Thank You, Scott County Iowa Sheriff Tim Lane

Since 2012, I've advocated the most critical and important locally elected office is the county sheriff. A sheriff who protects the county's citizens' property rights is the number-one indicator for a free and open society where value-for-value principles flourish.

Business owners are constantly looking over their shoulder worrying about the next ministry of truth-guidance edict that could cancel their business if they don't comply.

What if I refuse to comply with another lockdown? What if I find people like me who choose to trade and operate regardless of an unfounded top-down emergency order? What if I choose to ignore the constant finger-wagging from county health officials who can only read fear mongering propaganda provided from afar? What if I understand that I am the best arbiter of what is good and healthy for me and my family?

Last October, prior to the 2020 election, I wrote: “It's important to understand that when a government entity has gone wild – be it a state legislature, a governor, a federal congress, a state or federal agency, a court system and its judges, or even a president – the people's ultimate firewall against unconstitutional and tyrannical acts is the county sheriff.”

In that election issue, we published the answers from two county sheriff candidates for 12 detailed questions. You can read all of them at Here we re-publish critical questions and Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane's answers related to the COVID fear-mongering that dominates social media and mainstream so-called news.

Question 1: If local, state, or federal health officials decree that Americans must comply with mandatory vaccinations, would you support or oppose such a mandate?

Sheriff Lane: I would oppose a mandate on a COVID-19 vaccination.

Question 2: If you do support a mandatory vaccination for all or any specific segment of the American populace, for which Scott County citizens qualify, for any reason or under a specified health crisis, please share the source for such constitutional and/or administrative authority (e.g. county, state, federal) to enforce such a mandate, and please include under what type of order or directive (e.g. county board policy, state health department declaration, federal agency guideline) would you require in order to enforce any restrictions of citizens' lawful activities, commerce, education or travel in Scott County, Iowa, who do not comply with being vaccinated?

Sheriff Lane: I would not direct the Sheriff’s Office to enforce such a mandate.

Question 3: Please apply the same specifications from question 2 to a requirement that Scott County citizens must participate in a specific biological test in order to continue their same lawful activities.

Sheriff Lane: I would oppose mandatory biological testing and would not direct the Sheriff’s Office to enforce biological testing.

Question 6: Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider ceding the County Sheriff's authority to a state or federal agency appropriate and/or justified?

Sheriff Lane: I would not consider ceding the authority of the Office of Sheriff to any state or federal agency.

Question 9: Do you consider an individual's body his/her own private property?

Sheriff Lane: I consider an individual’s body to be legally the same as their life or person which is constitutionally protected.

Fast forward to 2021, and Sheriff Lane has been contacted by local concerned citizens who want to know where he stands on mask mandates. These inquires were before the Iowa state legislature passed and Governor Reynolds signed into law prohibitions on mask mandates. Sheriff Lane's response to those who have asked him is worth printing here below.

“As the Sheriff of Scott County, I have directed my agency NOT to enforce mask mandates or to serve any business with an enforcement action for not following mask mandates within their establishments. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious effect on the lives of millions of people, as Americans we are entitled to choose how we mitigate our own risks. The fear and anxiety created by those who demand compliance is inexcusable. We will enforce all rules within the courtoom as directed by the judge. This includes mask rules. At this time there is no masking requirement in the Scott County courthouse courtrooms.” – Sheriff Tim Lane

If you value freedom in the county where you live, you must get to know your county sheriff. If you don't even know who your county sheriff is, then it's time to engage. Contact their office and find out where they stand and let your family and neighbors know if you support your county sheriff and why.

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