IOWA FALLS, IOWA (September 23, 2020) The Iowa Poetry Association will soon release its 75th Anniversary Edition of Lyrical Iowa, the annual anthology comprised of poems by Iowa writers of all ages. Within the pages of this year's Lyrical Iowa, poems explore myriad experiences of anniversaries, life, death, love, and joy while taking the reader on nuanced emotional and spiritual journeys, some gentle, others less so a trek from old bra hooks for repairing turtle shells to a child's big and beautiful world where we must not litter, all while running past Zeus and dragons along the way. Also included is a history of the organization by Lucille Morgan Wilson (past Editor), appreciated for her decades of dedicated service and personal commitment. Also included is a Foreword by Iowa's Poet Laureate, Debra Marquart, who has supported IPA throughout the years, also serving several times as critic at their biannual workshops. This anthology features 329 poems chosen from 1,719 entries in their contest held earlier this year. Entries came from 139 towns in 75 of Iowa's 99 counties, sent by persons ranging in age from kindergartners to near-centenarians. [Editors: See list of contest winners on reverse; also enclosed for your convenience is a listing by county of winners and poets to be published in this year's anthology.]

The Iowa Poetry Association has over 350 members across the state, but membership is not a requirement for having poetry included in the anthology. Besides those awarded cash prizes for top-ranking poems in each category and age-level, many others are showcased in this perfect-bound 172-page book with a full-color cover. The non-profit organization's mission is to promote interest in and appreciation of poetry among Iowans through educational opportunities, poetry writing contests and the publication of an annual anthology of Iowa poetry. Besides sponsoring the annual contests, IPA offers two workshops each year, held in Des Moines and plans to add monthly virtual mini-workshops in 2021.

Association board officers are: Jerrold J Narland of Winterset, President; Max Molleston of Coralville, 1st Vice-President; Maxine Carlson of Iowa City, 2nd Vice-President and Historian; Margaret Westvold of Ames, Secretary; Linda S Harris of Altoona,Treasurer; Shelly Reed Thieman of West Des Moines as Communications Officer; Dawn Sly-Terpstra of Lynnville, Workshop Coordinator; Rodney Reeves of Burlington, Nominations; and Marilyn J Baszczynski of Earlham, Editor and Contest Chair.

For the Lyrical Iowa Competition 2021, entries may be sent January 1-February 28, 2021. Please consult the complete contest rules for adult, college, high-school, and grade-school entries on our website at The contest will be announced in all print newspapers in January, in public libraries through their newsletters, and a direct mailing is being sent to public and private schools across the state. There is no entry fee and modest cash prizes are offered. 

Due to the continuing spread of COVID-19 and concerns regarding large gatherings, the Iowa Poetry Association has decided to postpone celebrating its 75th Anniversary until October 23-24, 2021; updates will be posted on our website at A new category for 'Poems of the Pandemic' will be included in the 2021 contest.

While the supply lasts, books may be ordered from the editor. Cost is $10 per copy (plus shipping) to anywhere in the United States. Books from some previous years are also available. See our website for more info or contact the Editor at




GENERAL: JUDGE: William Reyer, Tiffin, OH (717 entries)

1st Heather Ann Clark; Winterset

2nd Jayne Vondrak; Kingsley

3rd Mary Shaw; Indianola


1st HM Jean C Conover; Mapleton

2nd HM Kathy Ann Kelly; Dubuque

3rd HM Maxine Carlson: Iowa City


Kelli Lage; Sheffield


SONNETS: JUDGE: Ralph Speer, Colbert WA (29 entries)

1st Allison Berryhill; Atlantic

2nd Erik Trilk; Marion

3rd Ethel Barker; Iowa City


1st HM Laura Sohl-Cryer; Cedar Falls

2nd HM Gene M Rohr; Grinnell

3rd HM Linda Wolfe; Greenfield


HAIKU: JUDGE: Stan Malless, Murphy, NC (124 entries)

1st Roberta Beach Jacobson; Indianola

2nd Patricia E Noeth; Iowa City

3rd Richard Ramsey; Des Moines


1st HM Tracy Edens; Iowa City

2nd HM Olivia Luhring; Iowa Falls

3rd HM Lori Culbertson Harris; Cedar Falls


NATIONAL/WORLD EVENTS: JUDGE: Christine Boldt, Temple, TX (35 entries)

1st Carol Tyx; Iowa City

2nd Lynn Cavanagh; Grinnell

3rd Sharon Witty; Marshalltown


1st HM William Hudson; Davenport

2nd HM Wally Moll; Urbandale

3rd HM Anna Nicholas; Cedar Falls


FOR CHILDREN: JUDGE: Lisa Toth Salinas, Spring, TX (56 entries)

1st Jan Blankenburg; Donnellson

2nd Janet Gilchrist; Douds

3rd Milli Gilbaugh; Iowa City


1st HM Michelle Turner; Maquoketa

2nd HM Valrie Schuster; Shell Rock

3rd HM Jeffrey Meyer; Mount Pleasant


HUMOROUS: JUDGE: Peter Stein, Minneapolis, MN (25 entries)

1st Madison Bolin; Ankeny

2nd Bill Simmons; Carroll

3rd Bill Woodhouse; Des Moines


1st HM Jane Chamberlain Olsasky; Des Moines

2nd HM — Mary Jedlicka Humston; Iowa City

3rd HM Lori Shannon; Manning


SPECIAL 75th ANNIVERSARY AWARD: JUDGE: Julie Cummings, Conifer, CO (34 entries)

1st Shelly Reed Thieman; West Des Moines

1st HM Melinda Putnam; Clinton

2nd HM Rebecca Whitmore; Muscatine

3rd HM Joe Millard; West Des Moines




COLLEGE: JUDGE: Michael Carrino, Plattsburgh, NY (28 entries)

1st Hannah Adams, Sheboygan, WI, Dordt University

2nd Sarai Cortes, Alden, IA, Ellsworth Community College

3rd Rebecca Bishop, Nichols, IA, Muscatine College


1st HM Alicia Bonestroo, George, IA, Dordt University

2nd HM Anneliese Donstad, Tomball, TX, Dordt University

3rd HM Kailey Schmidt, Cedar Falls, IA, UNI


HIGH SCHOOL: JUDGE: Linda Newman Woito, Middleton, WI (251 entries)

1st Noah Taylor, Gr 9, Holmes Junior HS, Cedar Falls

2nd Charlotte Harwood, Gr 11, Dubuque Sr HS, Dubuque

3rd Ainsley Wolford, Gr 11, St Albert HS, Council Bluffs


1st HM Ida Bonkafo, Gr 10, Valley HS, WDM

2nd HM Megan Szalay, Gr 12, Dowling Catholic, WDM

3rd HM Ana Welge, Gr 11, Valley HS, WDM


UPPER GRADES (6-8): JUDGE: Budd Powell Mahan, Dallas TX (281 entries)

1st Maggie Vandyk, Gr 6, Gilbert MS, Gilbert

2nd Lauren Carney, Gr 8, Aplington Parkersburg MS, Aplington

3rd Alyse Beyer, Gr 6, Gilbert MS Gilbert


1st HM Ada Switzer, Gr 7, Aplington Parkersburg MS, Aplington

2nd HM Bethany Van Dyke, Gr 6, Boone MS, Boone

3rd HM Mya Randall, Gr 6,Gilbert MS, Gilbert


LOWER GRADES (K-5): JUDGE: Budd Powell Mahan, Dallas TX (139 entries)

1st Sophia Tacke, Gr 4, Kinsey Elementary, Sioux Center

2nd Eva Balmer, Gr 2, Helen Lemme Elem, Iowa City

3rd Sage Williamson, Gr 4, Sawyer Elementary, Ames


1st HM Anya Adcock, Gr 4, Fellows Elementary, Ames

2nd HM — Elizabeth Fletchall, Gr 4, North Polk Central Elementary, Alleman

3rd HM Lucia Rodriguez, Gr 4, Edwards Elementary, Ames


Some student poems entered in the 2020 contest will be selected to be sent to next year's National Student Award.


Iowa Poetry Association-Lyrical Iowa Competition 2020-Counties


(All poets listed have one poem selected for publication. If a poem won in a category, rank, and category follow name.)


ADAIR: Linda Wolfe, Greenfield 3rd HM Sonnets

ADAMS: Robert Becker, Corning

ALLAMAKEE: Sarah M King, Waukon

BENTON: Jan Logan. Van Horne

BLACK HAWK: Janine Ambrose, Waterloo; Betsy Brant, Cedar Falls; Barbara Cardamon, Cedar Falls; Alex Entz, Cedar Falls; Phyllis H Frazier, Cedar Falls; Paul Gibson, Cedar Falls; Lori C Harris, Cedar Falls; Susan Klein, Waterloo; Mary Martin Lane, Waterloo; Anna Nicholas, Cedar Falls 3rd HM National/World Events; Shanna Pikora, Waterloo; Delia Ralston, Waterloo; Laura Sohl-Cryer, Cedar Falls 1st HM Sonnets; Del Todey Turner, Waterloo; Barbara Brooks Wheeler, Cedar Falls

SCHOOL: Kailey Schmidt, 3rd HM College, UNI, Cedar Falls; Noah Taylor 1st Place High School, Gr 9, Holmes Jr HS, Cedar Falls

BOONE: Angela Olney, Boone; Gabriella Piconi, Boone


SCHOOL: Bethany Van Dyke  2nd HM Upper Grades, Gr 6, Boone MS, Boone; Teagan Francis, Gr 6, Boone MS, Boone 


BREMER: ; Jill Lockey, Janesville

BUCHANAN: Michael Andorf, Brandon; Myrna Sandvik, Brandon; Lisa Ross Thedens, Walker

BUENA VISTA: Patricia Kearney Moe, Albert City

BUTLER: Valrie Schuster, Shell Rock 2nd HM Poems for Children


SCHOOL: Lauren Carney  2nd Place, Upper Grades, Gr 8, Aplington Parkersburg MS, Aplington; Sophia Nigro, Gr 7, Aplington Parkersburg MS; Ada Switzer  1st HM Upper Grades, Gr 7, Aplington Parkersburg MS


CALHOUN: Marylyn L. Gillespie, Lake City

CARROLL: Karen Schulz, Carroll; Lori Shannon, Manning 3rd HM Humorous Verse; Bill Simmons, Carroll 2nd Place Humorous Verse

CASS: Allison Berryhill, Atlantic 1st Place Sonnets; Floyd Pearce, Cumberland; Alma Tallman, Atlantic


SCHOOL: Eleanor McCalla, Gr 9, Atlantic HS, Atlantic; Alexis Peterson, Gr 9, Atlantic HS, Atlantic


CEDAR: Bonnie Balluff Hanlin, West Branch; Sandra L Green, Tipton

CERRO GORDO: Karen Carr, Barbara O'Donnell, Carole Pannhoff, Norma T Schroeder, and Rick Sears, all of Mason City

CHEROKEE: Tyler Hahn, Cherokee

CLARKE: Ellen G Danner, Woodburn; Beverly Mattix Green, Murray

CLAY: Janis Myers, Spencer

CLAYTON: LaVonne Augustson, Elkader; Lee L Gordon, Marquette; Dean W Schultz, Clayton

CLINTON: Shea Doyle, DeWitt; Melinda J Putman, Clinton 1st HM Anniversary; Jill ZImmerman, DeWitt

DALLAS: Edy Fudge, Clive; Joe Millard, Waukee 3rd HM Anniversary; Rita F Reed, Waukee

DELAWARE: Rita Lewin, Manchester

DES MOINES: Kathy Geren Christy, West Burlington; Ronald Kahl, Burlington; Rodney Reeves, Burlington

DICKINSON: Roger Brockshus, Spirit Lake; Crystal Cross, Spirit Lake; Sandra Conner Ladegaard, Arnolds Park; Terry Overocker, Milford

DUBUQUE: William Dall, Dubuque; Linda Dolphin, Dubuque; Kathy Ann Kelly, Dubuque 2nd HM Adult General; Robert Shaw, Dubuque; Susan Swift, Dubuque


SCHOOL: Charlotte Harwood  2nd Place High School, Gr 11, Dubuque Sr HS, Dubuque


FAYETTE: Mary Jane Lamphier, Arlington; Angela Smith, Arlington

FLOYD: Patricia A Huxsol, Charles City

FRANKLIN: Kelli Lage, Sheffield Special Award for First-Time Entrant; Melba Muhlenbruch, Hampton; Margaret Flint Suter, Hampton

GREENE: Gerald W (Jed) Magee, Jefferson; Hollie Roberts, Jefferson; Jerry Roberts, Jefferson

GRUNDY: LeAnnHoeg, Grundy Center

GUTHRIE: Margery L Watts, Stuart

HAMILTON: Margot Conard, Stratford

HARDIN: Angelina Flanagan, Iowa Falls; Olivia Luhring, Iowa Falls 2nd HM Haiku; MeLinda Ogaard, Iowa Falls; Sadie Pfantz, Hubbard; Bailey Primus, Steamboat Rock; Kathryn Jons Roelfsema, Iowa Falls; Samara Senn, Alden


SCHOOL: Sarai Cortes  2nd Place College, Ellsworth Community College, Iowa Falls


HENRY: Vicky Dovenspike, Salem; Cleo McKim, Mount Pleasant; Jeffrey Meyer, Mt Pleasant 3rd HM Poems For Children

HOWARD: Marjorie Dohlman, Riceville

HUMBOLDT: Chris Schultz, Humboldt

IOWA: John Snethen, Williamsburg

JACKSON: Michelle Turner, Maquoketa 1st HM Poems for Children


SCHOOL: Renee Cook, 4th gr, Briggs Elementary, Maquoketa


JASPER: Allison Bartholmey, Colfax; William P Riddle, Colfax; Dawn Terpstra, Lynnville; Pat Underwood, Colfax

JEFFERSON: John W Collinson, BIll Graeser, and Rustin Larson, all of Fairfield

JOHNSON: Janvier Abramowitz, Coralville; Thomas Georgou, Coralville; Tom Gingerich, Kalona; Patrick Hanson, North Liberty; Carole Johnston, Sergeant Bluff; Douglas L Miller, Solon; Frann Ostroff, Coralville; Linda E Paul, North Liberty; Karen Schmitt, Solon; Richard K. Wallarab, Coralville; and Danielle Zimmerman, Coralville

IOWA CITY Ethel Barker 3rd Place Sonnets; Phil Beck, Jo Ann Benda, and Maxine Carlson 3rd HM Adult General; Sequoia Crooks, Sofia Dibble, Tracy Edens, 1st HM Haiku; Kay R Eginton, Laura Felleman, and Milli Gilbaugh 3rd Place Poems for Children; Keith Guess, Mary Jedlicka Humston 2nd HM Humorous Verse; Patricia E Noeth - 2nd Place Haiku; Denise Roth, Larry Schroeder, Carol Tyx  1st Place National/World Events; and Christina Zinkgraf


SCHOOL: Eva Balmer 2nd Place Lower Grades, Gr 2, Helen Lemme Elementary, Iowa City; Kyros Yuefan Wu, Gr 4, Van Allen Elem, North Liberty


JONES: Rebecca DeWitte, Anamosa

KEOKUK: Joy Lyle, Keota; Levi Lyle, Keota

KOSSUTH: Eleanor Stenzel, Burt

LEE: Jan Blankenburg, Donnellson 1st Place Poems for Children; Matthew Faulkner, Ft Madison; Kathleen U Hart, Ft Madison; Zachary Taylor Knox, Ft Madison; Marty Miller, Donnellson; Linda M Nash, Ft Madison

LINN: Lloyd E Brockmeyer, Cedar Rapids; Karen Kladivo, Mount Vernon; Joan Daily Rammelsberg, Marion; Marie Sullivan, Cedar Rapids; Erik Trilk, Marion 2nd Place Sonnets

LOUISA: Carolyn Yates Reid, Letts

LYON: Judy A Gustafson, Rock Rapids; Gwendolyn Jacob, Rock Rapids; Betty Medema, Rock Rapids; Mary Peterson, Rock Rapids, Sally J Young, Little Rock

MADISON: Heather Ann Clark 1st Place Adult General; Kathy Meyer, Jerrold Narland and Maggie Ripperger All of Winterset

MAHASKA: Jared Pearce, Oskaloosa


SCHOOL: DeShawn Stepter, 11th gr, Oskaloosa HS, Oslaloosa


MARION: Jay Immel, Knoxville

MARSHALL: Pauline Borton, State Center; Rose EM Elsbecker, Marshalltown; Les McCargar, Gilman; Sharon Witty  3rd Place National/World Events

SCHOOL: Emma Allen, Gr 8, West Marshall MS, State Center

MILLS: Lisa Markuson, Glenwood

MITCHELL: Margaret Smolik, Osage; Kathleen Stauffer, Osage; Bryan Tabbert, St Ansgar

MONONA: Jean C Conover, Mapleton 1st HM Adult General

MUSCATINE: Pat Bieber; Duffy De France; Mike Fladlien; Carol Hetzler; Annette Matjucha Hovland; Misty Urban: Rebecca Whitmore 2nd HM Anniversary; All of Muscatine


SCHOOL: Rebecca Bishop  3rd Place College, Muscatine Community College, Muscatine


O'BRIEN: Josie Hibbing, Hartley; Nancy J Peters, Sheldon; Carolyn Rohrbaugh, Sutherland; Betty Taylor, Hartley


SCHOOL: Lily Hofman, 3rd Place Upper Grades, 8th gr, Sanborn Christian School, Sanborn


Rianne Van Meeteren and Adelle Wolfswinkel, both in 8th gr, Sanborn Christian School, Sanborn


PLYMOUTH: Ranelle Irwin, Kingsley; Jayne R Vondrak, Kingsley 2nd Place Adult General; Janet A Wiener, Le Mars




ANKENY Joyce Allen; Madison Bolin 1st Place Humorous Verse; Mary Bolin; Teresa Lawler, Dorothy Mathis, Merle E Newman, and Robert Steinbach

CLIVE JoAnn Meyer



50309 Kelsey Bigelow

50310 Beverly Boal, Frank Kutchen, Virginia Mortenson, Richard R Ramsey 3rd Place Haiku

50311 Sandy Deyoe, Jan Gipple, and Bill Woodhouse 3rd Place Humorous Verse

50312 Phoebe Bubendorfer, Jeff Grimes, Jean Kitzmiller, and Jane C Olsasky 1st HM Humorous Verse; Lucy Ringold and Linda Shivvers

50314 Val Weaver

50317 Jenny Parker, Virginia Westbrook, and Mike Wilson

50320 Ashton Jordan

50321 Alanna Clutter and Ginny Padden

50322 Rosella Myles and Lucille Morgan Wilson


GRIMES Mary L Permann

JOHNSTON Shelly Jones Clark and Angela Evans


URBANDALE Elaine Erickson, Mary E McManus, Judy Nolan, Debi Schmitz Noriega, and Wally Moll 2nd HM National/World Events

WEST DES MOINES Jill Curry, John Mitchell, Lindsey Smith, and Shelly Reed Thieman 1st Place Anniversary and Kenneth Vierck


SCHOOL: Ida Bonkafo  1st HM High School, Gr 19, Valley HS, West Des Moines


Megan Szalay  2nd HM High School, Gr 12, Dowling Catholic HS, West Des Moines

Ana Welge 3rd HM High School, Gr 11, Valley HS, West Des Moines

Elizabeth Fletchall 2nd HM Lower Grades, Gr 4, North Polk Central Elementary, Alleman


Also published: Colin Recker, Gr 12, Dowling Catholic HS, WDM; Riley Baldus, Gr 10, Kaua'i Cua, Gr.10, Vidya Iyer, Gr 11, Sammantha Kluver, Gr 12, Raneen Rheem, Gr 9, all in Valley HS, WDM; Bella Rivera, Gr 11, Ankeny Centennial HS, Ankeny; Hazel Engelbrecht and Bret McDowell, both Gr 7, Bondurant-Farrar MS, Bondurant; Greta Dillinger, Gr 7, North Polk MS, Alleman; Hayden Ocheltree, Paizley Sandbulte, and Brooklyn Volz, all in Gr 4, North Polk Central Elementary, Alleman; Vivienne Farrington, Kindergarten, Home School, WDM


POTTAWATTAMIE: Ann C Coombs, Marvin D Vallier, and Robert D Wambold of Council Bluffs


SCHOOL: Ainsley Wolford 3rd Place High School, Gr 11, St Albert Schools, Council Bluffs


Also published: Anna Helton, Gr 9, Ayleth Jauregui-Vargas, Gr 8, Makenna Shepard, Gr 11, all at St Albert Catholic Schools, Council Bluffs


POWESHIEK: Patricia Buck, Grinnell; Lynn Cavanagh, Grinnell 2nd Place National/World Events; Sue Drake,, Grinnell; Jan Gross, Grinnell; Laura Ostrem, Montezuma; Warren R Reinecke, Grinnell; Gene R Rohr, Grinnell 2nd HM Sonnets

SAC: Marcia Haakenson, Lake View

SCOTT: Mike Bayles, Davenport; Joe Chambers, Davenport; Adriene Egger, Davenport; H Randall Hengst II, Bettendorf; William E Hudson, Davenport 1st HM National/World Events; Dick Stahl, Davenport

SIOUX: Vincent DeGroot, Sioux Center; Rachel Kramer Hibma, Sioux Center; Nancy Riggan, Orange City; Lynn Wielenga, Hull


SCHOOL: Hannah Adams 1st Place College ; Dordt University, Sioux City


Alicia Bonestroo 1st HM College; Dordt University, Sioux City

Anneliese Donstad 2nd HM College; Dordt University, Sioux City

Sophia Tacke 1st Place Lower Grades, Gr.4, Kinsey Elementary, Sioux Center


Also published: Erika Buiter, Dordt University, Sioux City; Edwin Buiter, Gr.11, Unity Christian HS, Orange City


STORY: Andrea Dorn, Nevada; Stephen E Leach, Huxley


AMES Mary Louise Berhow, David M Gradwohl, Phyllis IT Harris, Lorene Hoover, Ann Chukharev Hudilainen, Diana Laird, Kathleen Russell, Crystal Stone, Janis Stone, Audrey Stromberg, and Maggie Westvold


SCHOOL: Maggie Vandyk, 1st Place, Upper Grades, Gr 6, Gilbert MS, Gilbert;

Alyse Beyer, 3rd Place, Upper Grades, Gr 6, Gilbert MS, Gilbert;

Mya Randall, 3rd HM, Upper Grades, Gr 6, Gilbert MS, Gilbert;

Sage Williamson, 3rd Place Lower Grades, Gr 4, Sawyer Elementary, Ames;

Anya Adcock, 1st HM, Lower Grades, Gr 4, Fellows Elementary, Ames;

Lucia Rodriguez, 3rd HM Lower Grades, Gr 4, Edwards Elementary, Ames;


Also published: Vivien Ginder, Gr 4, Fellows Elementary, Ames; Alex Mudryk, Gr 4, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Naya Nakama, Gr 3, Sawyer Elementary, Ames; Lucy Stegemoller, Gr 5, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Dania Tahir, Gr 5, Edwards Elementary, Ames; Tiffany Zhou, Gr 3, Edwards Elementary, Ames.




SCHOOL: Hayleigh Vinzant, Gr 10, Bedford Community HS, Bedford


UNION: Joan Jessen Waske, Afton

VAN BUREN: Janet E Gilchrist, Douds 2nd Place Poems for Children; Dale Netherton, Farmington

WAPELLO: Emily Randolph, Ottumwa

WARREN: Stephen Brayton, Carlisle; Julie Sharp Emmons, Norwalk; Roberta Beach Jacobson, Indianola 1st Place Haiku; Julie Allyn Johnson, Norwalk; Marjorie W Moore, Indianola; Lynn Robbins, Norwalk; Steve Rose, Indianola; Mary Shaw, Indianola 3rd Place Adult General

WASHINGTON: Erin Cavanagh, Wellman

WEBSTER: Martha J Christians, Lehigh

WINNESHIEK: JoAn N Stevenson, Decorah; Jean Thompson, Decorah

WORTH: Helen J Thoen, Manly

WRIGHT: James Roth, Eagle Grove


ABOUT THE IOWA POETRY ASSOCIATION We were founded in 1945. Membership and contests are restricted to Iowa residents (see rules for student exceptions). We are a not-for-profit organization. We are affiliated with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and with the Academy of American Poets. Editorial staff: Marilyn J Baszczynski, editor-in-chief; Steven Rose and Crystal Stone, associate adult editors; Rustin Larson, college editor; Joy Lyle, high-school editor; and Della Weems, grade school editor.

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