DES MOINES, IOWA (October 16, 2020) Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future (CCEF), a national non-profit focused on advancing state-based clean-energy policy solutions, have announced Iowa State Representatives Michael Bergan (R–District 55), Ashley Hinson (R–District 67), Bobby Kaufmann (R–District 73), John Landon (R–District 37), Joe Mitchell (R–District 84), Tom Moore (R–District 21), Ross Paustian (R–District 92), and Jeff Shipley (R–District 82) have been recognized as 2020 Clean Energy Champions.

CCEF’s Clean Energy Champions are state and local policymakers across the country who have shown consistent and exceptional support for conservative policy initiatives that promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship. Champions are strong proponents for competitive, free-market-oriented policy solutions that are transitioning their towns, counties, and states to a clean-energy economy.

“These leaders, through words and actions, have shown that they are dedicated to fighting for a clean energy future,” said Mark Pischea, President and CEO of CCEF. “Representatives Bergan, Hinson, Kaufmann, Landon, Mitchell, Moore, Paustian, and Shipley are strong advocates of commonsense, market-driven energy policies that CCEF believes will generate jobs and economic prosperity, pave the way for energy independence, and make Iowa a leader in our nation's transition to a competitive, innovative, and clean energy economy."

To learn more about the Clean Energy Champions Program and see previous Iowa honorees, visit

About Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future

Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future (CCEF) is a 501(c)(4) organization that seeks to advance conservative, free-market-oriented energy policy solutions at the state and local levels. CCEF believes a transition to a clean energy economy will spur job creation and innovation, ensure market access for new technologies, protect our grid and national security, and lower electricity rates for all. Learn more at

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