The two sides of the river fight for dominance as the alpha dog in the developing Quad City esports scene. This is the VERY FIRST TIME EVER these teams are squaring off in person to prove their power.

The members of St. Ambrose’s nationally ranked esports team are part of the university’s athletic department, with players receiving scholarships to compete. Augustana’s esports organization started a year ago and have gained a lot of traction and popularity since.

Chase Neukam, the Facility Director for Paradigm stated, “This showdown will be the defining moment for each respective team in the burgeoning Quad City esports scene. If you’re into any type of gaming, you won’t want to miss this.”

Joshua Sides, president of the St. Ambrose team, will buzz ahead with his group of Fighting Bees students against Augustana’s team of Vikings, led by their coach Mike Yuchs.

The details are below:

The Match: Overwatch match between St. Ambrose and Augustana’s respective esports organizations. The match will be a best of five.

When: Thursday, September 13th starting at 7 pm

Where: Paradigm - located at 320 E. 2nd Street, Davenport, IA

Online: The event will be broadcast live from the Paradigm

"We are looking forward to playing our cross-river rivals in what I hope will be a good match for the teams and for the fans", stated Joshua Sides. "I am excited to begin a new chapter in this rivalry and to help to grow the esports scene in the Quad Cities."

Vikings coach Michael Salamone stated that he's "looking forward to meeting and seeing the two teams compete" as this will the first competition where they will meet their opponents in person, head-to-head. "I think it's going to be an awesome friendly competition!”

Contact Chase Neukam at or 765.977.9263 for further inquiries regarding the match.

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