Emily Postal

Bright red lipstick is my trademark. It makes me feel attractive and confident: ready to take on the world. A female friend criticizes me at parties about my leaving a lipstick mark on my glass, even when it’s a plastic cup. She says it’s disgusting, often when guys are listening. Is this her problem or bad etiquette I need to change?

Girl Unpowered

According to annoyed caterers ranting online, lipstick on glass has staying power second only to nuclear garbage and nightmare party guests (“But there was no checkout time on the invitation!”). So it’s possible this woman is a well-meaning etiquette activist acting on behalf of beleaguered dishwashing staff everywhere. Except – wait, she also bashes you when you’re drinking out of a plastic cup, and I’m guessing the garbagemen don’t get miffy when there’s a lipsticked Dixie cup next to the corpse in the dumpster they’re emptying.