Artificial Intelligence Job Creator (artwork by Ed Newmann).

The United Nations recently released its directive calling for a worldwide collaboration to link individual bank accounts to global digital IDs.This is one more critical element to be implemented for the U.N.'s proposed Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC). But understand this: CDBDs are not currencies. Calling it a currency is a deliberately misleading name, designed to misdirect people from what it really is: a Central Bank Unified Ledger (CBUL) that is programmable. The plan, similar to one developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), is outlined in three new policy briefs from the U.N. Titled (a) A Global Digital Compact, (b) Reforms to the International Financial Architecture, and (c) The Future of Outer Space Governance. These policy briefs are linked below and readers are challenged to read them and reread them as necessary to understand the breadth and scope of these disclosed coups.

The goal of the briefs is to advance U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres's “vision for the future.” Guterres expects his vision, titled “Our Common Agenda,” to be approved during the U.N.'s “Summit for the Future” event in September of 2024.

Below are links to the core documents being reviewed by government officials and global oligarchs, including large NGOs and foundations who represent the largest recipients of hundreds of billions in direct public appropriations and tax-deductible donations from the wealthiest corporations, families, and individuals, or indirectly from laundered money, whether from theft skimmed from government treasuries or from private offshore accounts, to advance a neocolonialism designed to control the world's resources, including labor. That means people.

The “unified ledger” will record every transaction under the sun, eliminating individual privacy, and property rights forever. Because the unified ledger is programmable, it can accept or reject individual transactions according to completely arbitrary criteria that can change on a dime without notice. Apparently, we will learn as we go upon violating said new rules or protocols.

This new transacting system will happen so quickly, causing mass chaos for at least a half century. Because the ledger system is controlled offshore, no access to remedies will be available to the average transactor. It truly will be akin to the wild west. The onslaught of lawlessness occurring right now, here in the U.S., especially on the part of government authorities, is allowed to proliferate to accustom and effectuate Americans' resignation to an increasing absence of the rule of law.

And because all transactions will be digital, purchases will be “tokenized,” mere digital representations of ownership, much like a video game. All asset ownership will be acknowledged and recorded via tokens that can be scrubbed should the tokens' holder misbehave. This is what the WEF's Chief Boxtroll Klaus Schwab means when he says, “You will own nothing and be happy.” It gives all new meaning to “ignorance is bliss.”

Imagine believing you are financially secure because you have tokens equivalent to $1,000 on your programmable ledger. Then, suddenly, you are unable to purchase your groceries at the checkout machine because your tokens no longer work due to certain items in your cart. Unbeknownst to you, your ledger is programmed to flag undesirable purchases, then automatically alert stakeholders to your misguided consumerism, and suddenly a cascade of negative consequences tumble along a path of no return.

After exhaustive effort and research, you learn access to your teeny tiny portion of “the global ledger” has been suspended because you purchased beyond some arbitrarily allowable amount of red meat. Not only is your transacting capacity suspended, but you get a notice from your insurance company that you are too high a risk to continue insuring due to your high red meat consumption, therefore your coverage is canceled. Furthermore, red meat is a black mark on your social score due to cattle's carbon emissions, and you are notified you have a pink slip awaiting you for violating your employer's policy on climate mitigation. So now you are really financially hobbled. What do you do? How about this: avoid being put in this absurd, capriciously tyrannical situation to begin with?

Nothing good can ultimately come from replacing countries' independent currencies with a centrally controlled dependent transacting ledger that boasts zero privacy, controlled by a highly select group of ideological bullies in charge of the international fiance rules of that road. You know, the very same megalomaniacal bullies who have been in charge of the finance rules for more than two American centuries and beyond. And who have consistently botched economies to their excessive advantage while horribly impoverishing a significant majority of others.

Biden's Executive Order 14067, signed in March of 2022, represents America's jump-start contribution, as one of the primary financiers per usual, to the creation of a control mechanism for all the wealth and resources on planet Earth. It is also worth reading with a healthy degree of skepticism, because the devil is in the details. Biden's Administration also submitted the first round of offending amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations in 2022, but they were summarily rejected by a majority of U.N. member states. More on this later.

Biden Executive Order 14067 March 9, 2022:

Bank International Settlements (BIS): Central Bank Digital Currencies: foundational principles and core features:

Bank International Settlements (BIS): Options for access to and interoperability of CBDCs for cross-border payments – July 2022 Report to the G20:

Bank International Settlements (BIS): III. Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new:

BIS Innovation Hub: Project Icebreaker:

BIS Innovation Hub: Project Aurora:

United Nations (UN): Policy Brief 5 A global Digital Compact:

United Nations (UN): Policy Brief 6 The Apex Body: Reforms to the International Financial Architecture:

The World Health Organization (WHO) Is Gaining Traction in Healthcare Coup

How convenient is it that the WHO is amending the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), to the tune of 307 new amendments, to be submitted for member approval at the next World Health Summit in March of 2024? Just in time for a nexus between pandemics, health-related resources, and finance where unaccountable worldwide control flows from one place: the United Nations (in partnership with the Bank of International Settlement's Innovative Hub).

It is WHOs intention to change the IHR from one of mere guidance to a binding document for all member countries who agree to it, thereby ceding sovereign authority for any and all health emergencies to the WHO, a foreign entity. Doing so in this United States is an act strictly prohibited by the U.S. and state Constitutions, therefore is an act of subversion by each and every federal, state, and local government participant.

It is a matter of civic duty and responsibility for Americans to bipartisanly reject this amended IHR by demanding our government officials – public servants who swore an oath, and who are answerable to us alone regardless of political affiliation – issue a formal rejection in writing, before the mandated deadline, after which it will be too late. Doing nothing will be considered consent and the amendments will be enacted. Please visit James Roguski's Substack account, because it is robust and brilliantly researched, with the wealth of information there easily understood because he explains things plainly and thoroughly. Were we all this meticulous in our conveyances of information, we would have a far more enlightened, empowered society.

For those of you who think such things as CBDCs, or the WHO's plan for global authority in all things related to health emergencies (pandemics, mass vaccination, health passports, lockdowns, economic shuttering, etc), global food supply management, and worldwide energy allocation are usurpations being orchestrated with the best of intentions for humanity as a first priority, you are in for a shocker sooner than later.

Dirty Dutch Deals Done Dirt Cheap

In the Netherlands, the government has issued an ultimatum to 3,000 ranchers/farmers due to their close proximity to nature preserves. The government has chosen an arbitrary goal for these farms, mandating that nitrate levels match those that existed in 2000. Otherwise, the government intends to seize these generational lands, forcing farmers out of hearth, home and business if they do not comply.

That will be their fate unless these 3,000 farmers agree to sell their farms to the government for 120 percent of the farms' current worth. If they reject this one-time offer, the new regulation(s) to reduce nitrates by 95 percent will be enforced and they will lose their farms, regardless. Because farmers can't survive on a 95 percent reduction in their herds, which is the effective equivalence of a 95 percent nitrate reduction, selling appears to be their only option.

Some farmers were willing to sell at first because they intended to move their operations to other countries. Except one of the conditions of selling is that they are prohibited from farming anywhere else in Europe. Why on Earth would that be a condition imposed by the Netherlands government? Especially when it is perfectly acceptable for that same Netherlands government to resell any or all of those 3,000 farmers' generational lands to other parties, whose farming efforts are favored by this egregious authority as more sustainable farming practices.

Cheating farmers out of their lands on a flimsy scam dictating nitrate saturation is pure hooey and blatant abuse of power. These Netherlands farmers' herds are no larger than they were 25 years ago, and there was no excessive nitrate problem then. The only real option is for these farmers, along with all self-respecting Dutchmen, including neighboring Europeans and the world at large, is to stand resolutely against such stunning abuse of power, by a corrupt government whose motives are no more preservation or climate mitigation, let alone the best interests of its countrymen. If it looks like a land grab, and flaps like a land grab, it's probably a land grab.

As I keep explaining, the 21st Century Progressive movement has successfully infiltrated both the Democrat and Republican parties, as well as occupation of the majority of the federal, state, and local bureaucracies, including the NGOs and vast spiderweb of support organizations, all of whom leach tax-funded resources for an agenda that includes the destruction of the American Republic and U.S. Constitution.

Progressivism, simply put, is the current version of global neocolonialism, with epic greed and the same types of useful idiots doing all the dirty work, generating all kinds of inane division that encourages the requisite chaos for a proper cultural revolution and toppling of economies. Some call it Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Post-Modernism … . It really doesn't matter as long as its understood as strict authoritarianism with a highly select few haves and an infinite sea of struggling have-nots.

FDA Planning a Unified Human Foods Program; Sensing a Theme Here?

FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf, M.D. explained in a June 27, 2023 press release, “We know that in front of us is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unify our field work with the priorities of program offices and Centers … . These proposed changes are designed to help ensure the most strategic use of resources to meet the demands of our increasingly complex public health mission.”

This new unified human food program is intended to mimic similar government regulatory bodies, such as the one in Ireland, whose authority has just ordered Irish cattle ranchers to cull (a benign word for kill) 25 percent of their herds to reduce methane emissions in support of climate change mitigation. What is unsaid is the 25 percent reduction of Ireland's cattle is a thoroughly arbitrary number for climate mitigation that a host of other climate variables debunks, such as worldwide wildfire carbon emissions or oceanic volcanic emissions, both of which dwarf worldwide cattle toots.

The only explanation for this absurdity is the European Union constricting the supply of dairy foods in certain areas, only to expand it in others, depicted in the Hunger Games movies as districts (revised in the Reader's Hunger Park model) for controlling food, evidenced in the Netherlands capricious land grab disguised as a culling of farms for nature preservation.

The new FDA program has the same regulatory pedigree as those operating internationally that bully farmers and ranchers, production facilities, processing plants, distribution centers, and providers along the food supply chain into extinction. Be prepared for this same authoritative oversight to start picking America's winners and losers in the food industry to bring the United States into compliance with a global unified food management plan being implemented in tandem with replacing currencies using a global unified ledger and global unified governance of health emergencies, for starters.

Considering the FDA's performance in overseeing COVID mitigation via failed mRNA experimental injections, equally dismal hospital protocols, and suppression of inexpensive treatments for COVID-19, the Ag industry, especially medium to small producers, might want to organize and run interference with their own food management plan.

Perhaps there is a direct or indirect connection with the 65 statistically impossible accidents, contagions, explosions and fires that have destroyed food sources nationwide, especially chicken farms, from April of 2021 to April of 2022. No wonder there has been an egg shortage with millions of chickens destroyed in the U.S. alone. Investigations have turned up no foul play in these statistically impossible random events, and that too is in keeping with the curious current track record of “investigations” resulting in a clear imbalance of who and what gets prosecuted.

Provable Election Irregularities Are Finally Emerging Thanks to Non-Partisan Efforts

Election irregularities far too numerous to ignore, substantial, verified, and accompanied by criminal conduct in at least five swing states that include Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, with North Carolina, Nevada, and New york also proving compromised. The irregularities involve numbers of votes significantly greater than the margins by which Biden was awarded these states' electoral votes, signaling evidence of election tampering. These efforts are not about trying to change election outcomes; instead, they are focused on restoring fair and clean elections, and fast-tracking restored faith in outcomes.

The most recent development is Dr Alex Halderman's report titled Halderman Security Analysis of Dominion ICX Ballot Marking Devices on Georgia's voting equipment vulnerabilities, mostly Dominion, but ES&S was included in some of his analysis. Dr. Halderman submitted his 96-page report nearly two years ago as discovery in a case before Judge Amy Totenberg, who sealed it until recently. She ordered it released as part of another matter before the court to a thunderstruck electorate.

In summary, the report found that the Ballot Marking Devices (BMD) used by all Georgian voters was excessively vulnerable to hacking, including subverting printers, QR codes, poll-worker cards, technician cards, and, most dangerously of all, corruption of the Election Definition File (EFD) that comes from the state and is installed on all the BMDs in each county for each voting location. If malware is installed at its origin EFD, the entire state can be corrupted, where voting data can be tampered with to effect a desired outcome.

Dominion hired its own analysis by Mitre, who had no physical access to the systems, greatly reducing its credibility in stating that the onboard protections would prevent hackings. The report is linked below and every voter should read it for real-world understanding of how easy it can be to corrupt an election.

Additional reports of election irregularities include Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman's commissioned report, released in March of 2022, that includes extensive statewide nursing-home vote tampering and much more evidence-backed 2020 election irregularities and criminality. Also visit Executive Director Marly Harnik's New York Citizen's Audit Web site containing resourcing and fascinating analysis of her amazing findings in New York State's dirty voter rolls. Finally read/listen to oral arguments of the various case filings by Kari Lake challenging Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs in election corruption so blatant, it is hard to fathom Arizonans tolerating these administrative and political insults. Links to this information are provided below.

Whether you support Republicans or Democrats or Independents, these documents will change your entire perspective about what, but for the Grace of God, any of us could face in 21st Century American jurisprudence. Most Americans are unaware of the subversion of the law taking place in our courts, including prosecutorial abuse and judicial rulings so obtuse and absurd, it strains credulity as to what superior courts are doing letting such injustice prevail in their jurisdictions. is a repository of reports, thousands of sworn affidavits, with summaries of findings that can be independently verified by any of us if we have the courage to face it forward. Some examples of irregularities and illegalities listed for each of five states (WI, AZ, GA, PA, MI) include:

Wisconsin: (1) More than 200,000 ballots were placed into drop boxes that the Wisconsin Supreme Court confirmed are illegal; (2) The Legislative Audit Bureau found that 57,000 voters who registered at the time they voted on Election Day could not be verified as required by law; (3) There are 7 million voter roll entries for Wisconsin’s 5 million citizens and under 4 million eligible voters including 556,000 entries for people over the age of 104.

Arizona: (1) The signature presence detection also identified 17,126 duplicate ballot envelopes were

received and processed by the county; (2) The audit found that 284,412 digital ballot images necessary to tabulate results are missing or corrupted; (3) Logs show the election database was purged on Feb 2 at 5:14 pm the evening before a Pro V&V audit was scheduled to start and a video shows a contractor accessing the server exactly at that time; (4) More than a million election files were deleted from various election data devices before the Arizona audit could begin.

Georgia: (1) More than 1.7 million original ballot images are lost or destroyed in 70 counties despite state and federal law; (2) A VoterGA study found that none of 523,000 Fulton Co. 2020 ballot images used to tabulate the election results could be authenticated and most were electronically altered prior to

certification; (3) On a Nov. 4th NBC Today interview, the morning after the election, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger acknowledged that President Donald Trump had an insurmountable 103,750 vote

lead with only 2 percent of 4.7 million votes (about 94,000) left to finish counting that day; (4) After stating “We don’t guess” about the election results, SOS Raffensperger instead allowed another 200,000 phantom ballots to be entered into the results during the three days after the election and he certified 4.998 million votes.

Pennsylvania: (1) The 2020 election was certified with 700,000 more votes than voters who voted in the election; (2) There are still 120,000 more votes than voters who voted in the 2020 election; (3) The Pennsylvania Supreme Court illegally allowed mail-in ballots to be received up to three days

after the election; (4) Dozens of CTCL operatives and highly partisan organizations have read-write access to add voters to Pennsylvania’s voter registration system to add voter records.

Michigan: (1) Antrim County clerk Sheryl Guy admitted in a March 4, 2021 commission meeting to deleting voting system files that were necessary to conduct an audit but Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson falsely claimed an audit was conducted anyway; (2) A letter from the chair of the Senate Elections Committee to Senate colleagues acknowledged there are 800,000 ineligible voters on the Michigan voter rolls; (3) Multiple forensic reports established through a lawsuit found a failure to apply current security updates as well as unsecure, generic User IDs and passwords; (4) Cybersecurity expert Jim Penrose found a wireless chip set installed on ES&S scanners despite vendor claims their systems have no wireless connectivity.

No amount of denial either way will make this 2020 election nightmare disappear. It must be forward faced or it will continue to erode our republic, the rule of law, and any hope of a decent society rooted in fairness and justice.

Scott County Board of Supervisors Just Can't Help Itself

Almost simultaneously, Dr Halderman's report was released as the Scott County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved $230,000 for new ES&S voting equipment after our own recent midterm election debacle with one of our state representative races. Three times the ES&S DS2000 Tabulator was fed the ballots for that race and three times it reported a different false total.

Meanwhile, volunteers Diane Holst (R), Jim Hancock (D) (both former Supervisors), and Bill Davis (D) (former Scott County Attorney) hand-counted the ballots three times and three times they reported the same true total. Why on Earth would our public servants chase good money after bad to purchase the same provably unreliable, untrustworthy, faulty equipment? One conclusion jumps right out of the soup: Our election officials and county supervisors want such equipment because, for them, it is reliable?

Perhaps It Is Time to Unburden Our Children

It is time for common sense to regain its footing. How about starting at home by giving our beloved progeny a choice that should hopefully deliver them from any guilt they carry from perceived hypocrisy, thereby releasing them? If they are truly personally committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion as their chosen path, then have them choose a charity to which we parents and grandparents will transfer our wealth currently being used to subsidize them, and/or when the time comes, their inheritances, in an effort to help them self-actualize, and then to secure such actualization in their chosen journeys of sacrifice upon our parting this world. We have worked hard for a lifetime to provide our children with opportunities and material things that they see as oppressive privilege and want no part of. So be it. We can unburden them of the guilt born of privilege, as is our responsibility as good parents, as well as responsible stewards of our own livelihoods, enabling all of us to live our purest principled lives.

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