ImageVirtual Fort Knox on the Internet - BoxKnox protects the gold of your life - anonymously!

Press release from Morten Djernaes. Denmark.

Virtual Fort Knox on the Internet
BoxKnox protects the gold of your life - anonymously
Personal logins are like golden nuggets in a modern life. Very important pieces of information, and hard to secure. Vital information, that should be kept safe and out of reach of burglars.

It is true that logins should not be stored in your computer from where they can be easily stolen. And neither should passwords be written down on small pieces of paper, which are easily found in desk drawers and other obvious hiding places that every burglar knows about

Logins should be kept safe and secure with no personal clues attached.

The name is Knox - BoxKnox
Pamci Networks has created this safe haven for our modern day treasures - logins, serial numbers, passwords. It is named BoxKnox, and is placed on the Internet instead of Kentucky.

"How could it be named differently? It's a secure box on the Internet with industry-standard encryption offering a strong room for personal golden nuggets such as login information", says co-founder Ambjorn Christophani from Pamci Networks. "We like the concept of a virtual Fort Knox on the Internet".

And we don't know your name
"Practically every other solution to keep login information secure includes some kind of personal identification - most typically through the need to register your email address.

With BoxKnox there is no such connection between the user and the information stored. There is no email confirmation needed during the process of box creation. It is the Swiss anonymous bank account concept which is integral to this strong solution - with anonymity assured", says Ambjorn Christophani.

"In fact, if you lose your keys to our Swiss deposit box system, we cannot help you, because we do not know who you are. That's anonymity".

BoxKnox is a free service with the aim of preserving your anonymity, and securing your personal logins.
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