DAVENPORT, IOWA (February 1, 2023) — Registration for our Quad City Engineering and Science Council (QCESC) 2023 STEM Celebration on February 23 is now open.

We welcome you to join us for the 61st Annual QCESC STEM Celebration on February 23, 4:30-8PM, at the Bend Event Center in East Moline.

We're excited to announce our keynote this year will be Syed Mubeen PhD, Director, Syed Mubeen Research Group; Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Iowa; and Chief Scientific Officer, SunHydrogen Inc.

His presentation will be on "Powering the Future: A Look at Energy Evolution."

Dr Mubeen is a University of Iowa Chemical Engineering Professor and Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of two start-up companies focusing on Hydrogen and Clean Water. His expertise is in the intersection of nanotechnology and electrochemical engineering, specifically in solar fuel, chemical production, and water treatment. Dr Mubeen also directs graduate admissions for the chemical-engineering program at the University of Iowa. He has authored more than fifty peer-reviewed papers and has been cited over 5,500 times.

You can find more information about Syed Mubeen Research Group HERE.

This annual event will recognize many STEM successes from the past year and award over twenty STEM scholarships to the top local high-school seniors, along with QCESC STEM awards for Engineers, Scientists, Teachers, Societies, and Volunteers. Please check our STEM Celebration page for more details on the event.

Reserve your spot today for an evening of networking, dinner, scholarship announcements, awards, speakers, and more.


Information and registration can also be found on our website: qcesc.org/stem-celebration/

STEM related organizations wishing to have a display during the social hour can register here.

Please contact qcesc.org@gmail.com if you have any questions.

The Quad City Engineering and Science Council (QCESC) is an umbrella organization representing ~25 technical societies, totaling about 3,500 members, here in the Quad Cities. The QCESC proudly sponsors annual events such as the National Engineers STEM Celebration, STEM Scholarships, and Professional Awards. We also provide judges for the local technical activities including FIRST LEGO League as well as other Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-related activities.

Donations are welcome at https://qcesc.org/supportvolunteer/#donate

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