Baby Got Backup

I’ve been dating this really great woman for three months. She’s just decided that she needs to be single right now, despite our forming a pretty strong connection. She explained that she really, really likes me, but she’s never been single for very long and thinks it's best for her at the moment. I can respect that. She also says we can keep sleeping together if I want. I want to do that, but I’m wondering: Could that ruin our chances of having a real relationship again in the future?

Wanna Play It Smart

People give you a reason for their behavior. It may not be the real reason. Like, I’d tell somebody, “So sorry … got a work thing!” and not, “I’d shave off my eyebrows to get out of your eight-year-old’s oboe recital.”

The Heart Is a Clonely Hunter

I’ve heard that we’re romantically attracted to people who look like us. Is that true? I don’t think any of my boyfriends have looked anything like me, but I have seen couples who look so similar they could be related.


You can kinda see the merits of dating your doppelgänger: “I’m looking for myself, but as someone else so I don’t always have to empty the dishwasher and scream out my own name in bed.”