It is glaringly obvious that the tragedy surrounding the Aurora, Colorado, and Newtown, Connecticut, shootings is being grossly objectified to achieve a political agenda of disarming Americans.

I am no lover of weapons. In fact, I abhor any violence, including the disgraceful warfare the United States is currently engaged in. I despise the weakness that characterizes our lack of civic will in the 21st Century to hold our governments accountable for perpetuating both warfare and welfare upon the people.

We are truly a pack of sheep when it comes to preserving our legacy as a republic governed by the rule of law. Let's be crystal clear, folks: America was not founded as a democracy. America was founded as a republic. There is a huge difference that needs clarification - again.

Democracy is rule by the majority or, better stated, mob rule. What the majority decides goes. In a republic governed by the rule of law, every individual's rights are specifically protected on a case-by-case basis. In other words, the minority is not subjected to the whims of the majority. Laws decide, not men. It is a failsafe against the tyranny that characterized the British monarchy, and just about every despotic form of government, including fascism, socialism, and communism - all of which enjoy a few Haves that control the property and labor of the remaining Have-Nots.

This profound distinction is what has compelled people to immigrate to America after we won the Revolutionary War and secured our liberty from the British crown. Throughout American history (all 200-plus years of it), our governance has been called "the grand experiment" because nothing like it had ever before been achieved.

I believe the Bill of Rights retains a divine component, in that it mirrors the reverence for God's creation - mankind - by declaring each and every individual equal under the law. This nod to Natural Law is what sets America's republic apart from all others. The Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights clearly establish that every individual has "unalienable" rights endowed by the Creator. This means that certain rights are ours simply because we are God's creation, regardless of whether a government does or does not exist.

The Bill of Rights establishes, with specificity, what rights no government may infringe or violate. In other words, the provisions of the founding documents are specific instructions on what government can and cannot do. This is in stark contrast to the more prevalent thinking today, that these documents are here to govern the people.

People in America live in one of 50 states, and via state constitutions we delegate to the 50 state governments limited authority to act on we the people's behalf, not the other way around. In turn, the 50 states grant limited authority to the federal government to act on the 50 states' behalf. It is a bottom-up, upside-down-pyramid form of governance, starting with individuals (regardless of the state he/she lives in) as the fundamental authority, funneling upward to the counties, then to the states, and finally to the federal government, which is given the least amount of authority in the end. Clearly, under this scenario, we the people, through sheer laziness and a destructive lack of civic participation, have allowed our republic to become utterly perverted.

Adding to this devastating apathy is the deliberate dumbing-down of our children concerning academic subjects, such as American history and political science. The difference between a democracy and a republic has been quietly and carefully culled from many schools' curricula. Furthermore, constitutional law (a.k.a. contract law) is an elective in most law schools, not a requirement. Much more instruction is devoted to administrative and statutory law because in this realm lies the contrived authority by which we are all being systematically enslaved.

Listen and count how many times you hear the mainstream pundits, politicians, and academics refer to American governance as a democracy and not a republic. It's exhaustive. The distinction is being eliminated from our national identity for a reason. As long as we hold individual rights as sacrosanct, as our republic under the rule of common law does most specifically, no global agenda can prevail in America. Each of us must accept that disarming Americans is one of the crucial elements for globalization to succeed. Once we acknowledge the real end game, then we can see this strategic manipulation of the Second Amendment for what it really is - consensus-building.

Getting the public's buy-in for altering the Second Amendment via legislation and rule-making by executive orders, instead of a proper constitutional amendment, expedites political goals versus any real solutions to save lives. If gun violence is so abhorred by our hypocritical politicians, then there would have been immediate and swift consequences for the gun-runners in our own federal government, who illegally run assault weapons with impunity to the drug cartels that provide American gangs with their products. And whose guns killed an American ATF agent in 2010 - for which not a single prosecution has ensued, and not a firing of any management-level government employee responsible. Nearly all of the gun violence in the U.S. is gang-related, but that fact is rarely divulged by the mainstream media in discussions of gun violence in America.

Then there is the unprecedented foreign policy of using drones to kill enemies (and suspected enemies) without due process abroad, including multiple innocents who happen to be in the target area. This despicable conduct began in earnest during the George W. Bush administration but has been taken to new levels of horror by the Obama administration. Drone use is dramatically increasing worldwide sympathy and support for our enemies due to all the collateral damage it does. So how is this an effective strategy by any standard of efficacy?

Of equal and urgent concern is the use of drones on American soil that is currently in the works, under the guise of safety and surveillance. Take the time to do research on these new federal/state drone programs, and you will learn for yourself about the potential for serious harm that prevails throughout this programming. If not for yourself, then at least check into the proliferation of both foreign and domestic drone use by our government for your children's sake.

It is extremely difficult to comprehend and accept that this country has a sinister past when it comes to building political consensus. Most of the major wars we've engaged in have been predicated upon a colossal lie designed to win public support. And even though each lie has been ultimately exposed, the exposure hasn't stopped the practice. World War I and the Lusitania; the Spanish-American War and the Maine; World War II and Pearl Harbor; the Vietnam War and the Gulf of Tonkin; Bosnia and the Christian concentration camps; the Afghanistan war and 9/11; the Iraq War and weapons of mass destruction - all have insidious misinformation and treachery behind American "consensus" to engage. Sadly, Americans never seem to learn. It is confounding, but don't believe for a moment that we won't eventually be held accountable for burying our heads.

The good news is that the modern digital age allows you to ignore the mainstream media's woeful coverage so you can research these events on your own, thereby gaining more accurate and reliable data for your review. Forget political divisions, such as Right versus Left, Democrats versus Republicans, liberal versus conservative. These are all deliberate distractions to keep us divided and civically insecure. Start researching as an independent individual, a parent, a friend, or a simple American. Reclaim your national identity, if it matters to you, then open your mind and learn. It isn't easy, it can be absolutely frightening, but it is also empowering and invigorating. Knowledge is power, and that is the truth.

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