Venus Envy

I got a boob job two years ago. My best friend, seeing the results, wanted one, too. When she realized she couldn’t afford it, she started making snide comments about women who get them. Recently, a guy was hitting on me at a party, and she started flirting with him and asked, “Do you think I need a boob job?” and told him I’d gotten one. I was shocked. I’d like to say something to her, but she’s the louder part of my friend group, and I’m unsure how.


Self-defense for men is karate or maybe Krav Maga. For women, it’s ducking mean remarks.

Life in the Fastened Lane

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, and I love him, but I also love my independence. I need alone time, meaning space from him and everybody. He wants to spend every minute together and seems to need constant closeness to feel okay. Is this a bad sign – on his part or mine? Should I want to spend every second with him?


The sort of relationship where the partners are never apart tends to be a good thing for only one of them: the tapeworm.