Most Wii games are designed for the entire family. MadWorld is not one of those games: It takes family-oriented titles and cuts them in half with a chainsaw. With extreme violence being the central theme, MadWorld brings with it a different art style and the best sports commentators I've heard to set it apart from other games on the system.

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Pokémon games are initially released in two different versions. For the current generation of the handheld Nintendo DS system, those were Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, which added another 100 Pokémon to the series and presented the first online play the core series has ever had. After the first two set the new standard in what Pokémon is going to be for the current system, a third title is released on the same platform that is essentially a final version that adds new game-play elements and increases the difficulty for a tougher challenge. Pokémon Platinum is that third version for this generation, bringing with it new online mini-games in the Wi-Fi Plaza and difficulty that will frustrate even hardened role-playing-game fans.

The Georgia Guitar QuartetMusic

Georgia Guitar Quartet

St. John's Lutheran Church

Saturday, May 2, 7 p.m.


Quad City Arts' 2008-9 Visiting Artist series wraps up with a May 2 concert by the Georgia Guitar Quartet, and because the ensemble is composed of classically trained chamber musicians, you probably already know what to expect from the group's performance: some Bach, a little Brahms, a bit of Radiohead ... .