ImageSunday September 17th
Doors at 8:00 P.M. - Show starts at 9:00 P.M.
$6 Cover - All Ages
at Penguin's
1850 Isle Pkwy Ste 105, Bettendorf, IA

Solace of Requiem (Virginia Beach metal) on Ruptured Silence Records on tour after their 2006 release Utopia Reborn. Also playing, local bands Left of Center, Through Terror, Memory Obscura and Skin Deep

Solace of Requiem was formed in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is dedicated to bringing the old school sound to its next level.

Although Solace of Requiem is certainly influenced by the same kinds of metal as the newer scene, they have produced an entirely unique metal band. However, the uniqueness of the band is not about their music, it is the entire concept of the band that makes SOR unique. The band's image is a testament to purity and the abstract aura that surrounds the band's lyrical message and its presentation is as refreshing as the music itself. There is no question that the genre is meant to be dark, but Solace of Requiem has substituted philosophy and mysticism in place of gore and blasphemy to produce a dark and surreal new vision. Delving the mind into deep thought while penetrating the body with pure, raw and brutal technicality.

Death metal comes in many different flavors, but no band sounds quite like Solace of Requiem. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that the Solace of Requiem sound is a little like every great early 1990's death metal band rolled into one, with some obvious non-metal influences and a more modern approach to musical theory. The jazz vibe and the flowing textures bring the seemingly ancient atmospheres to life. Every song is like a gateway to another world, the lyrics telling the same brutal tale as the music. The emotion ingrained into every track is obvious and the pain can be sensed in every echo. Lyrically stimulating your mind while leaving all interpretation to the beholder.

There is really no other way of describing Solace of Requiem. There is no band to fully relate them to and there are so many styles in their music that it would be impossible to compare them to one band alone. Seeing Solace of Requiem perform is also a unique experience. No props or gimmicks, just great metal with an onslaught of head banging and finger throwing, just like it used to be. The end result is a three piece band that sounds like a 5 or 6 piece blowing your mind

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