Widen the COVID Lens on Medical Bigotry

After nearly 30 years of providing alternative news and views in sharp contrast to that of mainstream corporate media's highly scripted homogenous coverage (or lack thereof), it is the under-reported content that differentiates our journalistic missions.

Alternative coverage of issues has never been more important, more necessary to a free society, especially considering that broadcast, cable, and print media is now entirely controlled by just five media conglomerates. This is made exponentially more alarming by those owners being largely comprised of two (2) of the globe's largest investment funds: Vanguard and Blackrock. Propaganda has graduated to propagenda.

I have four (maybe five) favorite rules for life. Among them are (1) Never accept nonsense as a replacement for sense; and (2) Evidence matters. After 19 months of due diligence on all matters COVID without compromising these simple rules, I am confident Americans have been largely played.

I do not minimize the harshness of COVID-19. It is a dangerous virus if left to flourish, especially in patients with advanced age and/or serious underlying conditions, including the immune compromised. That said, it is a mystery that our national policy for treating COVID is to inject experimental gene therapies when available, or else do nothing until the patient becomes so medically debilitated that he/she requires hospitalization, where, by that time, few therapeutics work, so ventilation is highly likely, resulting in 80-percent probability of death.

Meanwhile, if a symptomatic COVID-positive person begins therapeutics early on, such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and several other provably successful FDA approved drugs (for illnesses other than COVID), augmented with vitamins D, K12, C, and Zinc, the notable efficacy and resulting recovery rate is well-documented worldwide. Yet the FDA refuses to give Emergency Use Authorization to these drugs as repurposed drugs for treatment of COVID. Why???

In some states, if doctors prescribe these very drugs to treat COVID, they are intimidated with threats, including the loss of their licenses, termination of their employment, and censorship if they dare share their findings. Meanwhile the only sanctioned treatment for COVID are three experimental gene therapies that are experiencing their own problems with efficacy. In what world is this not medical malfeasance on the part of the health establishment?

If you are diagnosed with COVID, vaccinated or not, would you not want your physician to prescribe medicines that have proven efficacy so you could minimize your suffering and enhance your chances for a swifter recovery? Of course you would. Yet this option is outside many Americans' reach. Why???

Widening the lens, the human experience with COVID-19 is that it is fatal to 0.03 percent of people. This is an exceptionally small cohort of at-risk human beings, almost all with serious co-morbid illnesses and/or advanced age. By every measure of a pandemic before COVID, SARS-CoV-2 viral infection and/or COVID-19 disease would not qualify as a lethal pandemic-level event.

Recapping COVID Controversies

Let's recap why COVID is arguably not a pandemic-level event and strains the rationale for all the extreme mitigations imposed under emergency declarations nationwide: Media “flooding” using synchronized messaging (propagenda); mass masking as a visible trigger of fear; predictive computer modeling of people with COVID versus actual numbers of people with COVID dictating policy that include extreme mitigations such as shutting down entire economies worldwide; repetitively showcasing wildly exaggerated case numbers to disguise the glaring lack of corresponding deaths; using only PCR testing (recently discredited due to excessively high cycle thresholds) to diagnose COVID cases without additional confirmation via culturing or clinical observation of symptoms; assigning as many as 80 percent of the millions of COVID cases as “asymptomatic” based solely on a positive PCR test, resulting in 50- to 75-percent false positives and grossly miscalculating the real transmissibility of the SARS-CoV2 virus; regulation capture that (a) permits unsubstantiated death records (no autopsy, culturing) “from” COVID” versus comorbidities “with” COVID, and (b) coding for hospitalization and healthcare for increased dollar reimbursements; FDA Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for experimental “gene therapies” masquerading as “vaccines;” prohibiting repurposing of FDA approved drugs as provably successful therapeutics to treat COVID in early stages because if effective therapeutics existed, EUAs could not be obtained by the pharmaceutical companies; redefining “herd immunity” as the result of some percentage of mass inoculation, eliminating innate or natural immunity as a factor and thereby ignoring long-settled science on basic biological functionality of innate immunity in fighting viral infectious disease (traditional vaccines have all been accelerated attempts to mimic natural immunity to minimize deaths, severe illness/disability, and over-stress on hospitals from lethal viruses); and finally, coercion and bullying 50 percent of Americans who are reasonably vaccine-hesitant to accept injections of experimental gene therapies responsible for hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions as reported in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and in Europe (EudraVigilance).

There's a Big World of Honorable Professionals Out There Sharing

There is a world of evidence submitted by eminently credentialed, highly esteemed medical and research professionals who are risking their own careers and reputations in an effort to save our sorry, assimilated, branch-covidian tushies. Herculean efforts by renowned professionals such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA technology), Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Robert Hodkingson, Dr. Peter Bragen, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Knut Wittowski, Dr. Scott Atlas, and Dr Richard Flemming (and that's barely a smattering) overwhelmingly support every element of the above summary of contradictory evidence, and so much more. Yet while the evidence persuasively negates the increasingly incoherent narratives and propagenda from most media, government, and health officials, most Americans blindly comply, putting themselves and their families at unnecessary risk.

More importantly, the bulk of contravening evidence is aggressively censored from American consumption. And that provides the biggest tell of all that we are being played. What possible harm can come from open discussion and debate of various contradictory aspects of COVID, most especially the controversy surrounding effective treatments?

Health professionals should be able to make their cases to the public. Why is this rational process not allowed for COVID (and a growing number of other topics) by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and now Patreon and Paypal? Add to the mix the berserk incentives, bullying tactics, unconstitutional and unenforceable mandates to mask up and/or vaccinate, and this whole COVID thing is getting glaringly weird and desperate, and potentially illegal under federal common rule. Why???

Time to wise up, America. The stakes are too high to not at least consider there might be something to these COVID controversies. At the top of the list: Why are COVID health officials lobbying so hard to inject our still-developing children with experimental gene therapies?

It's Still So About the Children

Be crystal clear: Even the health officials cannot disclaim that children are at statistical zero risk of getting or giving COVID. They cannot articulate the medical benefit kids would receive from the jabs. Furthermore they will not articulate the disproportionate risk kids face from potential harm deriving from the jabs, now or in the future. What parent, what health-care provider, what teacher, what conscious adult would ever consent to such an unjustified medical intervention – better characterized as medical malpractice – without sufficient long-term safety trials traditionally required by all other FDA approved pharmaceuticals and biologicals?

No child should ever be forced to absorb a scintilla of risk on behalf of adults when the risk is so negligible as to be nonexistent. Teachers, whose average age range falls within the second least at-risk cohort to perish from COVID, have no justification under the sun to expect such an unreasonable sacrifice from children.

Teachers who have health issues putting them at greater risk, such as obesity, diabetes, or autoimmune conditions, shouldn't teach if their lives are at stake. They are the adults; it is their risk to assess and absorb, not their students'. That's what makes them the adults and the kids not the adults. The same is true for anyone in the 0.03 percent who are at high risk from COVID. That cohort must also assess their risk and take responsibility to protect themselves. The rest of the 99.97 percent can cooperate in many other ways besides giving up their livelihoods, social interactions, all other health care, for starters.

Time for the Great Rethink

It is finally time for all adults to take our heads out of our masks and start thinking again. Why are policy makers shutting down entire economies worldwide for a disease that is only lethal to 0.03 percent – or, put another way, that 99.97 percent of human beings survive? More people die in accidents every year, or from cancer, or fill-in-the-blank. Why are we not focusing on best protecting those at high-risk and modulating risk for the rest of humanity as appropriate?

It's time to stop playing defense. No more defending nonsense, no more accepting flimsy or no evidence for policies that do far more harm than COVID. Lockdowns worldwide have caused far greater poverty and starvation in less-developed countries, killing millions more who have languished without basic resources.

No more blind trust in organizations that have a long history of deceiving the American people. Recall in 2018 when the court ordered Health & Human Services (HHS) to release all the documentation sought by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that included all of HHS' results from vaccine safety studies for the past 30 years, studies legally mandated by Congress.

"The 1986 National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act granted economic immunity to pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries and hence eviscerated their economic incentive for them to take responsibility for vaccine safety," says Bigtree. "Market forces driving vaccine safety were simply eliminated."

Instead of providing the court-ordered vaccine safety studies and their findings, the HHS submitted a letter admitting that it could find no such studies as required by law over the entire 30 years. That dereliction was not covered in the mainstream media. Yet media recklessly continues as paid propagandists to deliver fact-blocked official narratives from the same offenders, including the National Institute of Health (NIH) and CCD. (RCReader.com/y/rfkjr)

Masking efficacy is absurdly defended by the health-care industry, considering the numerous peer-reviewed studies, physics, and even OSHA regulations that summarily contradict such policies. For every one squishy study proffered in favor of masking, there are a dozen more that refute it, establishing there is no statistical difference between mask wearing or not mask wearing relative to transmissibility. Instead of having that debate in the public domain, every instance of these counter arguments are censored from social and broadcast media. Why???

Naturally, that control tactic is having the opposite effect. Telling most people not to look behind the curtain is a neon invitation to look behind the curtain … eventually.

And also eventually, it will start sinking in that COVID vaccines are not preventing infections for very long. Instead it could be exacerbating infections by reinvigorating the virus and its variants. Variants are mostly other countries' initial record of the original SARS2 virus, renamed (e.g. the Delta variant is the original India SARS2 virus). According to former Pfizer Executive VP Dr. Michael Yeadon, none of the current variants' genomes differ more than three (3) percent from the original SARS-CoV2 genome that was recorded in January 2020.

The Looming Pernicious Danger of Medical Bigotry

Which brings me to the pinnacle crisis of the moment: escalating propagenda by broadcast and social media to create hyped division between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The science and logic underpinning this dangerous dogma takes five minutes to discern.

To date, a significant number of unvaccinated people are COVID-recovered, enjoying robust, durable natural immunity to reinfection of COVID. This is in contrast to vaccinated people whose inoculated immunity fades within six months, leaving them increasingly vulnerable to reinfection without a booster shot, potentially again and again.

Natural immunity provides a wondrous, complex network of antigenic protection. The antibodies generated from natural recovery of wild virus are vast in protective purpose, multitasking on myriad levels to shield against viral invaders, including creating memory. The experimental mRNA gene therapies consist of messenger RNA that replicates specific viral Spike Protein, producing a highly specific super antibody that is singular in its mission in identifying specific offending spike proteins and destroying them, too often at the expense of other necessary good antibodies that resemble those produced by the toxic spikes. This is an oversimplification but hopefully adequate for understanding why natural immunity is far preferable.

To emphasize this preference, before the COVID experimental injections were emergency-use authorized, hospitals were using plasma from unvaccinated COVID-recovered donors to make Convalescence Plasma to successfully treat patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Once people became vaccinated with one of the three experimental jabs, the Red Cross no longer accepted plasma from those vaccinated donors precisely because the super-antibody produced in their blood from the mRNA jab destroyed important beneficial antibodies in patients.

Natural immunity is a biological imperative. Yet the CDC dismisses it outright in its calculus for achieving 70-percent herd immunity. What possible justification could the CDC have for such a bizarre, unscientific policy? Whatever it is, it isn't about health. What purpose is served by ignoring natural immunity and proceeding with vaccinating people who are COVID-recovered? What meaningful difference does it make if we arrest COVID via natural and inoculated immunity? This question deserves an answer, especially when emerging studies show COVID-recovered people with natural immunity, who also get vaccinated, experience serious adverse reactions due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), where the recipient is more vulnerable to wild SARS2 virus if encountered. This phenomena has been largely captured within “breakthrough cases” (reinfection after vaccination).

It is an anomaly that U.S. media is largely reporting the majority of new cases, especially hospitalizations and deaths, is among the unvaccinated. This claim defies the trends being reported in all the other developed countries where vaccination rates are high and the super-majority of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are from reinfections among the vaccinated, such as Israel and Britain. When the media's interpretation of this CDC data was challenged in Massachusetts, it was found to be exaggerated misreporting as it was vaccinated people that made up the largest cohort of reinfections.

So exactly what science are Fauci and company using to inform a policy of mass-vaccination in the middle of a pandemic? This, too, is medically curious due to the pressure vaccines put on viruses to adapt. Vaccines are traditionally prophylactic, not therapeutic, as they are currently being administered relative to COVID.

The stated benefit attributed to these experimental injections won't prevent transmission, hospitalization, or death, but should reduce mild to moderate symptomatic COVID-19. It's hard to understand exactly why people would vaccinate if prolonged protection from infection isn't provided, especially when the significant majority who do become infected are all but guaranteed to survive.

Add to that really good news that even though fully vaccinated, masks are still recommended and/or mandated, social distancing is still in place, and in some countries lockdowns have resumed, all for a respiratory disease with a 99.97-percent survival rate. Why???

Last Year, Concern for Implementing Vaccine Passports Was Considered Conspiracy Theory. Today, Rejecting Vaccine Passports Is Considered Conspiracy Theory.

Fear is a terrible terrible thing. It blinds us, robs our sensibilities, heightens anxiety and panic levels, triggers all kinds of negative emotions – anger, frustration, guilt, shame. Fear triggers our flight reflex, and so many other knee-jerk reactions. So much so, especially over time with relentless media messaging designed to disarm our cognitive abilities, that we leave our most useful tool in the box – reason.

We need reason to climb out of the morass of emotional confusion to initiate calm focus critical to accessing cognitive processing. Without it, we can't begin to properly sort things out enough to assess the risk-benefit scenario(s) for ourselves and our loved ones. Once we restore rational control of emotions, we can plot and plan viable courses of action. Frankly, we've all indulged the crazy long enough.

Start by asking yourself what you actually know about the experimental gene therapy injections. What are the ingredients? How do they actually work? What is mRNA and how does it differ from traditional vaccines? What are the potential risks associated with mRNA injections? This is particularly important because specifics are often not explained in a lot the paperwork distributed at the time of vaccination that is required by law as part of informed, comprehended consent.

Blaming unvaccinated people for any COVID risk or hardship suggests a fear-dulled mind, ripe for manipulation via coordinated, directed, and emotionally triggering messaging that deliberately targets the brain's Limbic System. The Limbic System is primal, emotional, and lacks the balancing self-governance that comes from rational cognitive processing. It's childish and irrational. And propagandists love it.

Stifling rational thought in favor of stimulating more emotional responses is the core mission of propagandists because it results in the granddaddy of desirable outcomes: chaos. Chaos, in turn, provides the fertile ground for the ultimate goal of advancing more centralized control. Edward Bernays made a career of exploiting this behavior modification, while Norm Chomsky made a career of explaining it.

Don't think pitting vaccinated people against unvaccinated people doesn't foster serious chaos. All manner of psycho-social engineering is strategically designed to systematically heighten fear. And people will predictably find release in blaming one party for the woes of the other. This model is chaos production at its finest. Be warned, this highly contrived divisiveness is born of animus, fueled by relentless fear, and can devolve into discrimination and hate speech. This is a manufactured construct that has no basis in medical science. Instead, is rooted in age-old toxicity of political science. Do not be fooled and extract yourself.

It is also classic propaganda in the style of Joesph Goebbels – Hitler's infamous propaganda czar and master of chaos who turned an entire continent against Jewish people. Goebbels' first round of psycho-social messaging targeted them as a contagion and dangerous health risk to the rest of the population. He used news broadcasts, movies, filmed speaking events, poster campaigns, books, newspapers, and public relations that set the devious standard in use today. Goebbels' most insidious campaign was force-tagging Jews with yellow stars on their arms to visually set them apart and trigger fear of their presence. Sound familiar?

Nothing on Earth is so negative as bigotry against cohorts of people that differ from some perceived norm. Abandon it while you can, because it will rot your soul. My other two favorite rules are “Be brave, kind, and see the humor” and “It's never too late for presents.” Peace.

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