I find it very disturbing to listen to the Salvation Army when they beg for more money, saying how they are down $24,000 from last year.
It seems they have forgotten the thousands of people here in the Quad Cities area who have always supported their needs. I wonder if the Quad Cities community is aware that the Salvation Army is having an out-of-town contractor build its new location on Brady Street where Steak & Shake used to be located. As everyone knows, when you hire construction workers from within the Quad Cities, their paychecks are being spent in the Quad Cities.

I, as well as many other people, would like to know why the Salvation Army project wasn't put out for bid to the local contractors, the ones who support them.

Do you think this could be why they were down $24,000 from last year and maybe in the years to come? I'm sure now which organizations I will support and which ones I will not.

Sherri Dietz,


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