Retired Rock Island High School teacher Janet Moline leads an informal discussion on our area's most beautiful flying insects in a new Quad City Botanical Center presentation – offered on August 16 and 19 – in River Action's Riverine Walks series.

Hosted by LiveFit with Lupus, this fourth-annual outing will raise funds for those suffering from lupus and related autoimmune diseases through a four-person-scramble event followed by clubhouse drinks and dinner.

River Action hosts its eighth-annual event promoting recreational water trails, canoeing, kayaking, and safe paddling, with participants invited to spend the day paddling from five launch sites along the Mississippi River.

Co-sponsored by the Village of East Davenport Business Association, the eighth-annual Village of East Davenport Wine Walk will allow attendees to sample numerous local, domestic, and imported wines in a summer fundraiser for Gilda's Club of the Quad Cities.

To download a PDF of the puzzle, click here.

To download a PDF of the puzzle, click here.

Frequently, these What’s Happenin’ articles end with quizzes. But in a cheeky change of pace, we’re gonna start with one: Who, or what, are Supersuckers? (A) Characters on an animated Nick Jr. series; (B) Multi-colored, discontinued Willy Wonka candies; (C) Popular rock and cowpunk musicians; or (D) My bosses for letting me run quizzes in lieu of actual editorial content?

The answer, as the band’s many fans know, is “C.” Unless this is the last week you see quizzes in these pages, in which case it’s “D,” and my bosses have clearly had enough.