This is in response to the letter to the editor entitled "Grant and Johnson Parents Must Accept Change," published in the July 3-9, 2002, edition of the River Cities` Reader. I am a fully "grown up" adult who has two children, one of whom attended Johnson Elementary School.

The U.S. economy is affecting my family just as it is every other person living in our society today. We do, however, attempt to live within our means without having to file bankruptcy or sell our home and move in with someone else to be able to balance our budget and get out of the red. As far as teaching our children: We do. We teach them values, rights, and responsibilities.

If this person has never heard such carrying on about the closing of schools, perhaps it is because there are finally concerned parents and citizens who have the courage to come forward and follow through with their convictions. Believe me, there will be much more to be heard in the very near future, and there will be many more "jumping on the bandwagon." I also applaud any type of media that finds such issues newsworthy.

Perhaps this person should look beyond what she seems to feel is just the issue of the memories, the "special" schools, etc. There has been much, much more to it than the emotional rhetoric. I would also like to know where she has found that these two buildings are out-of-code.

And last but not least, I am happy to report that some of us have enough energy to put our efforts into numerous things at once. There are many things worth fighting for. I am also happy to report that my children (both of them) are enthusiastic about the upcoming year. Oh, I almost forgot: We are having a wonderful summer!

Connie Ketelaar

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