Jason Bermas playing back Adam Callaghan interviewing G. Edward Griffn at the Red Pill Expo in Des Moines, Iowa August 13, 2023

There are few in the Freedom Movement whose names command as much respect, admiration, and prestige as G. Edward Griffin. When the Red Pill Expo, an event created by the man himself, was coming to Iowa and he would be there, it was a no-brainer.

Griffin, now 91 years of age, is a pioneer in so many fields it is hard to know where to begin, but he is probably best known for writing The Creature From Jekyll Island, a scathing book describing the unholy origin story of the Federal Reserve. This masterwork is far from Griffin's only achievement worth noting. He was one of the first making documentary films challenging the political and medical establishment with cult classics such as Anarchy U.S.A. in 1966 and World Without Cancer – The Story Of Vitamin B17 in 1974. Griffin is a pioneer for identifying and decrying the different mechanisms of globalism encroaching on our individual freedoms. (The Reader published G. Edward Griffin's essay “The Future is Calling” back in 2009 that effectively illustrates the age old struggle between collectivism and individualism. Find it at RCReader.com/y/futurecalling.)

It is Griffin's work exposing the Council on Foreign Relations, Round Table Groups, and the United Nations that made him essential in telling the story of the “New World Order” in my 2010 film Invisible Empire. Once again Griffin was far ahead of the curve with his book The Fearful Master: A Second Look At The United Nations in 1964. Many scoffed at the power of the U.N. until it seemed to be the defacto source of global COVID protocols and “authoritative information” which lead to one of the most destructive and oppressive periods in modern human history. On August 12, it was off to Des Moines to hopefully shake hands with the man himself and thank him for his work once more.

In tow with me was UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich, who was also eager to meet Griffin in person and check out what else the expo had to offer. Griffin, who had been speaking at and hosting events for years, finally had the epiphany several years ago to tap into the lingo echoed everywhere when it came to “waking people up”: the “Red Pill” moment. "Taking the Red Pill” is a reference to the 1999 mega-hit motion picture The Matrix, when the protagonist Neo is offered two pills – one red, one blue – and to learn the “Truth,” Neo must take the red pill, which he does. When Griffin held his first Red Pill Expo, there was a huge youth turnout, and he realized this was something worth doing again. Despite his age, he attempts to put these on twice a year. This event had speakers such as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Plandemic filmmaker Mikki Willis, and even a live virtual appearance from Alex Jones!

As we arrived on the scene, we were greeted by local health advocate, podcaster, and friend Joni Abbott, who had her own table with Robert Scott Bell. Just around the corner was Peymon Mottahedeh, the President of Freedom Law School, an organization that challenges the validity of the Federal income tax relative to most American citizens. I first met Peymon speaking at an event with G. Edward Griffin all the way back in 2007 when lectures on the I.R.S., the C.F.R., and 9/11 came together. It was a pleasure catching up with Peymon, and he would not be the last old friend I ran into.

When talking I.R.S. Whistleblowers, there are very few who have been in the game longer than my old friend Joe Bannister, a former armed I.R.S. agent who went public with his concerns about the agency all the way back in the late '90s! You can find out more about his story and the darker aspects of the Internal Revenue Services in the Aaron Russo documentary From Freedom To Fascism.

Midway through the first day, I crossed paths with the man himself: G. Edward Griffin. I quickly shook his hand, thanked him, and expressed my hope for a possible interview over the weekend. While the interview at Red Pill in Des Moines did not happen, we are currently aligning our schedules to do a long-form interview on my Internet broadcast. Griffin was not as spry as he was a decade ago in Long Island when we went to a karaoke bar until the wee hours of the morning after the Save Long Island forum we had spoken at earlier in the day. But he was still mentally sharp and a true warrior amongst the people.

The day continued with great speakers, inquisitive attendees, and interesting characters everywhere, all with one basic thing in common: freedom. That was it. That was the glue that was keeping everyone together, and I was happy to be taking part in it. As I interviewed speakers and spoke to authors and innovators, the day quickly burned away, and before I knew it I was resting awaiting day two.

When I awoke and began to get ready for the second day, I noticed a new film crew checking in and didn’t think much of it at the time. However, that would soon change. On day two, I had planned on interviewing journalist and media personality Alex Newman, who also worked with American Media Periscope the online network that carries their show I host titled Making Sense of the Madness Mondays through Fridays at 6 p.m. Eastern. While I was setting up, I again noticed the film crew, and especially the oddly dressed individual with the microphone. Dressed in a button-down white shirt, American-flag tie, a ballcap with sunglasses on top, and an extremely suspicious looking mustache, I immediately recognized him, but could not quite place him.

After watching him conduct a couple interviews, I began warning others that they were likely being punked, and suddenly the crew disappeared. It was then I remembered this individual had recently made an HBO documentary on January 6 and the lead-up to the event. The film This Place Rules, by pseudo comedian/journalist Andrew Callaghan, was a scathing look at both extremes of the left and right, and it’s funny. The problem is that although the film claims to be a critique of media coverage and views on both sides, nobody looks good in this film. If you were interviewed for this movie and included, you were most likely not portrayed in a positive light.

Callaghan made his bones going viral on Instagram doing man-on-the-street interviews on Bourbon Street with some of the most outrageous confessions and actions on the Web. He then parlayed that into becoming Channel 5 news on Youtube, in which he used a Daily Show style with more modern jump cuts and zooms. My biggest criticism of Callaghan is he edits for the laughs, and obviously if one can take anything one wishes out of context for an agenda, that is an issue.

This is why when one of Griffin’s assistants told me that Callghan and his crew had returned and were interviewing him, I lept out of my seat to tape and confront him. As I approached the situation, Callaghan immediately recognized that I knew who he was and wrapped up the interview asking G. Edward what his greatest concern was currently. Griffin responded in expected fashion, stating, “Freedom.” Callaghan then had Griffin sign a copy of The Creature from Jekyll Island as I asked him if he would actually read it? He responded that “Heck, yeah” he would. I then asked him if he thought it was okay to be deceptive, and challenged him that he was here to clown these people.

G. Edward then became keenly aware of the situation and asked Andrew what was most important thing to him? Callaghan responded, “Being independent and not selling out.” I stated that I would hope he would not portray Griffin in a negative light and introduced myself. To Callghan’s credit, I spoke to him on camera for about 30 minutes. Who knows: He may butcher me. But he did give me his personal number and has agreed to come on my show in November. Callaghan also claims to be reading the book and says it’s “crazy shit."

This was really the crescendo of the event for me. I packed up and left shortly after. Getting to interact not only with G. Edward directly in a very unique situation, but hopefully use him as a vehicle to “wake up” Callaghan, a young filmmaker who isn’t even 30 yet. After all, that is what is all about: learning new things, sharing that information, not preaching to the choir, and working on a healthy discord that can provide the tools and cooperation that is so sorely needed in this country to make positive change. Let’s hope this is Callaghan’s “Red Pill” moment.



Jason Bermas is a content creator, activist, and documentary filmmaker behind such films as Loose Change, Final Cut, Fabled Enemies, Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined, and Shade: The Motion Picture. Working in alternative media for more than 15 years, Bernas encourages people to do their own research and be their own hero. To learn more, go to JasonBermas.net.

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