DES MOINES, IOWA (August 13, 2019) — Ninety-seven FFA members displayed 480 exhibits in the Farm Crops contest judged Thursday at the 2019 Iowa State Fair.

Complete results below:


Premier Exhibit Award

Champion: Shelby Wegener, Northeast (Gallon Spring Wheat)

Reserve Champion: Riley Bruns, Calamus-Wheatland (10 Ears of Corn)


Sweepstakes Trophy

Champion: Dakota Rohwedder, Calamus-Wheatland

Reserve Champion: Riley Bruns, Calamus-Wheatland


Field Corn

Champion: Riley Bruns, Calamus-Wheatland (10 Ears of Corn)

Reserve Champion: Curtis Clark, Albia (10 Ears)



Champion: Riley Bruns, Calamus-Wheatland (Other Hybrid or Ornamental)

Reserve Champion: Riley Bruns, Calamus-Wheatland (Yellow)


Small Grains, Legumes and Special Crops

Champion: Shelby Wegener, Northeast (Spring Wheat)

Reserve Champion: Sierra Wegener, Northeast (Spring Wheat)



Champion: Kyler Beidler, Maquoketa (Mid Season Beans)

Reserve Champion: Alec Olson, Calamus-Wheatland (Early Season Beans)


Sheaf Grains

Champion: JP Crowley, Maquoeta (Rye in Straw)

Reserve Champion: Cole Claussen, North Scott (Mid Season Oats)


Forages, Grasses, and Legumes

Champion: Dakota Rohwedder, Calamus-Wheatland (Alfalfa)

Reserve Champion: Samantha Hledik, DeWitt Central (Sweet Clover)


Crop Display

Champion: Koleen Good, Agri-Power (Dry Hay Slice Any Grass Alfalfa Mix)

Reserve Champion: Ryan Cheney, Montezuma (2 Corn Plants)


Chapter Awards

1) Calamus- Wheatland FFA

2) DeWitt Central FFA

3) Maquoketa FFA

4) Agri-Power FFA

5) Northeast FFA

6) Nashua-Plainfield FFA

7) North Scott FFA

8) Albia FFA

9) Belle Plaine FFA

10) Midland FFA


The Iowa State Fair is one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the country and the single largest event in the state. The Fair began over 160 years ago and is now considered one of the best events in the nation, attracting more than one million Fairgoers every year from all over the world. The Fairgrounds are located at East 30th and East University, just off the interstate and minutes from Downtown Des Moines. Nothing Compares to State Fair Favorites: August 8-18, 2019. For more information, visit

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