, symptoms attributed to COVID-19 include respiratory distress, breathing difficulty, coughing, congestion, headache, and loss of taste and smell. Every one of these symptoms is also associated with many other illnesses and diseases, including influenza and pneumonia. The only way to definitively diagnose COVID-19 is to lab test for the virus attributed to its causation, SARS-CoV2.

The WHO and CDC have declared RT-PCR testing a reliable tool for diagnosing COVID-19. However, credentialed virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, and a growing number of the larger medical community worldwide reject PCR as unreliable because the gold standard for identifying a novel coronavirus as new, independent, infectious, and lethal is Koch’s Postulates, and this has not been performed for SARS-CoV2.

RT-PCR testing is not sensitive enough to differentiate between coronaviruses. These tests cannot distinguish between SARS-CoV2, SARS-CoV, MERS, influenza A or B, or cold coronaviruses. Nor can RT-PCR detect meaningful differences among other RNA or DNA in test samples. Finally, RT-PCR tests cannot measure the viral load (amount of virus) in a given sample, necessary for determining the degree of infection present.

RT-PCR tests are wrong as much as 80 percent of the time. They do not account for false positives or false negatives that are necessary for reliable confirmation, requiring retesting of many individuals, whose second and third tests are then often counted as additional unique cases.

CDC allows for “probable” cases to be recorded as actual positive cases, according to its guidelines. Speculative data plagues COVID test totals, causing a grossly overstated inflation of positive cases being reported. These deceptive practices are further aggravated by widespread confusion over types of tests, test criteria, contact tracing data collection, and a host of inconsistent practices and magnitudes of error across diagnostic platforms by state.

Persons who have been vaccinated for influenza in past years are testing positive for coronavirus antibodies and reported as current positive COVID cases, even though no detection of actual SARS2 virus is present. RT-PCR and antibody (serology) test results are being co-mingled and reported as positive cases, further corrupting totals for true cases.

Several national testing labs with large contracts nationwide are reporting 100-percent-positive cases from testing, a statistical impossibility. Compromised protocols relative to testing, such as storage temperatures of samples, primers, et cetera, are rendering those tests unusable, yet are not being removed as part of the record of positive cases.

Media is reporting increased cases as alarming “spikes” and “surges” in COVID-19, ignoring that increases in positive tests do not equate with increases of infection or sickness (disease present). This distinction is deliberately avoided by media because it is part of a mounting body of evidence that is a game changer in terms of COVID-19's lethality, making this disinformation most egregious.

Curious About Hospitalizations and Deaths

WHO, CDC, and governments worldwide based their collective response to a pandemic-level health crisis, on one man's alarming predictive computer modeling for the SARS-CoV2 virus and the COVID-19 disease. The original global response was understandable.

The computer projections on the virulent novel coronavirus originated from Britain Imperial College Professor Neil Ferguson's predictive computer modeling, after which Ferguson refused to release his model’s data for peer review until peer pressure finally prevailed. It was then revealed that Ferguson's data inputs were deeply flawed, causing the global health community to summarily reject his discredited COVID-19 predictions as junk science.

However, America’s “trusted voices” for all things infectious failed to immediately adjust their extreme response to something more measured that accurately reflected the new data that now continues to support SARS-CoV2 as largely a non-lethal virus for 99.75 percent of people who are exposed to it.

The flawed modeling was used to justify a national lockdown, and shuttering of the economy, as a means to minimize the impact on hospitals, including resources and ability to treat increased number of patients admitted due to symptoms of COVID. The fear was that a sudden massive surge in critically ill patients would overwhelm the health-care system in America. Once the modeling proved entirely inaccurate, simultaneously revealing that hospitals nationwide were not overburdened, the lockdowns and shuttering persisted, and additional extreme mitigation such as mask-wearing in public for all ages was introduced (mandated in some jurisdictions), regardless.

There is a huge increase in the number of tests being done nationwide, which naturally results in more cases detected as these two things are directly correlated. Worldwide COVID-19 data collectors (Worldometer, John Hopkins, Euromomo, CDC, HHS) of cases, hospitalizations, deaths, et cetera, by country show the spike in cases do not have proportionate increases in hospitalizations or corresponding pandemic-level deaths despite what the media disingenuously fails to report.

Hospitalizations are not increasing due to increased COVID illnesses, but as a result of hospitals reopening for regular business, including no stress on most ICUs nationwide due to COVID. This specific data is reported in real time and is available through HHS, state health departments, and county health departments, updated on a daily basis. Mainstream media fails as a responsible reporting mechanism due to the reckless omission of this critical data.

Even though positive COVID tests are rising, deaths from COVID are decreasing dramatically, which is the most reliable evidence of the lethality of any virus. CDC and numerous other medical/science journals, et cetera, have decades of meaningful, comprehensive data that show comparisons, correlations, and numerous charts and visuals of infectious diseases that map the lethality with timelines to inform us relative to COVID-19.

There is no meaningful statistical difference between this year’s (to-date) all-cause death rate compared to previous years’ all-cause death rate for the same period. This lack of increase in deaths overall confirms that SARS-CoV2 is not a lethal virus as originally feared.

The number of deaths reported/recorded “from” COVID versus “with” COVID is almost irreparably compromised. The CDC’s ability/technology to collect data is outdated and cumbersome, and its ability to distill and disseminate meaningful data in a timely manner is equally antiquated and laborious, causing relevant information to be slow and haphazardly compiled.

Hospitals, coroners, and medical examiners use the CDC’s “Notifiable Form” for notifying authorities as to the details of individual deaths in each county. The form permits deaths to be recorded as “directly or presumably” caused from COVID. In other words, the cause of death can be reported as “from” COVID if it is presumed to have been a factor. Patients’ deaths from heart attacks, cancer, et cetera, are misrecorded as COVID deaths if the patient tested positive or not, instead based only on presumptions as sanctioned by the CDC’s own instructions. Autopsies are not required for verification. Some counties are refusing to follow CDC's guidelines on recording presumptive COVID deaths, and should be commended.

Mainstream and social media continue to ignore the emergence of statistical confirmation justifying downgrading COVID-19 to a global coronavirus epidemic that has virtually no health consequences for children and adults under 24, and mild, if any, consequences for the large majority of healthy adults. The at-risk populations are adults with serious co-morbid conditions (heart conditions, obesity, auto-immune disease, diabetes, et cetera), and more specifically older adults 80-plus with underlying health conditions including infirmity and old age. Conclusively, this coronavirus infection mimics known annual coronavirus infections such as influenzas and seasonal colds.

Curious About Masks

We've received numerous submissions of attempts to refute Dr. Denis Rancourt's white paper we published in June, entitled “Masks Don't Work.” (RCReader.com/y/mask). Due to space constraints, we are publishing these efforts online at RCReader.com/y/mask9. While any ad hominem attacks are unfortunate, efforts were robust whether successful or not. Please read for yourself. Finally, we are not anti-mask. We are against using the force of government to mandate a healthy population potentially harming themselves with inappropriate masking, based on unproven, unscientific rationale and agendas that do not serve the people's best interests.

Finally, mask wearing has a benefit that deserves mention. Wearing masks can give the wearer a sense of control in circumstances that are out of his/her control. That is no small thing. Efficacy or not, if wearing a mask provides a sense of security, and of protection for oneself and others, then that is a choice worth making. It is a choice, and by its very nature, must remain so to preserve the spirit of the perceived benefit.

Links to source material for this commentary below. 

Readily Available COVID Related Information Ignored and/or Targeted for Discredit and Censorship by Mainstream Health, News Organizations & Social Media

Nearly all of the following resources have footnoted links to additional supporting information and references that are worth reviewing, often including graphs and charts that are very useful, too.

We will continue to add and/or update reference links to this compilation below. Each reference is rich with data that informs well beyond the incomplete mainstream narratives that dismiss or ignore the exhaustive information available for COVID-19. Every news organization would do its audience a great service by requiring reporters assigned to COVID coverage to review the relevant information sourced above. Thank you for being COVID curious.

FDA and NIH Let Clinical Trial Sponsors Keep Results Secret and Break the Law (Jan 2020)

Code Review of Ferguson's Model (May 2020)

Symptoms of COVID-19

Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory
Written by the late David Crowe whose dedication to science methodology and evidence-based knowledge kept faith with the gold standard for meaningful discovery, R.I.P.

Journeyman Pictures: Perspectives on the Pandemic
Episode 1: Dr. John Ioannidis, Epidemiology Stanford University
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6MZy-2fcBwor https://www.bitchute.com/video/JR9mq3ZyqgiV/
Episode 2: Knut Wittowski, Biodiversity & Epidemiology Rockefeller Center
Episode 3: Dr. David L. Katz
Episode 4: Dr. John Ioannidis Update (April 2020)
Episode 5: Knut Wittowski Update
Episode 6: Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi

Tests & Testing

CDC Releases Consolidated COVID-19 Testing Recommendations (June 2020)

FDA Investigate Lab as Tens of Thousands of COVID-19 Test Results in Florida are Questioned (May 2020)

Reducing Transmission of Sars-CoV-2 (Jun 2020)

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Qualitative PCR

False Negative Tests For SARS-CoV-2—Callenges and Implications (June 2020)

COVID19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless (June 2020)

Koch's Postulates Fulfilled for SARS Virus (May 2003)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: The Rooster in a River of Rats
A refutation that SARS-CoV2 has been identified as an independent infectious virus. Note this video was censored on YouTube, one among an increasing number of refutations, exposes, debates and discussions that challenge mainstream narratives relative to COVID-19.

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus? (April 2020)

Cases & Death Rates

Coronavirus Statistics
Compiled and upadated daily using dat a from World Health Organization, John Hopkins, CSSE, CDDC, and Worldometer.

U.S. Death rate 1950-2020

Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Note that most influenza and colds are from coronaviruses.

Weekly Deaths by State and Select Causes, 2019-2020

Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics

Deaths and Mortality

Excess Mortality
European mortality monitoring activity for excess deaths related to influenza, pandemics and other public health threats

Coronavirus Resource Center – Cases, Deaths and Testing in All 50 States

Coronavirus Pandemic Statistics by Country Updated Daily

World Population Data
Includes all cause death rates worldwide, and a section on daily coronavirus infections.

Should We Trust The COVID-19 Case Count?
An interview with Minnesota State Senator Dr. Scott Jenson.

The New Coronavirus Outbreak, COVID-19 Sounds Menacing and Is (February 2020)

Face Masks & Respirators

Non-Pharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Non-Healthcare Settings-Personal and Environmental Measures (May 2020)

Universal Masking in Hospitals in the COVID-19 Era (May 2020)

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Sage: A Summary of the Science (July 2020)

Respiratory Virus Shedding in Exhaled Breath and Efficacy of Face Masks (April 2020)

A Cluster Randomized Trial of Cloth Masks Compared with Medical Masks in Healthcare Workers
2015 with update response in 2020

Aerosol Filtration Efficiency of Common Fabrics Used in Respiratory Cloth Masks (April 2020)

Making Face Masks Mandatory is Not Backed by Science or Law (July 2020)

Masking Lack of Evidence with Politics (July 2020)

Should Individuals in the Community Without Respiratory Symptoms Wear Face Masks to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19? – A Rapid Review (June 2020)

Why Face Masks Don't Work: A Revealing Review
From October 2016, now only available on the Wayback Machine.

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