Hearty congratulations to the 10,793 voters who managed to vote in last week's primary election. Those 10,793 voters represent approximately 17% of Davenport's 64,361 registered voters. This means that less than 20% of Davenport's population decided for us all which candidates will actually run for city government.

"Doctor, are you sure I don't have anthrax?"

"Absolutely, Mrs. Brimley. It's just the sniffles."

"But shouldn't I be under 'round-the-clock isolation and taking antibiotics?"

"I was thinking Nyquil.

Our undeclared war on Afghanistan is the culmination of a decade of U.S. aggression with a humanitarian façade.

Once the natural sympathies of the American people were touched by the plight of the long-suffering Afghan people, public opinion swung toward helping them.

Take This

Dear ones

the innocent

I'm a bystander

who's having

a hard time

believing what

I've been seeing

live telecasting

the most real life

I've ever seen


As the October 23 referendum approaches, we would like to add our
names to the growing list of supporters for River Renaissance. This is a community investment that will yield extremely high returns in a number of ways.

If the citizens of Scott County were allowed to decide what to do with the $120 million budgeted for River Renaissance, we would instead vote for:

• hiring 200 more police and firefighters and giving them all a big raise;

• fixing the streets and sewers;

• buying some kind of high-tech temporary floodwall;

• renovating John O'Donnell Stadium; and
• putting the remaining tens of millions of dollars in the bank for a rainy day.

Sierra Club's Eagle View Group will host the Iowa Chapter's Annual Meeting &
Dinner on October 20, 2001. Departing from tradition, this year's meeting will be open to the public, and a fundraiser for Chad Pregracke.


"Pray tell us, Mullah, what is the latest unacceptable response to our Taliban's belligerent rhetoric and empty offers of negotiation by the evil, decadent, Allah-hating, women-loving American devils and their blonde-haired, suit-and-tie-wearing imperialist European allies and our rainy-day-Muslim turncoat-Arab former friends?"

"The microphones are off, Mullah Omar.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all those who completed the candidates' position surveys (pages 6-11). We believe it is vitally important to communicate views and positions on the critical issues facing Davenport, especially with this many candidates.


The October 9 Davenport primary election features a crowded field for both mayor and the city's two at-large city-council seats. To help voters make informed decisions about the candidates, The River Cities' Reader sent questionnaires to the seven people vying for Davenport mayor and the five people aiming for the city's alderman-at-large seats.