The unexpected inclusion of Circle 7’s stage girls added some flare and sex appeal to the rank Clinton air and the crowd’s already metal-drained ears on the Fourth of July at Pig Stock V in Clinton, Iowa. The band’s set opened with "Cock Block," which entered the crowds veins quicker than alcohol enters the blood stream, and ended the set leaving the metal heads "Tortured. " Both tracks are from their first release Sanyo Sessions Volume One.

The foursome for the first time played on a first-rate stage with some kick-ass equipment, which allowed them to put on a righteous performance. Yes, readers I have to say it. The truth is that the ladies were pleasurable to watch on stage, but Circle 7 comes to the stage with a strong presence regardless and would have rocked the crowd under any circumstances.

But the addition of the C7 girls did pump the crowd up, and it was obvious that the band was feeding on the energy. Musically, they gave a dynamic performance, and even though the guys only joined together as a band four months ago, they are really coming together as a heavy hitter on the local scene.

Circle 7 was fired up even though there were a few unexpected twists at the festival. The top two headliners canceled, Coal Chamber because one of the band members hurt a shoulder and Seven Dust for internal band reasons.

Thunderstorms also ran wild earlier in the day, the beer was warm, and the Ticketmaster outlet I called at the West Kimberly Hy-Vee said the show was canceled. (The show’s promoter also told me that other outlets were sending the same message.) But despite the number of downers, Circle 7 overcame and delivered.

After the stormy weather passed, Pig Stock developed in to an army of 800 or so devoted metalheads, which was fair enough for all of the problems the festival faced. Justin Farley, Circle 7’s eccentric, dreadlocked vocalist, led the band on-stage. The vibe of his stage presence was so powerful that he took control of the crowd, and the Circle 7 stage girls added aesthetic pleasure all the band’s previous performances lacked -- girls dancing on stage. "We had a kick ass show, the crowd was live, we had hot-looking ladies up on stage. It was crazy," said guitarist Cosby Johnson.

The performance was entertaining and rallied the troops into a wild mosh pit. Farley was challenging the crowd to make more noise and to show him what they had in the “pit.” And when the band left the stage, it was evident that the crowd in the mosh pit was definitely exhausted after jumping around, slamming into each other, and beating themselves up.

New things on the way: The band will go back to the warehouse and record again for another seven tracks that will be released as Sanyo Sessions Volume Two, and they have recently finished a music video for MTV.

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