Des Moines, IA – Senator Grassley's comments over the weekend reveal the truth behind the Republican's motivation to pass this irresponsible, out of touch tax bill, which is an insult to working Iowans. Iowa Demcratic Party Chair Troy Price released the following statement on Grassley's comments and the GOP Tax Bill.
"Senator Grassley’s comments about the intent of the GOP Tax Bill are not only degrading to the working people of Iowa, but they reveal the true purpose of the bill: to reward Republican donors and silence middle class America.
Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst should be ashamed of themselves for voting for this bill in the dead of night. As should Governor Reynolds and the rest of Iowa’s Republican representatives who support this attack on working Iowans. They owe Iowans an apology for once again forgetting the people they represent and supporting those who fill their campaign coffers.
Iowans want representatives who will fight for them, and time and again, it is only the Democratic Party who is out there right now fighting to ensure the voice of hard-working Iowans is heard in Des Moines and Washington. Iowans will remember next year who is on their side.”


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