CLIVE, Iowa – A Davenport woman said she knew right away that she’d won the lottery, but she waited to celebrate until she double-checked her work.

Deborah Lesthaeghe claimed the second of eight top prizes of $50,000 available in the Iowa Lottery’s “7 Is A Blast” scratch game.

The 55-year-old said she bought her winning ticket Thursday at Casey’s, 1691 W. 53rd St. in Davenport and scratched it off later that day.

“It took me a while to look at it,” Lesthaeghe told lottery employees Friday as she claimed her prize at the lottery’s regional office in Cedar Rapids. “You look at it and you reread it and you look at it again – is this real?”

Once Lesthaeghe was able to confirm her winning ticket, she said she called her husband and her two sons to tell them her good news.

“My one (son) always says I’m really lucky; I’m the lucky one in the family,” she said. “They get tired of me telling them all the things that I win.”

Lesthaeghe said she plans to use a majority of her winnings to pay bills.

The 7 Is A Blast scratch game is a $5 ticket. More details about how to play this game, and the number of prizes still up for grabs in it can be found on our website,