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Euforquestra @ The Englert Theatre"Hey there, Jeff! I hope you and yours are enjoying the merriest of holiday seasons!"

"Well, you're certainly in a good mood."

"I am finished, baby! I got everything done that I needed to get done before heading to my folks' house for Christmas! I wrote my year-in-theatre articles, I'm caught up with online calendar listings, I saw Avatar, and I just sent you the What's Happenin' pages. Done!"

"Is it the same What's Happenin' format that we went with last year?

"Yup. We're providing a go-to guide for entertainment options on New Year's Eve, with a listing of area venues that'll be hosting live music, karaoke, or DJs in the hours before midnight. The bands will be listed there as well as in the paper's Live Music section, and we're including the venues' phone numbers and street and Web addresses. You know, for convenience."