Planned Demolition 1008 APR 2023 River Cities Reader Ed Newmann Cartoon

Planned Demolition 1008 APR 2023 River Cities Reader Ed Newmann Cartoon


• The World Health Organization's Efforts to Quietly Usurp Global Authority for Emergency Management

• Central Bank Digital Currency Is a Digital Transacting System, Not Currency at All

• Going “Bwoke”

• Senator Mike Lee Reintroduced S.967 to Prohibit the Fed and U.S. Treasury Implementing CBDCs

• Become Familiar with Cathrine Austin Fitts' Expertise in Digital Transacting

• Quit Standing Still to the Takedown (Welcome to Hunger Park) 


The World Health Organization's Efforts to Quietly Usurp Global Authority for Emergency Management

For those who may wonder why we are reporting on the World Health Organization's (WHO) activities, please keep in mind that in March of 2020, both Iowa Governor Reynolds and Illinois Governor Pritzker issued emergency disaster proclamations that would be reissued for nearly three years. These proclamations suspended Iowans' and Illinoisans' personal liberties and protected rights with varying degrees of discretion, picking winners and losers along the way. The cure was way worse than the disease. Both governors cite the WHO in their declarations as one of the authorities they were relying on to implement the subsequent draconian measures in our states. Until we have leadership that does not bow down to such faux global authority and undue influence, we had better well pay attention.

Last issue, James Roguski's important research was featured in my commentary on the 307 game-changing amendments being proposed to the 2005 International Health Regulations by a select working group of World Health Organization members, largely in secret. Roguski summarized a list of the top 10 proposed amendments that must be rejected by member countries to stop centralized control of global emergency management without express consent by each of the 194 member countries.

On May 27, 2022, the 75th World Health Assembly adopted five amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations. This adoption occurred in secret without knowledge or consent of most member countries. According to Roguski, only one of the five amendments, Article 59, is unacceptable and should be rejected.

Article 59 would reduce the future time period for newly adopted amendments to come into effect by limiting the time frame for member countries to submit written rejection of amendments from 24 months to 12 months. Members have until late November 2023 to reject Article 59 or it will go into effect. It is important to note that Roguski favors accepting the other four amendments: Articles 55, 61, 62, and 63.

That said, do not confuse the above five amendments adopted in 2022 with the 307 amendments currently being negotiated to overhaul the 2005 International Health Regulations, also largely in secret, by delegates who have the authority to adopt them without legislative action by member countries. The target for adoption of some negotiated version of these 307 amendments is scheduled for 2024, during the 77th World Assembly, so there is proper time to robustly intervene.

There are many unacceptable amendments currently being negotiated that would permanently assign management of health emergencies worldwide to the WHO. Financial obligations for developed countries alone are not only absurdly inequitable, but expressly unaccountable beginning at $30 billion annually. Currently, for perspective, the entire WHO budget is $4 billion. Other amendments include WHO having authority over member countries' resources and their allocation during declared emergencies, mandating mitigations and medical protocols, implementing track and trace using unrestricted invasive surveillance, including vaccine passports et al, and dictating degrees and scope of enforcement.

More importantly, the spirit of nonbinding international cooperation is obliterated in favor of binding central control, regardless of sovereign laws and human rights violations. For example, India has submitted an amendment that would change the language of the IHR Article 3 Principles from “The implementation of these regulations shall be with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” to “The implementation of these regulations shall be based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the State Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.” Huh? What happened to respect for human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms?

As Roguski rightly observes, the above amendment submission should tell you all you need to know to reject the entire IHR revision from non-binding guidance to binding compliance. Protection of human rights should be paramount, and with respect to the U.S. Constitution, it is already non-negotiable.

What can you do? A wealth of in-depth information on this urgent subject can be found at to better inform your efforts. Call your congressmen, state legislators, and county supervisors and tell them you do not consent to this forfeiture of sovereign authority for emergency management to a foreign operator. Share James Roguski's research with them to better inform their efforts, as well.

Of critical importance, do not be placated by the common misinformation that Congress must approve such international treaties. The IHR is not technically a treaty, regardless it is adopted and in force since 2005. The negotiations taking place are in the form of amendments to be adopted, therefore requiring no legislative participation or process. Needless to say, most of our lawmakers are unaware of the gravity of this secret WHO proceeding and need to catch up. Amending the 2005 International Health Regulations is not to be confused with the looming Pandemic Preparedness and Response Treaty. These 2005 IHR adoption of amendments and the Pandemic Preparedness treaty are two entirely separate documents, needing separate vigilance and civic engagement to prevent global usurpation of our sovereign autonomy to act in our best interests.

Thankfully, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson reintroduced the No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act in February. It was previously proposed in May of 2022. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is a co-sponsor of the bill. “The WHO, along with our federal health agencies, failed miserably in their response to COVID-19. This failure should not be rewarded with a new international treaty that would increase the WHO’s power at the expense of American sovereignty,” said Senator Johnson. “I’m proud to reintroduce this legislation to hold the WHO accountable for their failures and increase transparency for the American people. The sovereignty of the United States is not negotiable.” This legislation would require any convention or agreement resulting from the work of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) intergovernmental negotiating body be deemed a treaty, requiring the advice and consent of a supermajority of the Senate. (


Central Bank Digital Currency Is a Digital Transacting System, Not Currency at All

Recently the infamous Russian comedian-pranksters Vovan & Lexus punked European Central Bank (ECB) president Christine Lagarde over a Zoom call where the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund mistakenly believed she was speaking with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy (himself a former comedian). During the 20-minute interview available online at, Lagarde reveals the ECB's plans to go live with its version of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), called the eEuro, in October 2023. It just got real.

She explained that anything paid for in cash over 1,000 Euros will constitute a crime and could result in jail time. How would she know? She would know because the eEuro is not currency at all. It is a digital transacting system for tracking and regulating every expenditure in the EU. It will eventually merge with the CBDCs in every country worldwide.

Many people believe purchasing, paying bills, and banking are already done digitally, and therefore are unphased by the elimination of cash and transacting digitally for everything. Big mistake!

While we can execute purchases, pay bills, make deposits, and withdraw funds digitally over our personal devices, the various components of each transaction are independent of each other. When you digitally pay your credit card bill, your bank has no record of what you purchased unless you use it as a debit card, then it is associated only with the vendor, not the item(s). The vendors you purchase from have no association with your bank account other than authorization to access what you owe. This is true for most credit cards, which itemize by vendor and amount, not individual items purchased.

The digital network in play now allows users to transact in private, nor is this system considered currency, it is classified as credit. It is also provides the nexus for transacting, producing revenue streams for the credit platforms. You can think of it as strictly business.

CBDCs are entirely different. Characterizing this system as currency is misinformation on a grand scale. Assigning arbitrary value to digital accounts via a central command using predefined sets of criteria for access is not currency, it is control.

The world is experiencing the final gasps of yet another predictable financial default and consequent economic failure. We have all known it was coming. Year after year, governments' unsustainable spending becomes exponentially more unsustainable because it is accomplished through corresponding exponentially more debt, a completely incongruous system considering we now owe more annual interest than most departments' yearly budgets.

Before 1913, we printed money directly as needed. Because we did not borrow it from some private central loan shark, we never owed interest on whatever we printed. Let that sink in.

After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Congress abdicated its Constitutional mandate for supplying the national currency, and offloaded the printing/minting of U.S. money to a newly established, privately owned central bank called the Federal Reserve Bank. This legislation passed in the dead of night without a congressional quorum because most of Congress had gone home for Christmas. Arguably, not only is the Federal Reserve Bank's authority unconstitutional, it's initial implementation was illegal and operated as such until legislation subsequently renewed the Fed's charter 100 years later, complete with a built in guaranteed six percent dividend. (

So here we are. There are only a handful of central banks worldwide. All of them print money as loans to their homelands and others as lawmakers appropriate. Keeping interest rates artificially low inspires more borrowing, until eventually only the interest payments can be made. Because principle is no longer paid back, more borrowing is still accessible precisely because of low interest, and always required to keep afloat until eventually even the interest payments cannot be made.

This vicious downward spiral is inevitable therefore entirely predictable. And for many countries, this default scenario has arrived with an unexpected thud due to the Fed quickly and sharply raising interest rates from 0 to 4.5 percent, causing the uncontrolled collapse of those countries that can't begin to pay the increased costs higher interest has spawned, not continue borrowing to keep afloat. Additionally, the higher interest rates now threaten the wealth of the elites behind this scheme because it has also outed the systemic risk rife throughout the domestic and international banks living high on the same low-to-no interest hog when the bill suddenly came due.

Banks could borrow money with no interest, offer higher interest to their depositors, then loan those deposits out under fractional lending and make bank (pun intended). Then the Fed raised interest rates that soared past what banks were offering their depositors, causing this money to leave their banks in search of better returns. Couple this with incompetent risk management and the stage was set for epic failure, triggering the contagion known as bank runs.

Media is adding to the public's financial stress and strain by subliminally, but repetitively, suggesting it isn't unreasonable for people to transfer their accounts from smaller regional and local banks to the few mega banks because the larger banks' risk is so much less, especially now that the Fed claims to have their depositors' financial backs.

Forgive me if I don't buy it. These mega “to large to fail” banks received the lion's share of the bailouts in 2008/9, and some have continued to be quietly backstopped at various times since.

Meanwhile, these same mega-banks that failed-but-were-bailed, many even larger now due to unrestrained anti-trust defying mergers, resumed their high risk transacting almost immediately, especially with surprising little increased regulatory oversight, exponentially raising the stakes while still trading volumes of credit swaps, derivatives, and similar high-risk deals that broke them last time. But things are uniquely different this go-around, with the Fed on the ropes, so to speak, including implementation of an ill-conceived market manipulation that supposedly measures companies' compliance with Environment Social Governance standards for access to capital.


Going “Bwoke”

This illogical construct that claims to pay some equitable homage to climate consciousness, at the expense of efficient allocation of resources in production that actually results in revenue creation, is carrying more weight in hiring deficiently qualified personnel based solely on non-work related skills such as skin color, gender identity, pronouns, and allegiance to progressive principles, practically guaranteeing these companies go “bwoke” because no amount of bailouts can rescue unapologetic business incompetence.

ESG is but one illogical disconnect that attests to the social, economic, and political chaos erupting worldwide. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and many participating progressive NGOs and government leaders believe they have the perfect opportunity to reorganize the world via some organized regional neo-colonization for capture and control of the planet's resources, including labor, and final transfer of any remaining decentralized wealth.

So game on people, it has been for decades. If you are interested, study the various blueprints for mass socioeconomic and political change, often provoked as revolutions (Mien Kampf, Communist Manifesto, or Rules for Radicals). You will easily find many common threads, chief among them group division (identity, class, race, gender, income, etc) and cultural chaos. They go hand in hand.

This strategy will also generate extreme political division, numerous group-centric alliances, disruption of families, and religious participation, for starters. Capturing academia and education to train the trainers who will implement, infiltration of key political and bureaucratic positions, and sabotage of essential supply chains, including access to banking and credit, ultimately stimulating inflation to ensure a domino effect.

Also recommended is the dismantling of the family unit, erosion of religious practices, highly structured education from cradle to profession, captured media for propaganda and behavior modification campaigns, elimination of privacy with 24/7 surveillance, including in-home surveillance, outdoor cameras every few feet, and satellite observation, suppression, censorship, and punishment of all non-sanctioned communications, and finally demonstrative government allegiance.

It is argued that there is a perceived need for accelerating this global “great reset” as the result of an estimated $50 trillion in theft globally, mostly from the world's treasuries at the expense of these countries' people, $21 trillion of this amount is missing from the U.S. government. Appropriations for huge national projects, such as water-purification systems, high-speed transit, infrastructure repairs and updating, and military modernization have gone missing, totally unaccounted for. What else explains the lack of fruition after approving staggering amounts in annual funding? This volume of theft requires systemic corruption on the part of a chain of culprits, and should not be ignored, especially because that wealth didn't disappear and might be recoverable? I know: wishful thinking. But no harm in dreaming big.


Senator Mike Lee Reintroduced S.967 to Prohibit the Fed and U.S. Treasury Implementing CBDCs

On March 24, 2023, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) reintroduced Senate Bill 967 “No Central Bank Digital Currency Act,” that, if passed, would prohibit the Federal Reserve from issuing/minting CBDCs as U.S. currency. It reads: “No Federal reserve bank, the Board, the Secretary of the Treasury, any other agency ... may mint or or issue a central bank digital currency … No Federal reserve bank may hold digital currencies minted or issued by the United States Government as assets or liabilities … .”

According to his Web site, Senator Lee expressed a resolute commitment to prohibiting digital currencies under federal government control, forever replacing financial institutions as we know them, and eliminating private transacting.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) reintroduced legislation [previously introduced in 2022] to prevent the Federal Reserve from reshaping the U.S. financial sector and having the ability to monitor consumer transactions. The Fed, with encouragement from the Biden Administration, has begun to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC), a digital asset, minted, issued, and controlled by them, that would alter the ability of financial institutions to function as lenders, while giving the federal government knowledge of every purchase that uses a CBDC. Financial institutions could no longer offer loans – or at the very least would be significantly restricted in doing so – since they would bear no risk for a deposit; they would function merely as wallets, holders of a CBDC – and as such, could not extend deposits to prospective borrowers in the form of loans. Lastly, the Federal Reserve would have knowledge of every transaction involving a CBDC; if it maintains the technology to create and operate a CBDC, it will know how it is used. (


Become Familiar with Cathrine Austin Fitts' Expertise in Digital Transacting

While diplomatically stated, Lee makes clear that government issued CBDCs would provide ultimate control over Americans' socioeconomic and political behavior if allowed to monitor every CBDC transaction as the system's gatekeeper, eventually controlling access that can be denied in a matter of seconds, indefinitely, based on arbitrary rules and social scoring. It is the final nail in the coffin for a coup to establish a totalitarian police state that surveil its people 24/7, strictly limiting individual choices to achieve an orderly ethos through collective mass behavior modification. Welcome to Hunger Park!

The gross violations of privacy inherent in digital transacting is anathema to our constitutionally protected rights that no amount of perceived convenience can overcome. When the concept of digital transacting first emerged, it was immediately tagged as a conspiracy theory, which gave the public its first and best signal to take this dangerous government overreach very seriously. Well, it has real legs now, so make your objections known to lawmakers at every level, and organize with your community's local bankers and businesses to resist.

Catherine Austin Fitts, former United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during George W. Bush Administration, is a brilliant financial adviser and mentor, has great guidance for plugging in where need-to-know information can be gleaned. She strongly advocates talking to your local bankers, savings and loans, and credit unions. Credit unions are insured under a different system, but with a similar safety valve. Find out if the personnel at these institutions are honorable people, effective managers, knowledgeable, with solid work ethics and best practices for customer service. Fitts also provides a useful list for reference in vetting banks and credit unions at her Web site, where she has all kinds of meaningful information and activities going on. Believe me, true professionals welcome your interest and engagement. It's our duty as Americans to protect our Republic from forces that come against it. (


Quit Standing Still to the Takedown

And please don’t tell yourself these outcomes will never happen in America. It is happening in America. More government malfeasance is coming to light daily. Government is exposed for spying on Americans, working behind the scenes to devise administrative means to treat political opposition as domestic terrorism, and prosecuting with blatantly political bias using lawfare against an unprepared population, Again, it is the cooperation and protection of mainstream and social media that fuels the hubris behind this illegal abusive conduct, triggering so much of the chaos, none of which would get traction for more than the time it took to spew it.

Americans would never have stood silent while our family members, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens were abused by authorities for protesting in front of abortion clinics and/or pro-life clinics; or for parents confronting school boards during meetings then accused of domestic terrorism by a vengeful DOJ in inappropriate collusion with the White House and a national school association; or for objecting to child mutilation and/or exposure to adult sexual content in the name of identity affirmation and/or gender care; or for the suppression and censorship of legitimately reasonable opposing data, arguments, research, and alternative views, especially from highly credentialed professionals as it relates to what should be a thoroughly apolitical pandemic; or for the secret public/private partnership between various government agencies and social media platforms to spy on Americans for the purpose of unconstitutionally, therefore illegally suppressing and censoring these users' content from being shared and seen; or for relentless media campaigns to discredit Americans with opposing political views, ignoring its own contribution to the degradation of constitutionally protected rights, and abdicating its role as the once-respected neutral Fourth Estate, the people's watchdog.

Meanwhile, the more the media carries water for the all-too familiar group of financial pythons, the more I trust and believe in my community, including the local county sheriff and his deputized team in tandem with the city police, whose bonds of trust and loyalty must be restored between us sooner than later.

This renewal of common association applies to both your county and city attorneys, Administrators, assessors, treasurers, auditors, court clerks, county supervisors, mayors, and city councils. Also learn who your district judges are by stopping in occasionally and reading through their case rulings.

Just as important, educate yourself on precisely what your civic authorities are, who comprises the current empaneled grand jury, and what their responsibilities and authorities are. Volunteer for election work, and learn all you can about the processes, familiarize yourself with the laws that govern elections in your state and county, and become an expert on election equipment, software, and the rules that govern their use.

Become a positive civic force, respectful of opposing opinions, but unafraid to expect the same when expressing yours. And please leave partisanship behind. Honestly, if you keep at it, you will find plenty of common ground with almost everyone you encounter regardless of political-party affiliation. Defining terms as you go and asking nonjudgemental questions has a little magic to it.

Visit your local banks, credit unions, and businesses, whose efforts are visible on a daily basis. Do it as a group if you are shy. It can be extremely useful, and may even be fun if you are mission-focused on building relationships with these fellow residents, who have insights we are rarely privy to. We could learn a lot about how finance works, about processes and possibilities, by demonstrating a sincere interest and willingness to learn. Never forget many of these people are our relatives, neighbors, and friends, so embrace that potential camaraderie. We will survive infinitely better if we stick together, rely on local commerce, and commit to supporting one another.

While most of us do our best, we don't demand better. Time's up. We better get off this train before it wrecks by resolutely rejecting the replacement of our national currency with a centrally controlled digital transacting system, and by rejecting the WHO's foreign authority over our emergency health management.

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