Bettendorf, IA, August 14, 2006:  With David Lee Roth currently on ambulance detail, it's not surprising that Mike Lust and TIGHT PHANTOMZ, off Southern Records, are unleashed and most definitely unchained on their first full length album, "Crazy When Wet". This follows the "Nightfool" ep (released April 2004) and is one mother load of a boogie album complete with a mid-lick swinging drop kick to the face of convention, and a shady hoochie-koo shuffle step that would make the Starchild himself proud. This is fair warning people, oh yes. TIGHT PHANTOMZ are fresh outta the back of the limo, and are here to flaunt their dirty sinners' swing.

TIGHT PHANTOMZ came together in 2003, when guitarist/vocalist Mike Lust and drummer Jay Dandurand reemerged from the ashes of their noted Chicago outfit, LUSTRE KING. Adding Cale Arthur's wrecking-ball-to-the-low-end bass, the Phantomz line up was solidified. Their shows quickly became legendary. No audience was safe. Everyone was being violated and annihilated by the Phantomz five fingered James Brown dominance of Lust, The Entertainer, coupled with the mindset that whatever your troubles were, whatever pinned you down, didn't matter, because it was time to fucking get it on! Like I said, it's no surprise.

Recorded at the bands' owned and operated Phantom Manor Studio (where Lust recorded Ten Grand, Sweep The Leg Johnny, William Elliott Whitmore, We Ragazzi and a hundred others), "Crazy When Wet" reveals the Phantomz aren't satisfied with the same old rock and roll pick up lines. These nine originals and the cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross", are a snotty blast of attitude and classic rock bombast, with the frenzy of a house party overrun by the sweaty city kids that came to steal your car and meet your sister. This ain't no indie-hipster fashion campaign, this is pure 100% bravado-fueled rock heroics with a tip of the hat to ZZ Top, and a lick and a promise to those, literally, about to rock!

A lick and a promise indeed! In early 2004, TIGHT PHANTOMZ was voted Best Rock Entertainer at the 23rd Annual Chicago Music Awards and have recently been invited to participate in Brendan Canty's "Burn To Shine" DVD series with other Chicago artists such as Wilco, Tortoise and Shellac, just to name a few.

See Tight Phantomz at Penguin’s on Friday August 18. Show starts at 10 P.M., 18 and up, $6 Cover. Also playing local bands Meth & Goats and Leon. For more information visit