When City Hall dispatched LeClaire Park into the hands of casino hotel developers, the discussion was held in the third floor conference room of the Kahl Building-the only public notice, tacked up on a City Hall kiosk that afternoon.

When City Hall wanted to dispatch Indian Springs Park into the hands of private developers, they hid it on the surplus lot sale list-without telling the voting Aldermen.

When City Hall recently proposed withholding Credit Island Park funds, while promoting motorized campgrounds, and worse, the public's notice was printed the day of the meeting. Input was gradually reduced from "a couple of minutes" to "tell your name, what you do on the Island, in thirty seconds, then sit down".

I apologize to Merrill Ohl (June 8 Editorial), who does not appreciate people, like me, who "break the rules" while fighting for the full three minutes we would have had to save City parks inside City Hall. Merrill conveniently overlooked the crowd yelling, "Let her speak", my asking if "anyone had objections", applause by the majority-and those who donated their time to me after.

What we are witnessing is the wholesale dismantling of every significant revenue stream which flows into City parks---to plug gaping holes in civic mismanagement. Worse yet, the harbinger of toll gates at City park entrances where only the highest bidders are welcome.

Leave a "Save Credit Island's Wild Places" message for every Alderman, and the Mayor, by calling Alderman's Secretary, Cindi Webb, at 563-888-2070.

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