Buddy Heat

I’m dating an awesome woman I see a future with. However, there’s a hurdle: She doesn’t want to have sex until we’re committed, but I don’t feel right about committing without knowing we have sexual chemistry. A previous relationship ended because the sex was subpar, and I don’t want to go through that again.


Sexual chemistry is pretty important. You don’t want to get all emotionally attached and then find that, sexually, you go together like peanut butter and a repeating saw.

Smear Pressure

I’m a college sophomore, and my boyfriend is a senior. He’s a football player, and other girls have crushes on him. Recently, he was with his guy friends at a party. A girl came over and said I’d slapped her across the face. I’ve never even met her! Why would she do this?


Women are seen as the kinder, gentler sex because they tend not to leave a trail of bloody noses and broken barstools. But women go plenty aggressive on other women, just in ways they can’t patch up at urgent care – like when some mean girl dislocates your reputation and fractures your psyche in 36 places.

Morose-Colored Glasses

I’m a woman in my 20s. Some stuff in my life was going really wrong, and I got depressed. I didn’t tell people, but it had to be obvious. I distanced myself from my group of girlfriends, meaning I missed birthday parties, didn’t respond to group texts, and was overall not a great friend.Still, I did what I could, like taking a friend for a spa day after missing her birthday the week before. Weeks later, I learned she was still harboring resentment that I had missed her birthday. Don’t I deserve a bit of a break?

Feeling Better Now

On the day of your friend’s birthday, you felt like quite the party animal - if, by “party animal,” we mean “rat lying cold and dead in the corner of the cage.”