While reading the less-than-enthusiastic "pedestrian survey" of the recent Pigstock/Jaegermeister festival [see "They Did It Better in Clinton," River Cities' Reader Issue 449, October 29-November 4, 2003], I couldn't help but wonder if the writer knew what sort of event she was at, or if she'd ever been to a rock concert before.

Clearly, she was more interested in the eating habits and attire of the fans than the music itself. The article seemed like a chance for her to sound off on the thousands of citizens who like to have a good time and appreciate rock-and-roll. If she's that jaded, maybe she shouldn't be a reviewer. There's a difference between wit and just poorly written cynicism. Perhaps if the event were Disney on Ice and everyone was 100 pounds and sober, she would have enjoyed herself.

Now, to be fair, I'm sure the show had its ups and downs, and not every concertgoer is a ray of sunshine. Getting frisked by surly bouncers is also not a new concept, especially when you're dealing with that many people. Had she been trampled, I'm sure she would have sung a different tune.

An event like that deserved a better review, from someone that knows or even cares about music, not some bored singleton who thought her assignment was to review contemporary society. Maybe she should have cracked open a beer, toked up, and threw her fists in the air. Who knows? She might have been enlightened.

If she didn't enjoy this recent show, I have trouble believing that she ever attended the event in Clinton. She seemed completely off-base, and it was clear from the get-go that her agenda was to mock the entire event.

Next time there is a big to-do in the area, we hope the River Cities Reader will find a more competent writer than this Judith Malone hack. Good day.

Russ Berberich

Find Information About Breast Cancer

There is a lot of misinformation in relation to the subject of the link between breast cancer and abortion [see letter in issue 449 of the River Cities' Reader], and it seems to stem from biased opinion in favor of the pro-life movement. I urge people to find the information, do the research, and get solid answers for themselves. Here is one step in the right direction: (http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_6x_Can_Having_an_Abortion_Cause_or_Contribute_to_Breast_Cancer.asp).

Steven Haynes
Rock Island

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