Fight Bad Laws

On Tuesday, a Scott County deputy pulled up behind me as I stopped at a local restaurant. He gave me a written warning for not wearing my seatbelt after checking my license and proof of insurance.

After I signed the written warning, I asked the deputy if he thought this was a good law. His response: "Yes, because it saves lives."

I told him: "If we could put a cop in everyone`s car, that would also save lives." Or, we could outlaw cars; that would save lives.

As I was entering the restaurant, I started a conversation with a lady who told me her friend was going to fight a red-light ticket.

The recent law that mandates health insurance is no different from the Iowa law that mandates auto insurance.

These are all bad laws.

What do we do about them?

As a "violator," refuse to settle and ask for a jury trial.

As a juror, refuse to convict if someone is charged with violating a bad or misapplied law.

Go to the Fully Informed Jury Association`s Web site ( to learn more.

Mike Angelos

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